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New Mexico Population

New Mexico is the southwestern region of United States, border by Texas to the east-southwest, Oklahoma to the northeast, Arizona to the west, Chihuahua(Mexico) to the south. Mexico population in 2020 is expected to be 2 million, Thirty-six populous state, Its area is 121,590 sq miles(314,917 sq km) which is fifth largest state in the US. New Mexico is the wine producing state and Santa Fe is the nation's highest state capital located at 7,199 feet above sea level. New Mexico has one of the most diverse landscapes in the world. Before US dropping the bomb in Japan's Nagasaki, it was tested in New Mexico desert sands in July 1945. New Mexico is home to largest hot air balloon festival in the world, happens every October.

YearPopulation% Change
2020*2,099,2000.11 *
Source : Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2018

New Mexico Population by Race & Groups

New Mexico population by race are as follows, 74.24% of the New Mexico population are White Americans, 2% are Black Africans, 9.45% are AIAN. Asian population in New Mexico are 29,991 people, out of these 4,091 are Asian Indians, 2,210 are Japanese, 2,257 are Korean, 4,646 are Vietnamese and 6,169 are Chinese. 657 are Native Hawaiians, 139 are Guamanian/Chamorros, 239 are Samoans, 1226 are Cherokee tribals, 372 are Chippewa tribals, 1,149 are Sioux tribals and 120,116 are Navajo tribal grouping. Hispanic/Latino race in New Mexico are around 1 million, out of these 659,293 are Mexicans, 8,941 are Puerto Ricans and 4,282 are Cubans.

Total Population2,084,828Percent
Black or African American42,1872.02%
American Indian and Alaska Native197,1919.458%
Cherokee tribal grouping1,2260.059%
Chippewa tribal grouping3720.018%
Navajo tribal grouping120,1165.761%
Sioux tribal grouping1,1490.055%
Asian Population29,9911.44%
Asian Indian4,0910.20%
Other Asian Population4,526
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander1,3900.07%
Native Hawaiian6570.032%
Guamanian or Chamorro1390.007%
Other Pacific Islander355
Some other race197,944
Hispanic or Latino1,004,10348.16%
Puerto Rican8,9410.43%
Other Hispanic or Latino331,587

Source: US Census 2017(Table B03002)

Top Cities of New Mexico

Top populated cities of New Mexico are Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe.

2Las Cruces102,926
3Rio Rancho98,023
4Santa Fe84,612

Population Pyramid

The population pyramid of New Mexico according to 2017 estimates.

Source: 2017 US Census Estimates: Population In Five Year Age-Group

Languages spoken in NM

New Mexico language spoken at home are 1.976 are speak only english, 521774 are Spanish, 4580 are French including Cajun, 203 are Haiti speakers, 666 are Italian, 249 are Portuguese, 4,680 are German, 841 are Yiddish/Pennsylvanian, 386 are Greek, 787 are Russian, 881 are Polish, 312 are Ukrainian/other slavic languages, 194 are Armenian, 1508 are Persian including Farsi, Dari. Indian speakers include 628 speak Hindi, 964 are Gujarati, 1046 Urdu, 62 are Punjabi, 749 are Bengali, 947 are Marathi/Nepali, 56 are Telugu speakers, 152 are Tamil, 713 are Malayalam/Kannada. East and Mid Asian speakers include 4755 are Chinese speakers, 1122 are Japanese, 2058 Korean, 5547 are Vietnamese, 1543 are Thai/Lao/Tai-Kadai, 3945 speak Tagalog. Middle-east speakers include 2636 speak Arabic, 142 are Hebrew. African speakers include 605 are Yoruba/Twi/Igbo, 1782 are Swahili.
Speak only English1,269,22564.96
Spanish Language541,38527.71
European Language22,9781.18
Asian Languages18,5920.95
Other Languages101,5865.20
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1601)


Population 18 to 24 years20547110685698615
Less than high school graduate362942139514899
High school graduate (includes equivalency)608733460426269
Some college or associates degree971024652050582
Bachelors degree or higher1120243376865
Population 25 years and over1381630671614710016
Less than 9th grade896094457845031
9th to 12th grade, no diploma1178786107756801
High school graduate (includes equivalency)365014188727176287
Some college, no degree324980154557170423
Associates degree1128554890463951
Bachelors degree20879096880111910
Graduate or professional degree1625047689185613
High school graduate or higher583033282956300077
Bachelors degree or higher245122117582127540
Black or African254741458910885
High school graduate or higher23192132999893
Bachelors degree or higher737039793391
American Indian or Alaska Native alone1182855494563340
High school graduate or higher941094295451155
Bachelors degree or higher1245247777675
High school graduate or higher18542767610866
Bachelors degree or higher1070647545952
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander851357494
High school graduate or higher697317380
Bachelors degree or higher1086345
Hispanic or Latino Origin592234289094303140
High school graduate or higher446566214540232026
Bachelors degree or higher903173984750470
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1501)


Total civilian non-institutionalized population308280
Black or African American5775
American Indian and Alaska Native alone27943
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander268
Some other race29696
With a hearing difficulty103438
With a vision difficulty68250
With a cognitive difficulty119040
With an ambulatory difficulty164864
With a self-care difficulty64154
With an independent living difficulty110844

Counties of New Mexico

Bernalillo County is the most populous county with 678,701 in New Mexico, followed by Do'a Ana County with 217,522, Santa Fe County with 150,056, Sandoval County with 125,043 and San Juan County with 125,043 inhabitants.

CountyPopulation 2017Population 2018% ChangeRank 2017Rank 2018
Bernalillo County678,686678,701011
Catron County3,5673,5780.33131
Chaves County65,15364,689-0.71010
Cibola County26,89526,746-0.61717
Colfax County12,20612,110-0.82424
Curry County49,84249,437-0.81212
De Baca County1,8131,781-1.83232
Do?a Ana County216,186217,5220.622
Eddy County57,20557,9001.21111
Grant County27,69227,346-1.21616
Guadalupe County4,4094,341-1.52828
Harding County687655-4.73333
Hidalgo County4,3054,240-1.52929
Lea County69,05769,6110.888
Lincoln County19,48319,5560.41919
Los Alamos County18,80419,1011.62120
Luna County24,14823,963-0.81818
McKinley County72,57472,290-0.477
Mora County4,5424,506-0.82727
Otero County66,19866,7810.999
Quay County8,3108,253-0.72626
Rio Arriba County39,19139,006-0.51313
Roosevelt County18,90518,743-0.92021
Sandoval County142,624145,1791.844
San Juan County126,902125,043-1.555
San Miguel County27,78227,591-0.71515
Santa Fe County149,617150,0560.333
Sierra County11,09010,968-1.12525
Socorro County16,88516,735-0.92222
Taos County32,86232,835-0.11414
Torrance County15,59315,59102323
Union County4,1884,118-1.73030
Valencia County75,99476,4560.666


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