Lidar Hacking – How Autonomous Vehicles Are Vulnerable

Lidar is an ideal solution for examining the surface of the road, with laser spoofing the vehicle control system can be falsified with fake object which can lead dangerous driving behavior.

Lidar was first developed in the early 1970s to assist with space exploration. it can produce a three-dimensional point cloud of the land surface. Today many autonomous vehicle developers use lidar, known in the long form as Light Detection and Ranging.

lidar vehicles

In today’s generation, human drivers could be right in identifying a lack of hazard ahead, potentially leading to confusion-based collisions. But this can be override by Lidar systems, since it scans with speed and distance with accuracy. If these values are manipulated or injected by other systems the there will be dangerous driving behaviour of the vehicle. These lead to different vulnerable areas life route blocking thus navigating to different route, safety of a person who is travelling in the vehicle, collision of vehicles and many more.

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