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Netherlands (Nederland, Holland) is a country located in western Europe, borders Belgium to the south, Germany to the east, North Sea to the northwest. According to cbs, Netherlands population in 2024 is estimated to be 17.9 million, within a total area of 41,865 sq km (16,164 sq mi), Netherlands literally means lower land in reference to its low elevation and flat topography, The official language of Netherlands is Dutch. Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands, other populous cities are Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Netherlands is divided into twelve provinces and three overseas special municipalities, Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius in the Caribbean Netherlands. The majority of the population of the Netherlands is ethnically Dutch. According to the estimate, the population was 80.9% Dutch, 2.4% Indonesian, 2.4% German, 2.2% Turkish, 2.0% Surinamese, 1.9% Moroccan, 0.8% Antillean and Aruban, and 7.4% represent other nationalities. There are 352 municipalities, Amsterdam has the highest population with 872,757 residents, whereas The Hague is the most densely populated with a density of 6,620 persons per sq km. Westervoort is the smallest with a land area of 7.03 sq. km., and Súdwest-Fryslân the largest with a land area of 523.01 sq. km., Schiermonnikoog is both the least populated and the least densely populated municipality at 23 persons per sq km.

Below table is the population of Netherlands from 1960 to 2020:
Source : worldbank

Languages in Netherlands

Dutch is the official language of Netherlands, its a unique language within the same language family as German, closely to English language. English speaking people used the word Dutch to describe people from the Netherlands and Germany. Besides Dutch, West Frisian is the second official language in the northern province of Friesland. 89% of the population able to speak or understand English, 70% are German, 29% are French and 5% are Spanish.

