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Arkansas (U.S. state abbreviation is 'AR') is the southern state of United States, bordered by Louisiana to the south, Oklahoma and Texas to the west, Tennessee and Mississippi to the east, Missouri to the north. The name Arkansas came from the Quapaw Indians also called the 'Arkansaw' or 'Ugakhpah', which means 'people who live downstream'. Arkansas population in 2020 is estimated to be 3 million, ranks 33rd populous state in US. Its area is 53,180 sq miles (137,733 sq km), ranks 29th largest in the United States. Arkansas state contains over 600,000 acres of lakes and 9,700 miles of streams and rivers, Arkansas is the longest stream to flow into Mississippi and Missouri river.. Little Rock is the state capital of Arkansas, other top cities include Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Springdale and Jonesboro.
Arkansas Population gathering Pride Parade Festival
Image Source: People gathering at gathering Pride Parade Festival, Northwest Arkansas, June 2019

The population of Arkansas state in 2019 is 3 million with change of 0.33% compared to 0.36% in 2018.
YearPopulation% Change
2020*3,032,8120.30 *
Source : Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2018

Arkansas Population by Race & Groups

Arkansas state classification of race, 75.6% are White Americans, 15.1% are Black or African Americans, 7% are Hispanic/Latino, 1.4% are Asians, 0.6% AIAN.
Arkansas state Hispanic/Latino population is 213,246, out of these 158,362 are Mexicans, 6,235 are Puerto Ricans and 2,074 are Cubans.
Total NHPI are 7,062, out of these 405 are Native Hawaiians, 114 are Guamanian/Chamorro's and 448 are Samoan.
Total Asian Population is 42,368 in AR state, out of 10,143 are Asian Indian, 464 Bangladeshi, 231 Burmese, 6,991 Chinese, except Taiwanese, 213 are Taiwanese, 61 Mongolian, 134 Nepalese, 1,671 Pakistani, 77 Sri Lankan, 413 Cambodian, 4,626 Laotian, 5,826 Vietnamese, 1,059 Thai, 4,211 Filipino, 1,223 Hmong, 136 Indonesian, 1,134 Japanese, 2,471 Korean and 96 Malaysian.
Whites are 2.3 millions in Arkansas, American Indian and Alaska Native are 19,476 people, 8,000 are Cherokee tribals, 352 are Sioux, 124 are Navajo and 200 are Chippewa tribal groups.

Total Population2,977,944Percent
Black or African American459,96915.45%
American Indian and Alaska Native19,4760.654%
Cherokee tribal grouping8,0000.269%
Chippewa tribal grouping2000.007%
Navajo tribal grouping1240.004%
Sioux tribal grouping3520.012%
Asian Population42,3681.42%
Asian Indian10,1430.34%
Other Asian Population11,379
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander7,0620.24%
Native Hawaiian4050.014%
Guamanian or Chamorro1140.004%
Other Pacific Islander6,095
Some other race75,106
Hispanic or Latino213,2467.16%
Puerto Rican6,2350.21%
Other Hispanic or Latino46,575

Source: US Census 2017(Table B03002)

Top Cities of Arkansas

1Little Rock197,881
2Fort Smith87,845
8North Little Rock66,127

Population Pyramid

Source: 2017 US Census Estimates: Population In Five Year Age-Group

Languages spoken in AR

English is the Official language of AR state, The spoken languages at home are, 92.8% speak English, followed by 5.26% Spanish language, 1% Asian languages, 0.71% European languages.
European language speakers are 19,720, out of these 878 speak Russian, 509 Polish, 2,890 French (including Cajun), 683 Italian, 678 Portuguese, 4,757 German, 202 Greek, 274 Serbo-Croatian, 451 Ukrainian or other Slavic languages, 86 Armenian, 908 speak Yiddish, Pennsylvania Dutch or other West Germanic languages.
Asian Languages speakers are 29,992, out of these Asian Indian language speakers are, 1,383 speak Telugu, 949 Tamil, 573 Malayalam, Kannada, or other Dravidian languages, 228 Punjabi, 562 Bengali, 790 Nepali, Marathi, or other Indic languages, 1,006 Gujarati, 1,892 Hindi and 1,038 Urdu.
Mid and East Asian languages include 5,538 speak Chinese (including Mandarin, Cantonese), 1,263 Hmong, 1,021 Japanese, 1,654 Korean, 4,536 Vietnamese, 271 Khmer, 3,828 Thai, Lao, or other Tai-Kadai languages, 646 Other languages of Asia and 2,578 Tagalog.
5,752 speak Ilocano, Samoan, Hawaiian, or other Austronesian languages, 2,942 Arabic, 77 Hebrew, 585 Persian (including Farsi, Dari). 166 Haitian and 515 are other Native languages of North America.
African language speakers include 569 speak Swahili or other languages of Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa, 409 speak Amharic, Somali, or other Afro-Asiatic languages, 525 Yoruba, Twi, Igbo, or other languages of Western Africa.
Speak only English2,585,91192.76
Spanish Language146,6665.26
European Language19,7200.71
Asian Languages29,9921.08
Other Languages5,5110.20
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1601)


Arkansas education level stats from High school, College and Bachelor degree as per table below.

