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Kentucky (US state abbreviation is 'KY') is a southeastern state of the United States, bordered by Tennessee to the south, West Virginia, Virginia to the east, Illinois to the west, Ohio and Indiana to the west and north, Ohio to the north. The name 'Kentucky' refers to an Indian origin, popularly Shawnee people used to call 'Kain-tuck-ee' meaning at the head of River. Kentucky was a popular hunting ground for the Cherokee Indians and Shawnee nation prior to european settlers. The Kentucky state is popular for first KFC restaurant operated in Corbin city. Kentucky population in 2020 is estimated to be 4.5 million, ranks 25th populous state, its area is 40,408 sq miles (104,659 sq km), 37th largest by area rank. Frankfort is the capital city and top other cities are Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Owensboro and Covington. The public demonstration of first electric light in Louisville by Thomas Edison in 1883.
Kentucky Population gathering at Keeneland Race Course
Image Source: People gathering at Keeneland Race Course, Kentucky

The population of Kentucky state in 2019 is 4.48 million with change 0.29% compared to 0.33% in 2018.
YearPopulation% Change
2020*4,496,5530.34 *
Source : Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2018

Kentucky Population by Race & Groups

Kentucky state has 87% of White Americans in terms of race, followed by 8% of Black Americans, 3.4% of Hispanic/Latino's, 1.3% of Asians.
White population is 3.8 million and Black population is 353,088 as on 2017 estimated census. The total population of Asians are 59,593, out of these 14,208 are Asian Indians, 9,315 are Chinese, 6,205 are Filipinos, 4,043 are Japanese, 5,060 are Korean, 6,065 are Vietnamese. 1,461 are Cambodians, 591 Butanese, 124 Bangladeshis, 295 Indonesians, 34 Hmong, 857 Laotian, 27 Malaysian, 46 Mongolian, 3215 Nepalese, 1479 Pakistanis, 182 Srilankans, 288 Taiwanese and 1,528 Thai.
Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander are 2,271, out of these 708 are Native Hawaiians, 396 are Guamanian/Chamorro's, 406 are Samoans.
Total Hispanic/Latino's are 152,072 inhabitants, out of these 87,146 are Mexicans, 16,306 are Puerto Ricans and 13,441 are Cubans.
Natives are 9,324 of American Indian and Alaska Native, 3198 are Cherokee tribals, 513 are Chippewa tribals, 418 are Sioux tribals and 151 are Navajo tribal groups.

Total Population4,424,376Percent
Black or African American353,0887.98%
American Indian and Alaska Native9,3240.211%
Cherokee tribal grouping3,1980.072%
Chippewa tribal grouping5130.012%
Navajo tribal grouping1510.003%
Sioux tribal grouping4180.009%
Asian Population59,5931.35%
Asian Indian14,2080.32%
Other Asian Population14,409
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander2,2710.05%
Native Hawaiian7080.016%
Guamanian or Chamorro3960.009%
Other Pacific Islander761
Some other race41,197
Hispanic or Latino152,0723.44%
Puerto Rican16,3060.37%
Other Hispanic or Latino35,179

Source: US Census 2017(Table B03002)

Top Cities of Kentucky

Louisville is the most ancient and popular city located in Jefferson county, named after King Louis XVI of France, Louisville was founded in 1778 and early days it was the shipping port of Kentucky state with 620,118 in 2018, followed by second largest city is Lexington, it is classified as first class city with 323,780 people, Bowling Green city of warren county with 68,401 people is the third populous and used to be provincial capital city of state in American civil war. As per the history, the name was derived from Bowling Green, Virginia from where early migrants had come, and later was incorporated in the Kentucky state in 1798. Owensboro is the fourth largest city with 59,809 population, named after Col. Abraham Owen established as Owensborough in 1817 and later it shortend to Owensboro.

1Louisville/Jefferson County620,118
2Lexington-Fayette urban county323,780
3Bowling Green68,401

Population Pyramid

KY population pyramid as per the chart below looks stable growth till 49 years, there on from 50-60 year age group there is a sligher increase and from 69 years onwards it declines. The female population is doubled to the male population at above 80 years showing the life expectancy of women is more than men.

