Best health smartwatch 2024

The best smartwatches are built to track your record your workouts, activity levels, and show you health and recovery insights. The top smartwatches around today connect to your phone which delivers notifications and exercise reminders and connects your phone calls, when the smartwatch is on wrist.

The most advanced health and fitness features in 2024 are from an Apple Watch to a accurate Google Pixel Watch, advanced fitness levels with Samsung Galaxy watch 6 and Garmin Vivoactive 5.

Apple Watch 10

Siri Health may be the best new upgrade in the Apple Watch 10, Health Features include Track your sleep, Heart rate, running, walking, Log your state of mind on Apple Watch, Use Cycle Tracking and Track your medications on Apple Watch 10.

Pixel Watch 3

Pixel Watch 3, launching most likely this October, will come in a 45mm size as well. Track steps, calories, GPS data and more with activity types like running, walking, weightlifting, tennis on Google Pixel Watch 3. heart rate monitoring, electrocardiogram (ECG), blood oxygen tracking, and sleep tracking

Garmin Vivo Series Vivoactive 5

The Garmin Vivo Series Vivoactive 5 GPS smartwatch features an OLED touchscreen display, up to 11 days of battery life. Health features include detailed health insights, like Respiration, Nap Detection, PULSE OX Sensor, Heart rate, Stress Tracking, Women’s Health Tracking like menstrual cycle or pregnancy,, built-in sports. Receive an overview of your sleep, recovery, daily calendar, HRV status and more as soon as you wake up, also you can customise as per your required data. It reminds to stay hydrated, track your stress and respiration. Garmin vivoactive 5 smartwatch helps to reduce stress, anxiety and more with guided meditation practices.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is easy-to-use health features that can lead to noticeable health benefits. With the help of the Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch 6, you know how well you are sleeping, By this you can improve your sleep levels. This Health Smartwatch helps to find your Zone. By exercising within different heart rate zones, you can align your workouts with your goals, such as endurance, fat burning, aerobic capacity and anaerobic fitness. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 tracks your body composition based on weight, body fat, body mass index (BMI), skeletal muscle, body water and basal metabolic rate (BMR) measurements. Keep your fitness goals on track, ECG record in the Samsung Health app.

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