Population 18 to 24 years286456146201140255
Less than high school graduate383182167816640
High school graduate (includes equivalency)938215305740764
Some college or associates degree1324026276869634
Bachelors degree or higher21915869813217
Population 25 years and over19857709542301031540
Less than 9th grade1034585391649542
9th to 12th grade, no diploma1826599301689643
High school graduate (includes equivalency)681486345398336088
Some college, no degree448518207570240948
Associates degree1322215149580726
Bachelors degree280677131308149369
Graduate or professional degree1567517152785224
High school graduate or higher1354397647256707141
Bachelors degree or higher364441172608191833
Black or African277145126567150578
High school graduate or higher227532102687124845
Bachelors degree or higher409101487426036
American Indian or Alaska Native alone1293561486787
High school graduate or higher1039647775619
Bachelors degree or higher19038951008
High school graduate or higher234301086212568
Bachelors degree or higher1352966626867
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander370220481654
High school graduate or higher23381412926
Bachelors degree or higher19414351
Hispanic or Latino Origin1043055496649339
High school graduate or higher573232887928444
Bachelors degree or higher952543275198
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1501)


As on 2017, The Stastistics below shows the disadvantage people in Arkansas state.

Total civilian non-institutionalized population501757
Black or African American81453
American Indian and Alaska Native alone4633
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander489
Some other race4880
With a hearing difficulty143002
With a vision difficulty99090
With a cognitive difficulty187286
With an ambulatory difficulty278822
With a self-care difficulty97135
With an independent living difficulty170536

Counties of Arkansas

Arkansas state is divided into 75 counties, Pulaski is the populous County with 392,680 inhabitants, followed by Benton County with 272,608, Washington County with 236,961, Sebastian County with 127,753 and Faulkner County with 124,806.

CountyPopulation 2017Population 2018% ChangeRank 2017Rank 2018
Arkansas County17,90417,769-0.84042
Ashley County20,31920,046-1.33536
Baxter County41,31641,6190.71817
Benton County266,504272,6082.322
Boone County37,48637,48002021
Bradley County10,85310,8970.45959
Calhoun County5,2245,27717575
Carroll County27,94728,22312323
Chicot County10,63910,438-1.96161
Clark County22,18022,061-0.53030
Clay County14,91014,847-0.45151
Cleburne County25,04624,965-0.32626
Cleveland County8,1818,018-26868
Columbia County23,70023,537-0.72929
Conway County20,84820,8910.23434
Craighead County107,037108,5581.477
Crawford County62,91763,4060.81313
Crittenden County48,73048,342-0.81414
Cross County16,85216,676-14647
Dallas County7,3547,182-2.37171
Desha County11,73211,512-1.95858
Drew County18,37318,328-0.23837
Faulkner County123,397124,8061.155
Franklin County17,84417,810-0.24141
Fulton County12,11212,2691.35757
Garland County98,44499,1540.788
Grant County18,09618,1880.53938
Greene County44,97745,3250.81515
Hempstead County21,88121,741-0.63131
Hot Spring County33,60033,7010.32222
Howard County13,37713,341-0.35454
Independence County37,40937,6780.72120
Izard County13,68013,593-0.65252
Jackson County17,05716,811-1.44545
Jefferson County69,26968,114-1.71111
Johnson County26,48926,74212424
Lafayette County6,8226,682-2.17373
Lawrence County16,59016,434-0.94750
Lee County9,1478,985-1.86464
Lincoln County13,47313,383-0.75353
Little River County12,39312,326-0.55656
Logan County21,75321,737-0.13232
Lonoke County72,87873,6571.11010
Madison County16,34916,4810.85049
Marion County16,46016,7221.64946
Miller County43,88443,592-0.71616
Mississippi County42,07341,239-21718
Monroe County7,0526,900-2.27272
Montgomery County8,9078,9240.26565
Nevada County8,3288,32606666
Newton County7,8377,805-0.47070
Ouachita County23,82423,606-0.92828
Perry County10,33510,3520.26362
Phillips County18,56418,029-2.93739
Pike County10,72110,673-0.46060
Poinsett County24,12123,974-0.62727
Polk County20,16220,049-0.63635
Pope County63,65564,0000.51212
Prairie County8,2508,074-2.16767
Pulaski County393,616392,680-0.211
Randolph County17,64517,9481.74240
St. Francis County25,93825,439-1.92525
Saline County119,669121,4211.566
Scott County10,37410,319-0.56263
Searcy County7,9477,9580.16969
Sebastian County127,865127,753-0.144
Sevier County17,14617,13904444
Sharp County17,20017,36614343
Stone County12,51712,457-0.55555
Union County39,42039,126-0.71919
Van Buren County16,53316,6030.44848
Washington County232,780236,9611.833
White County78,94178,727-0.399
Woodruff County6,6006,490-1.77474
Yell County21,54421,53503333


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