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Boston is the capital and populous city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States. Boston population in 2020 is estimated to be 708,599, and area is 89.62 sq miles (232.11 and the 21st most populous city in the United States. Boston is one of the oldest municipalities in the U.S., founded on the peninsula Shawmut. Boston city has many colleges and universities, popular destination for higher education around the world.

YearPopulationChange %
2020 *700,2191.10
2021 *708,5991.21
Source : Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2019

Boston city UN Urban Agglomeration Population Prospects - 1950 to 1935
YearBoston Population
Source:, 1950 to 1935 Boston city Population(UA)

Boston Size and Population

Boston population in 2020 is estimated to be 700,219, According to US Population estimates, July 1, 2019, 48.1% are Male, 51.9% are Female, Sex ratio is 92.7 males per 100 females, Median age is 32.0 years, 5.1% are persons are under 5 years, 16.2% are persons under 18 years, 11.2% are persons 65 years and over. From 2014-2018 there are 16,547 Veterans, 28.5% are Foreign born persons, Total Households are 266,724, Median household income is $65,883 which is greater than the national average is $60,293.

Languages spoken in Boston

By 2018, Language spoken at home are 418,328 speak only English, 108,761 Spanish, 6,081 French (incl. Cajun), 26,768 Haitian, 3,520 Italian, 13,520 Portuguese, 1,780 German, 2,659 Greek, 4,824 Russian, 664 Polish, 365 Serbo-Croatian, 452 Yiddish, Pennsylvania Dutch or other West Germanic languages, 1,251 Ukrainian or other Slavic languages, 286 Armenian.

Asian Indian languages include 2847 speak Hindi, 174 Telugu, 476 Tamil, 438 Punjabi, 869 Bengali, 410 speak Gujarati, 1277 Nepali, Marathi, or other Indic languages, 2301 Other Indo-European languages, 685 Urdu, 1186 Malayalam, Kannada, or other Dravidian languages, 27839 Chinese (incl. Mandarin, Cantonese), 1005 Japanese, 2268 Korean, 1123 Tagalog (incl. Filipino), 9293 Vietnamese, 262 Khmer, 378 Thai, Lao, or other Tai-Kadai languages and 1331 speak other languages of Asia.

205 speak Ilocano, Samoan, Hawaiian, or other Austronesian languages, 4917 Arabic, 1,732 Persian (incl. Farsi, Dari), 823 Hebrew, 3453 Amharic, Somali, or other Afro-Asiatic languages, 2708 Yoruba, Twi, Igbo, or other languages of Western Africa, 1188 Swahili or other languages of Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa, 133 speak other Native languages of North America and 1953 speak other and unspecified languages.

Ethnic groups

According to 2018 US Census estimates, 52.6% are White alone, 25.3% are Black or African American alone, 0.3% are American Indian and Alaska Native alone, 9.6% are Asian alone.

357,253 are White Americans, 171,588 are Black or African American, 2,186 are American Indian and Alaska Native out of these 114 are Cherokee tribal grouping, 12 are Chippewa tribal grouping, 77 are Navajo tribal grouping.

65,499 are Asian out of these 9,973 are Asian Indian, 31,528 are Chinese, 1,843 are Filipino, 1,225 are Japanese, 3,388 are Korean, 12,796 are Vietnamese, 4,746 are Other Asian. 257 are Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander out of these 124 are Native Hawaiian, 4 are Guamanian or Chamorro and 129 are Other Pacific Islander.

133,893 are Hispanic or Latino of any race out of these 7,587 are Mexican, 36,607 are Puerto Rican, 2,649 are Cuban and 87,050 are other Hispanic or Latino.

Boston History

Since 2400 B.C, The area had been inhabited by peninsula Shawmut, the Massachusetts tribe of Native Americans. According to History, On 29 March 1630 a fleet of 11 ships carrying 700 people sailed from England to Massachusetts. Boston was founded in 1630 by Puritans who were traveling from England fleeing religious persecution. In 1631 the first sailing ship built in America was launched from Boston and soon the shipbuilding industry thrived. There was also a flourishing whaling industry and a fishing industry. Initially the people settled at Charlestown, which had been founded the year before. However fresh water was short so most of the new settlers moved across the river to a peninsula called Trimountaine. In 1630 the new settlement was named Boston after Boston in England from which many of the settlers came. By the year 1676 Boston had a population of about 4,000, more than half the Native Americans in the region had died due to outbreak of smallpox. Boston continued to grow despite smallpox out break in 1702 and in 1721. By 1730 Boston had a population of over 13,000 inhabitants. In 1735 Industries are flourished in Boston. After the Boston Massacre happened in 1770 due to Stamp act Tax, during which British troops fired upon mob, leading to killing five of the colonists, anti British sentiment started. The British East India Company sent 3 ships to sell tea chests to the American colonies in 1773. There was a center of resistance to the British in the colonies. On 16 December 1773 men dressed as Native Americans boarded the ships and threw all the 298 chests(45 tons) of tea into the sea. By 1820 the population of Boston was about 43,000. In the 19th century Boston continued to grow by large amounts of land by landfilling.

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