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Mass Shootings in US 2024


Mass Shootings in US
The United States has had more mass shootings than any other country. By 2024, Mass shootings are incidents involving multiple victims of firearm-related violence, Its public firearm violence, in which a shooter kills or injures more than 2 or more victims. Shooters generally either die by suicide afterward, or are restrained or killed by law enforcement officers. Firearms are now the major cause of death among people in the United States.

According to everytownresearch, Every year many children in the United States gain access to unsecured, loaded guns in closets, backpacks, purses and nightstand drawers or left out somewhere at home. Children find these unsecured guns, some play with these guns and unintentionally shoot themself or someone else. While unintentional shootings by children are a heartbreaking part of US gun violence epidemic, there is no specific data that tracks how many children gain access to unsecured guns and harm themselves or others. Ninety-one percent of those injured or killed in unintentional shootings by children were also under 18. From January 1, 2015, to December 31, 2020, there were at least 2,070 unintentional shootings by children resulting in 765 deaths and 1,366 nonfatal gun injuries. 1 in 4 mass shooting victims were children and teens.

The United States is not the only country with mental illness, domestic violence, video games or hate ideologies, but US gun homicide rate is 26 times higher than our peer countries. Prohibition on assault weapons can prevent mass shooting fatalities and active shooter events. Below list of Mass Shootings in 2024 till date:

StateTotal Mass ShootingsDeadWoundedTotal AffectedOccured at Cities/Location
California5272047Oakland, Half Moon Bay, Monterey Park, Goshen, San Francisco
District of Columbia1134Washington
Florida553338Sanford, Fort Pierce, Homestead, Miami Gardens, Ocala
Georgia2178Brookhaven, Albany
Illinois36814Chicago (2), Rockford
Kansas1156Dodge City
Louisiana422729Shreveport, Baton Rouge, New Orleans (2)
Maryland2369Baltimore, Clinton
Michigan1404Lee Township
Minnesota2088Minneapolis (2)
Mississippi1044Tunica Resorts
North Carolina38614Red Springs, High Point, Durham
Ohio25510Cleveland, Mifflin Township
Oklahoma1134Oklahoma City
Pennsylvania2358Philadelphia, Allentown
Texas341014Houston (2), Dallas
Virginia2189Lynchburg, Dumfries

Banning of Assault weapons are more practical than handguns at the moment. Assault weapons are generally high-powered semi-automatic firearms. This means that each round from an assault weapon inflicts greater damage to the humans than a round from a typical handgun. Assault weapons are generally fire many rounds at a greater rate than other firearms, and when combined with high-capacity magazines, they enable a shooter to fire more rounds over a short period and covers more area. Mass shootings are the tip of the iceberg of US gun violence crisis. Below list of Mass Shootings by US State in 2022:
RankStateMass Shootings incidentsDeadInjuredTotal Affected
6New York3526134168
10North Carolina251892121
12South Carolina211789111
27District of Columbia1073745
31New Jersey723335
33New Mexico522024
42North Dakota1004
43West Virginia1004
Puerto Rico2529
Virgin Islands1145
Grand Total7206032,7473,702
Below list of Mass Shootings in 2022 per Month:
2022/MonthTotal Mass ShootingsDeadWoundedOccurred at a School or UniversityOccurred at a place of Worship

Mass Shootings timeline Since 2019

2023-10-25, Lewiston, Androscoggin County, ME : At least 18 were killed and many more injured at a bowling alley and a bar in Lewiston, Maine. The police are searching for Robert Card, 40, described as a man of interest.

2023-10-25, Sampson County, Sampson County, NC : Five people were found shot to death in a residence in Sampson County, NC, just outside of Clinton. The authorities believe the house was being used for illegal drug sales.

2023-09-17, Romeoville , Will County, IL : Conducting a welfare check, the police found two adults, two children, as well as three dogs shot to death. The suspected assailant, Nathaniel Huey, Jr., crashed his vehicle while attempting to flee. The car caught fire after which Huey apparently shot a female passenger and then himself. Huey was found dead at the scene while the woman died at the hospital.