Source: 2017 US Census Estimates: Population In Five Year Age-Group

Languages spoken in KY

Official Language of KY state is English, the people who speak their native language at home, English is spoken widely with 94.69%, 2.6% are Spanish, 1.38% are European languages, 0.84% are Asian languages.
Statistics of Asian Indian languages as on 2017 are, 1704 speak Telugu, 1109 Tamil, 790 Malayalam/Kannada, 459 Bengali, 4777 Marathi/Nepali, 379 Punjabi, 1655 Urdu, 2927 speak Hindi and 2592 speak Gujarati.
European language speakers include 7243 speak French include Cajun, 1006 Italian, 1121 Portuguese, 13752 German, 6278 Yiddish, Pennsylvania Dutch or other West Germanic languages, 659 Greek, 3036 Russian, 640 Polish, 4622 Serbo-croatian, 1347 Ukranian/Slavic, 73 Armanian.
Mid to East Asia people speak 7215 Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese, 54 Hmong, 4598 Japanese, 1779 Korean, 4628 Vietnamese, 1152 Khmer, 1497 Thai/Lao/Tai-Kadai, 3894 Tagalog.
1270 speak Ilocano, Samoan, Hawaiian, or other Austronesian languages, 8371 Arabic, 372 Hebrew and 1557 are Persian language speakers.
4197 speak Amharic, Somali, or other Afro-Asiatic languages, 2370 Yoruba, Twi, Igbo, or other languages of Western Africa, 3481 Swahili or other languages of Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa.
Speak only English3,929,84994.69
Spanish Language107,7352.60
European Language57,1261.38
Asian Languages34,9020.84
Other Languages20,6240.50
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1601)


Kentucky state stastistics of School and College education.

Population 18 to 24 years425585219812205773
Less than high school graduate542213163822583
High school graduate (includes equivalency)1474298561161818
Some college or associates degree18872487963100761
Bachelors degree or higher352111460020611
Population 25 years and over298619914390881547111
Less than 9th grade1812629472986533
9th to 12th grade, no diploma260397136588123809
High school graduate (includes equivalency)988521503020485501
Some college, no degree625391292432332959
Associates degree23806090651147409
Bachelors degree406916196404210512
Graduate or professional degree285652125264160388
High school graduate or higher224301210619391181073
Bachelors degree or higher614987286101328886
Black or African217576104123113453
High school graduate or higher1865868853898048
Bachelors degree or higher354431485420589
American Indian or Alaska Native alone655731193438
High school graduate or higher502124632558
Bachelors degree or higher946434512
High school graduate or higher321001501917081
Bachelors degree or higher19922990710015
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander1235568667
High school graduate or higher1083507576
Bachelors degree or higher24843205
Hispanic or Latino Origin752874231032977
High school graduate or higher515772765023927
Bachelors degree or higher1356068876673
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1501)


2017 stats of Disable population of Kentucky state as per table below.

Total civilian non-institutionalized population751563
Black or African American54416
American Indian and Alaska Native alone2522
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander258
Some other race2470
With a hearing difficulty210345
With a vision difficulty146033
With a cognitive difficulty295399
With an ambulatory difficulty417846
With a self-care difficulty144614
With an independent living difficulty264153

Counties of Kentucky

Kentucky state is divided into 120 counties, Jefferson is the populous County with 770,517, followed by Fayette County with 323,780, Kenton County with 166,051, Boone County with 131,533, Warren County with 131,264.

