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Utah (U.S. state abbreviation is 'UT') is the western state of United States, bordered by Colorado to the east, Nevada to the west, Idaho and Wyoming to the north, Arizona to the south. Utah population in 2020 is estimated to be 3.28 million, ranks 30th populous, its area is 84,899 sq miles (219,887 sq km), ranks 13th largest in the United States. The name 'Utah' originates from Native Americans 'Ute' tribe means people of the mountains or some called 'yuttahih' meaning 'higher up'. Kings Peak is the highest peak in the state of Utah with elevation of 13,534 feet, Utah mountain peaks are the tallest in the country. The average elevation of the tallest peaks in each of Utah's counties is 11,222 ft. The Utah region is first explored by Spanish explorers in 1540. Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah, other top cities include West Valley City, Provo, West Jordon and Orem.
Utah Population gathering in Salt Lake city
Image Source: People gathering at Salt Lake Citu, Utah, Oct 2019

The population of Utah in 2019 is projected 3.22 million with change of 1.92%, compared to 1.87% in 2018.
YearPopulation% Change
2020*3,284,3881.98 *
Source : Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2018

Utah Population by Race & Groups

In tems of Utah state population by Race and Ethnic Groups, 82% are White Americans(2.6 million), 12.9% are Hispanic/Latino's, 2.1% are Asians, 1.1% are Black Americans, 0.8% are NHPI, 1% are AIAN.
Total Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander are 26,742, out of these 2207 are Native Hawaiians, 788 are Guamanian/Chamorro's, 9227 are Samoan.
Total Hispanic/Latino population in Utah state are 409311 people, out of these 299819 are Mexicans, 9952 are Puerto Ricans, and 2432 are Cubans.
AIAN are 32079 people, 15,477 are Navajo tribals, 181 are Chippewa tribals, 741 are Cherokee tribal groups and 695 are Sioux tribal groups.
Asian population in Utah is 67,545, out of these 9046 are Asian Indians,271 Bangladeshi, 652 Bhutanese, 1,481 Burmese, 2,182 Cambodian, 3,031 Laotian, 161 Malaysian, 284 Mongolian, 1,678 Nepalese, 57 Okinawan, 674 Pakistani, 103 Sri Lankan. 14,384 people are Chinese, except Taiwanese, 7,157 Filipino, 106 Hmong, 169 Indonesian, 6,396 Japanese, 5,894 are Korean, 677 are Taiwanese, 1,603 Thai and 8,578 are Vietnamese.

Total Population2,993,941Percent
Black or African American33,6191.12%
American Indian and Alaska Native32,0791.071%
Cherokee tribal grouping7410.025%
Chippewa tribal grouping1810.006%
Navajo tribal grouping15,4770.517%
Sioux tribal grouping6950.023%
Asian Population67,5452.26%
Asian Indian9,0460.30%
Other Asian Population15,413
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander26,7420.89%
Native Hawaiian2,2070.074%
Guamanian or Chamorro7880.026%
Other Pacific Islander14,520
Some other race150,596
Hispanic or Latino409,31113.67%
Puerto Rican9,9520.33%
Other Hispanic or Latino97,108

Source: US Census 2017(Table B03002)

Top Cities of Utah

1Salt Lake200,591
2West Valley136,401
4West Jordan116,046
8St. George87,178
10South Jordan74,149