2023-08-24, Lake Township, Stark County, OH : Conducting a welfare check, the police found five members of the Dunham family shot dead in an apparent murder-suicide committed by the head of household.

2023-08-16, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, OK : Separated from his wife, 28-year-old Ruben Armendariz apparently fatally shot his wife and three children. He later was pronounced dead at the hospital from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

2023-07-15, Hampton, Henry County, GA : Longmore, 40, fatally shot four of his neighbors. A day later, while on the run, he was killed in a shootout with the police during which three officers were injured.

2023-07-04, Shreveport, Caddo Parish, LA : Gunfire broke out at a block party, resulting in four fatalities and seven others injured. No arrests have been made.

2023-07-03, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA : A 40-year-old man was arrested in connection with fatal shooting of four people and wounding of two children.

2023-07-02, Green Pond, Colleton County, SC : Ryan Lenard Manigo, 34, has been charged with fatally stabbing five people and then setting fire to the residence causing the death of a sixth victim. A seventh person escaped with non-fatal stab wounds.

2023-06-18, Kellogg, Shoshone County, ID : A 31-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of his neighbors. Reportedly, the incident follows longstanding conflict between the parties. However, the precipitant, according to the police, is that Kaylor was upset that the neighbor’s 18-year-old son had reportedly exposed himself to the man’s children.

2023-06-15, Sequatchie, Marion County, TN : Gary Don Barnett killed his estranged wife, her daughter, two of their grandchildren, and another child. He also set fire to the house and then took his own life. A sixth victim was shot three times but survived.

2023-05-27, Mesa, Maricopa County, AZ : Iren Byers, 20, is charged with killing four people and injuring another in a series of shootings in Phoenix (one killed) and Mesa (three killed).

2023-05-23, Nash, Bowie County, TX : Cesar Olalde, 19, has been charged with fatally shooting four family members. Reportedly, he thought his family members were cannibals and would eat him.

2023-05-06, Allen, Collin County, TX : Mauricio Garcia opened fire at the Allen Premium Outlets, killing eight and wounding seven others, before being killed by the police.

2023-05-02, Lake Wales, Polk County, FL : Al Stenson, 38, fatally shot his girlfriend and her three children inside her apartment. He later died in a shootout with the police.

2023-04-30, Mojave, Kern County, CA : Three women and one man were fatally shot late at night inside tan RV in Mojave, CA. Although no arrests have been made, the police suspect a drug connection.

2023-04-30, Henryetta, Okmulgee County, OK : Jesse McFadden fatally shot his wife, her children, and friends of her children in his home and then took his own life.

2023-04-28, Cleveland, San Jacinto County, TX : Francisco Oropeza, 38, allegedly used an AR-style rifle to kill five of his neighbors. According to the authorities, this occurred after the family had asked him to stop firing rounds in his yard as they were trying to sleep. After several days on the run, Oropezawas arrested and charged in connection to the murders.

2023-04-18, Bowdoin, Sagadahoc County, ME : Joseph Eaton, 34, was arrested after he allegedly shot and killed his parents and two of their friends in a Bowdoin, ME residence and then fired at vehicles on Interstate 95 in Yarmouth, injuring three people.

2023-04-15, Dadeville, Tallapoosa County, AL : Two brothers and a third person have been charged with fatally shooting four victims and injuring as many as 32 others during a "Sweet 16" birthday party inside the Mahogany Masterpiece dance studio.

2023-04-10, Louisville, Frederick County, KY : Four people were killed and nine others were injured inside a bank by a employee. The assailant was killed during the confrontation with the police.

2023-03-31, Monroe, Ouachita Parish, LA : Michael Jarrod Cooper Was arrested and charged with murder for allegedly setting fire that killed four people.

2023-03-27, Nashville, Davidson County, TN : A woman opened fire at a private religious elementary school, killing three adults and three children. She was killed during an exchange of fire with the police.