CountyPopulation 2017Population 2018% ChangeRank 2017Rank 2018
Adair County19,29419,215-0.46060
Allen County20,92121,12215454
Anderson County22,51822,6630.65150
Ballard County8,0217,979-0.5109109
Barren County43,81544,1760.82525
Bath County12,37812,38308888
Bell County26,90426,569-1.24040
Boone County130,611131,5330.744
Bourbon County20,13220,1840.35857
Boyd County47,75947,240-1.12021
Boyle County29,95830,1000.53535
Bracken County8,2778,239-0.5107107
Breathitt County12,93112,726-1.68485
Breckinridge County20,15120,3881.25756
Bullitt County80,28481,06911010
Butler County12,79812,772-0.28584
Caldwell County12,67712,7150.38686
Calloway County38,86539,1350.72626
Campbell County92,54793,1520.788
Carlisle County4,8284,771-1.2117117
Carroll County10,72810,7370.19696
Carter County27,19327,004-0.73838
Casey County15,79415,8880.67171
Christian County71,25271,6710.61111
Clark County35,94036,2490.93028
Clay County20,27320,105-0.85658
Clinton County10,23910,206-0.39998
Crittenden County9,0218,915-1.2103103
Cumberland County6,6966,659-0.6113114
Daviess County100,546101,1040.677
Edmonson County12,24812,2740.29091
Elliott County7,5087,5080110110
Estill County14,22714,198-0.27879
Fayette County322,193323,7800.522
Fleming County14,42814,43207677
Floyd County36,26135,845-1.12830
Franklin County50,50450,8150.61919
Fulton County6,2046,120-1.4116116
Gallatin County8,7458,8321105104
Garrard County17,49717,5600.46666
Grant County25,00025,1210.54646
Graves County37,17337,3170.42727
Grayson County26,26426,3210.24443
Green County11,06411,049-0.19494
Greenup County35,49135,268-0.63131
Hancock County8,7788,758-0.2104105
Hardin County108,226110,356266
Harlan County26,72526,409-1.24142
Harrison County18,73018,7780.36263
Hart County18,76218,9060.86161
Henderson County45,98945,591-0.92223
Henry County15,99416,1060.77070
Hickman County4,5234,421-2.3118119
Hopkins County45,36945,068-0.72424
Jackson County13,42013,4420.28080
Jefferson County770,377770,517011
Jessamine County53,28153,9201.21818
Johnson County22,57122,386-0.85051
Kenton County165,410166,0510.433
Knott County15,28515,126-17373
Knox County31,48431,304-0.63232
Larue County14,21114,3070.77978
Laurel County60,29960,6690.61515
Lawrence County15,73515,571-17272
Lee County6,5907,0336.7114113
Leslie County10,30910,143-1.69899
Letcher County22,32821,899-1.95252
Lewis County13,35813,257-0.88182
Lincoln County24,49824,6440.64847
Livingston County9,2649,242-0.2101102
Logan County27,01426,989-0.13939
Lyon County8,1138,009-1.3108108
McCracken County65,39765,346-0.11313
McCreary County17,42317,408-0.16767
McLean County9,2199,2520.4102101
Madison County91,22692,3681.399
Magoffin County12,53912,362-1.48789
Marion County19,31619,4040.55959
Marshall County31,31131,191-0.43333
Martin County11,49511,323-1.59393
Mason County17,22517,150-0.46868
Meade County28,09428,7152.23636
Menifee County6,4666,451-0.2115115
Mercer County21,58821,7740.95353
Metcalfe County10,07910,030-0.5100100
Monroe County10,61110,71819797
Montgomery County27,95628,2030.93737
Morgan County13,21113,34518281
Muhlenberg County30,92330,774-0.53434
Nelson County45,61245,8510.52322
Nicholas County7,1377,1660.4112112
Ohio County24,13624,087-0.24949
Oldham County66,48966,47001212
Owen County10,78910,8800.89595
Owsley County4,4164,4721.3119118
Pendleton County14,55814,529-0.27575
Perry County26,47926,092-1.54244
Pike County58,86258,402-0.81616
Powell County12,32112,44218987
Pulaski County64,35764,6230.41414
Robertson County2,1322,1350.1120120
Rockcastle County16,75716,75006969
Rowan County24,56224,5830.14748
Russell County17,73917,8210.56565
Scott County54,79056,0312.31717
Shelby County47,49548,5182.22120
Simpson County18,10518,5292.36464
Spencer County18,47118,7941.76362
Taylor County25,56225,549-0.14545
Todd County12,20012,3110.99190
Trigg County14,42414,6431.57774
Trimble County8,5658,515-0.6106106
Union County14,64014,505-0.97476
Warren County128,995131,2641.855
Washington County11,93912,0841.29292
Wayne County20,62120,468-0.75555
Webster County13,07113,1110.38383
Whitley County36,12936,2420.32929
Wolfe County7,2457,177-0.9111111
Woodford County26,39626,5330.54341


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