Netherlands Cities and Municipalities

AmsterdamNorth Holland873,3385,277/sq km (13,670/sq mi)165.5 sq km (63.90 sq mi)
RotterdamSouth Holland651,6312,995/sq km (7,760/sq mi)217.55 sq km (84.00 sq mi)
The HagueSouth Holland548,3206,650/sq km (17,200/sq mi)82.45 sq km (31.83 sq mi)
UtrechtUtrecht359,3703,830/sq km (9,900/sq mi)93.83 sq km (36.23 sq mi)
EindhovenNorth Brabant235,6912,689/sq km (6,960/sq mi)87.66 sq km (33.85 sq mi)
GroningenGroningen233,2731,257/sq km (3,260/sq mi)185.6 sq km (71.66 sq mi)
TilburgNorth Brabant221,9471,762/sq km (4,560/sq mi)125.96 sq km (48.63 sq mi)
AlmereFlevoland214,7151,662/sq km (4,300/sq mi)129.19 sq km (49.88 sq mi)
BredaNorth Brabant184,1261,464/sq km (3,790/sq mi)125.74 sq km (48.55 sq mi)
NijmegenGelderland177,3593,341/sq km (8,650/sq mi)53.09 sq km (20.50 sq mi)
ApeldoornGelderland164,781485/sq km (1,260/sq mi)339.89 sq km (131.23 sq mi)
HaarlemNorth Holland162,5435,573/sq km (14,430/sq mi)29.17 sq km (11.26 sq mi)
ArnhemGelderland162,4241,660/sq km (4,300/sq mi)97.82 sq km (37.77 sq mi)
EnschedeOverijssel159,7321,134/sq km (2,940/sq mi)140.83 sq km (54.37 sq mi)
HaarlemmermeerNorth Holland157,789799/sq km (2,070/sq mi)197.48 sq km (76.25 sq mi)
AmersfoortUtrecht157,4622,514/sq km (6,510/sq mi)62.62 sq km (24.18 sq mi)
ZaanstadNorth Holland156,9012,124/sq km (5,500/sq mi)73.87 sq km (28.52 sq mi)
's-HertogenboschNorth Brabant155,4901,414/sq km (3,660/sq mi)109.99 sq km (42.47 sq mi)
ZwolleOverijssel129,8401,169/sq km (3,030/sq mi)111.1 sq km (42.90 sq mi)
ZoetermeerSouth Holland125,2673,637/sq km (9,420/sq mi)34.45 sq km (13.30 sq mi)
LeeuwardenFriesland124,481523/sq km (1,350/sq mi)237.82 sq km (91.82 sq mi)
LeidenSouth Holland124,0935,664/sq km (14,670/sq mi)21.91 sq km (8.46 sq mi)
MaastrichtLimburg120,2272,147/sq km (5,560/sq mi)55.99 sq km (21.62 sq mi)
DordrechtSouth Holland119,1151,517/sq km (3,930/sq mi)78.54 sq km (30.32 sq mi)
EdeGelderland118,530373/sq km (970/sq mi)318.18 sq km (122.85 sq mi)
Alphen aan den RijnSouth Holland112,587892/sq km (2,310/sq mi)126.23 sq km (48.74 sq mi)
WestlandSouth Holland111,3821,370/sq km (3,500/sq mi)81.27 sq km (31.38 sq mi)
AlkmaarNorth Holland109,896995/sq km (2,580/sq mi)110.46 sq km (42.65 sq mi)
EmmenDrenthe107,024319/sq km (830/sq mi)335.18 sq km (129.41 sq mi)
DelftSouth Holland103,5814,572/sq km (11,840/sq mi)22.65 sq km (8.75 sq mi)
VenloLimburg101,988821/sq km (2,130/sq mi)124.25 sq km (47.97 sq mi)
DeventerOverijssel101,236775/sq km (2,010/sq mi)130.68 sq km (50.46 sq mi)
HelmondNorth Brabant92,6271,742/sq km (4,510/sq mi)53.18 sq km (20.53 sq mi)
OssNorth Brabant92,526567/sq km (1,470/sq mi)163.16 sq km (63.00 sq mi)
Sittard-GeleenLimburg91,7431,161/sq km (3,010/sq mi)79.01 sq km (30.51 sq mi)
HilversumNorth Holland91,2352,000/sq km (5,200/sq mi)45.61 sq km (17.61 sq mi)
AmstelveenNorth Holland90,8292,208/sq km (5,720/sq mi)41.13 sq km (15.88 sq mi)
Súdwest-FryslânFriesland89,999172/sq km (450/sq mi)523.01 sq km (201.94 sq mi)
Hoeksche WaardSouth Holland88,047327/sq km (850/sq mi)268.93 sq km (103.83 sq mi)
HeerlenLimburg86,9361,935/sq km (5,010/sq mi)44.94 sq km (17.35 sq mi)
NissewaardSouth Holland85,4401,161/sq km (3,010/sq mi)73.58 sq km (28.41 sq mi)
PurmerendNorth Holland81,6833,528/sq km (9,140/sq mi)23.15 sq km (8.94 sq mi)
MeierijstadNorth Brabant81,647444/sq km (1,150/sq mi)184.09 sq km (71.08 sq mi)
HengeloOverijssel81,0491,332/sq km (3,450/sq mi)60.84 sq km (23.49 sq mi)
LelystadFlevoland79,811347/sq km (900/sq mi)230.32 sq km (88.93 sq mi)
SchiedamSouth Holland79,2794,448/sq km (11,520/sq mi)17.82 sq km (6.88 sq mi)
RoosendaalNorth Brabant77,200725/sq km (1,880/sq mi)106.5 sq km (41.12 sq mi)
Leidschendam-VoorburgSouth Holland76,4332,348/sq km (6,080/sq mi)32.55 sq km (12.57 sq mi)
VlaardingenSouth Holland73,9243,137/sq km (8,120/sq mi)23.57 sq km (9.10 sq mi)
GoudaSouth Holland73,6814,464/sq km (11,560/sq mi)16.5 sq km (6.37 sq mi)
HoornNorth Holland73,6193,613/sq km (9,360/sq mi)20.38 sq km (7.87 sq mi)
AlmeloOverijssel73,1321,087/sq km (2,820/sq mi)67.27 sq km (25.97 sq mi)
AssenDrenthe68,836841/sq km (2,180/sq mi)81.89 sq km (31.62 sq mi)
VelsenNorth Holland68,6171,518/sq km (3,930/sq mi)45.2 sq km (17.45 sq mi)
Bergen op ZoomNorth Brabant67,514844/sq km (2,190/sq mi)79.96 sq km (30.87 sq mi)
Capelle aan den IJsselSouth Holland67,3194,761/sq km (12,330/sq mi)14.14 sq km (5.46 sq mi)
VeenendaalUtrecht66,9123,438/sq km (8,900/sq mi)19.46 sq km (7.51 sq mi)
KatwijkSouth Holland65,9952,667/sq km (6,910/sq mi)24.75 sq km (9.56 sq mi)
Stichtse VechtUtrecht65,108678/sq km (1,760/sq mi)96.1 sq km (37.10 sq mi)
ZeistUtrecht65,0431,341/sq km (3,470/sq mi)48.51 sq km (18.73 sq mi)
NieuwegeinUtrecht63,8662,717/sq km (7,040/sq mi)23.51 sq km (9.08 sq mi)
WesterkwartierGroningen63,678176/sq km (460/sq mi)362.69 sq km (140.04 sq mi)
LansingerlandSouth Holland63,3631,186/sq km (3,070/sq mi)53.42 sq km (20.63 sq mi)
HardenbergOverijssel61,357196/sq km (510/sq mi)312.28 sq km (120.57 sq mi)
Midden-GroningenGroningen60,726217/sq km (560/sq mi)280 sq km (108.11 sq mi)
BarneveldGelderland59,992341/sq km (880/sq mi)175.9 sq km (67.92 sq mi)
RoermondLimburg58,763966/sq km (2,500/sq mi)60.81 sq km (23.48 sq mi)
Gooise MerenNorth Holland58,5241,407/sq km (3,640/sq mi)41.59 sq km (16.06 sq mi)
HeerhugowaardNorth Holland58,3871,528/sq km (3,960/sq mi)38.21 sq km (14.75 sq mi)
DoetinchemGelderland58,270737/sq km (1,910/sq mi)79.05 sq km (30.52 sq mi)
VijfheerenlandenUtrecht57,829395/sq km (1,020/sq mi)146.41 sq km (56.53 sq mi)
KrimpenerwaardSouth Holland56,622382/sq km (990/sq mi)148.4 sq km (57.30 sq mi)
Den HelderNorth Holland56,5821,250/sq km (3,200/sq mi)45.25 sq km (17.47 sq mi)
AltenaNorth Brabant56,352281/sq km (730/sq mi)200.63 sq km (77.46 sq mi)
OosterhoutNorth Brabant56,206786/sq km (2,040/sq mi)71.47 sq km (27.59 sq mi)
SmallingerlandFriesland56,040478/sq km (1,240/sq mi)117.31 sq km (45.29 sq mi)
Pijnacker-NootdorpSouth Holland55,6741,501/sq km (3,890/sq mi)37.08 sq km (14.32 sq mi)
HoogeveenDrenthe55,603436/sq km (1,130/sq mi)127.54 sq km (49.24 sq mi)
RijswijkSouth Holland55,2203,956/sq km (10,250/sq mi)13.96 sq km (5.39 sq mi)
KampenOverijssel54,474383/sq km (990/sq mi)142.18 sq km (54.90 sq mi)
TerneuzenZeeland54,463218/sq km (560/sq mi)250.38 sq km (96.67 sq mi)
WoerdenUtrecht52,694595/sq km (1,540/sq mi)88.57 sq km (34.20 sq mi)
De Fryske MarrenFriesland51,778147/sq km (380/sq mi)351.29 sq km (135.63 sq mi)
West BetuweGelderland51,496238/sq km (620/sq mi)216.12 sq km (83.44 sq mi)
HeerenveenFriesland50,650266/sq km (690/sq mi)190.09 sq km (73.39 sq mi)
Goeree-OverflakkeeSouth Holland50,589194/sq km (500/sq mi)260.48 sq km (100.57 sq mi)
HoutenUtrecht50,223914/sq km (2,370/sq mi)54.94 sq km (21.21 sq mi)
WeertLimburg50,011479/sq km (1,240/sq mi)104.32 sq km (40.28 sq mi)