Population Pyramid

Source: 2017 US Census Estimates: Population In Five Year Age-Group

Languages spoken in UT

English is the Official language in the US state of Utah. Languages spoken at home are 85% speak English, followed by 10% are Spanish language, 1.9 European languages and 2.12 are Asian languages.
Total 58,196 speak Asian language in UT state, out of these Asian Indian languges speakers include 1487 speak Hindi, 380 Gujarati, 751 Urdu, 510 Bengali, 663 Pujabi, 2899 Nepali/Marathi, 1362 Telugu, 1377 Tamil and 300 speak Malayalam, Kannada, or other Dravidian languages.
People from Mid and East Asia region speakers include, 14553 speak Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese, 115 Hmong, 7555 Vietnamese, 4900 Japanese, 4587 Korean, 1575 Khmer, 3785 Thai/:ao or other Tai-kadai languages, 4394 speak Tagalog.
11608 speak Ilocano, Samoan, Hawaiian, or other Austronesian languages, 4257 Arabic, 211 Hebrew, 1842 Persian includes Farsi, Dari.
European language speakers include 8150 speak German, 9603 Portuguese, 2186 Italian, 7131 French includes Cajun. 2102 speak Yiddish, Pennsylvania Dutch or other West Germanic languages, 1033 Greek, 3834 Russian, 1231 Polish, 2668 Serbo-Croatian, 1092 Ukranian/Slavic languages, 695 Armernian.
Speak only English2,334,99485.22
Spanish Language274,17810.01
European Language52,0461.90
Asian Languages58,1962.12
Other Languages20,5130.75
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1601)


UT state high scool and college education as per the table below:

Population 18 to 24 years339440172185167255
Less than high school graduate416472389917748
High school graduate (includes equivalency)1026225899343629
Some college or associates degree1724368218390253
Bachelors degree or higher22735711015625
Population 25 years and over1743090865666877424
Less than 9th grade497682492224846
9th to 12th grade, no diploma936984979743901
High school graduate (includes equivalency)397812191037206775
Some college, no degree466394223702242692
Associates degree1682677301095257
Bachelors degree375297185674189623
Graduate or professional degree19185411752474330
High school graduate or higher1365129673304691825
Bachelors degree or higher503635271675231960
Black or African17147103426805
High school graduate or higher1483691435693
Bachelors degree or higher429025651725
American Indian or Alaska Native alone1804485409504
High school graduate or higher1431867057613
Bachelors degree or higher229510081287
High school graduate or higher386941749921195
Bachelors degree or higher210401011810922
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander1382271306692
High school graduate or higher1264565736072
Bachelors degree or higher202910291000
Hispanic or Latino Origin19996310266297301
High school graduate or higher1362166887767339
Bachelors degree or higher262631327912984
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1501)


As on 2017, the Utah State stats of physically or mentally disabled people are as follows:

Total civilian non-institutionalized population285608
Black or African American2937
American Indian and Alaska Native alone4193
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander1760
Some other race7909
With a hearing difficulty88674
With a vision difficulty49983
With a cognitive difficulty114306
With an ambulatory difficulty125286
With a self-care difficulty46740
With an independent living difficulty87321

Counties of Utah

Utah state is divided into 29 counties, Salt Lake is the populous County with 1,152,633 inhabitants, followed by Utah County with 622,213, Davis County with 351,713, Weber County with 256,359 and Washington County with 171,700.

CountyPopulation 2017Population 2018% ChangeRank 2017Rank 2018
Beaver County6,3966,5802.92424
Box Elder County53,96754,9501.888
Cache County124,564127,068266
Carbon County20,16820,2690.51515
Daggett County1,022980-4.12929
Davis County346,881351,7131.433
Duchesne County19,91519,9640.21616
Emery County10,02010,014-0.12121
Garfield County5,0615,0800.42525
Grand County9,6409,7641.32222
Iron County50,82252,7753.899
Juab County11,24811,5552.72020
Kane County7,5377,7092.32323
Millard County12,82913,0061.41818
Morgan County11,87512,0451.41919
Piute County1,4131,4452.32828
Rich County2,4022,4642.62727
Salt Lake County1,137,8201,152,6331.311
San Juan County15,32015,4490.81717
Sanpete County29,99130,6232.11313
Sevier County21,31721,53911414
Summit County41,34941,9331.41010
Tooele County67,41869,9073.777
Uintah County35,21935,4380.61111
Utah County606,503622,2132.622
Wasatch County31,97533,24041212
Washington County165,859171,7003.555
Wayne County2,7212,690-1.12626
Weber County251,866256,3591.844


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