Netherlands Population by Province

The Netherlands consists of 12 provinces, Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland are called Holland. The most populous province is South Holland, with 3.7 million inhabitants as on 2020, and also it is the most densely populated province with 1,374 persons per square kilometer. Friesland is the largest province with a total area of 5,749 sq km with 649,957 people living in this province. Zeeland has the smallest provincial population with 383,488 inhabitants, Drenthe is the least densely populated province with 188 persons per square kilometer. Netherlands population in 2023 is estimated to be 17.81 million, population in 2022 is estimated to be 17.66 million, and in 2021 is estimated to be 17.6 million.

North Holland2,879,5271,0814,091.93
South Holland3,708,6961,3743,307.86
North Brabant2,562,9555225,082.06

Population by Age Group

As on 2020, 15.5% of the population are below 15 years, 57.8% of the population are between 15 and 60 years, 25.6% of the population are 60 years. 72,134 people are between 90 and 95 years old, 26,713 people are 95 years and over.

Age groupMenWomen
0 to 5441,495419,977
5 to 10466,869444,554
10 to 15488,350464,854
15 to 20536,228512,930
20 to 25555,665538,920
25 to 30578,599560,366
30 to 35556,666545,437
35 to 40525,197520,631
40 to 45509,422512,586
45 to 50590,441595,627
50 to 55644,054637,772
55 to 60626,683623,909
60 to 65556,408561,390
65 to 70493,254502,794
70 to 75459,545481,674
75 to 80298,045335,155
80 to 85189,008247,048
85 to 9095,291160,910
90 to 9530,98472,134
95 and over5,82720,886

Population Projection

In the year 2020, the Dutch population grew by 67,830 inhabitants, accounting the total population of 17.47 million. In the same year on a average day Netherlands grew by 186 people per day, out of these about 462 children were born and 462 people died, 605 immigrants settled in the Netherlands each day, while 418 emigrants left the country.

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