2023-03-21, Sumter, Sumter County, SC : Aletha Holliday was in her backyard of her home with a co-worker when her ex-husband, Charles Slacks, Jr., entered the home using a key, walked outside and fatally shot Holiday’s coworker. Slacks then went back inside and began to go upstairs, where his two sons and step-daughter were sleeping. Despite Holiday’s efforts to stop him, Slacks proceeded up the stairs where he shot the three children to death. Slacks then took his own life.

2023-03-14, Birmingham/Ragland, Jefferson County, AL : The police in Alabama arrested Daniel P. Watson, 28, for suspicion of committing two double homicides on the same day, one in Birmingham and the other in Ragland.

2023-03-12, Dallas, Dallas County, TX : Responding to a report of gunfire, the police found four people shot dead inside an apartment building. Reportedly the shooting arouse out of a custody dispute between one of the alleged assailants and one of the victims. A child was also found in the apartment who was unharmed.

2023-03-10, Miami Lakes, Miami-Dade County, FL : Performing a welfare check, the police found three women and two men dead in an apparent murder-suicide

2023-03-01, Cocoa, Brevard County, FL : Responding to a 911 call, Sheriff's deputies discovered four victims shot to death and two minor children who were unharmed. Domenico Gigante, who was the ex-boyfriend of one of the victims and the father of another, was arrested and charged with four counts of murder.

2023-02-22, Daphne, Baldwin County, AL : The police were called to investigate a shooting at an home in Daphne, AL. They found one person dead inside the home and three dead in the backyard. Tarant Smith-Bracy, 21, was arrested in connection to the shooting and stabbing deaths of four family members.

2023-02-17, Arkabutla, Tate County, MS : Richard Dale Crum, 52, allegedly shot to death his ex-wife and five others at two residences and outside a store in Arkabutla, MS. Crum was arrested and charged with murder.

2023-01-29, Luttrell, Union County, TN : Charles Damon Aljumaily, 52, shot four children and then set fire to the house before taking his own life.

2023-01-23, Half Moon Bay, San Mateo County, CA : Seven people were killed in two related shootings at a mushroom farm and a trucking firm in Half Moon Bay, California. A suspect—66-year-old Chunli Zhao—then drove to a police substation to surrender.

2023-01-21, Monterey Park, Los Angeles County, CA : A gunman opened fire at a ballroom dance studio during a Chinese Lunar New Year celebration. The assailant, identified as Huu Can Tran, 72, then killed himself during a stand-off with the police.

2023-01-16, Goshen, Tulare County, CA : Six people were fatally shot inside and outside a residence. The two suspects who were arrested two weeks later were known members of the Norteño gang The police believe that the shooting was the likely result of a conflict with members of the Sureños, a rival gang.

2023-01-13, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, OH : Martin Muniz was arrested ad charged with killing his step-father, sister, nephew, as well as a friend of his sister. Another victim was shot but survived.

2023-01-07, High Point, Guilford County, NC : Responding to cries for help, the police broke into a home and found two adults and three children dead inside. The police are considering it a murder-suicide.

2023-01-04, Enoch, Iron County, UT : Carrying out a welfare check, the police discovered eight family members—three adults and five children—shot to death. It has been considered a murder-suicide.

2022-11-30, Buffalo Grove, Lake County, IL : Andrei Kisliak, 39, killed his wife, their two children, and his mother before taking his own life. Reportedly, there had been a history of domestic violence leading up to the murder suicide.

2022-11-22, Chesapeake, Chesapeake city, VA : A gunman, an employee of the Chesapeake Walmart, opened fire in the store shortly before closing, killing six and wounding four others. According to the police, the shooting occurred in the break room and victimized the assailant’s co-workers. The assailant died apparently by suicide.

2022-11-20, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, CO : Five people were killed and 25 injured at an LGBTQ+ night club. Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, pleaded guilty and received multiple life sentences.

2022-11-20, Hennessey, Kingfisher County, OK : Deputies responding to reports of a hostage situation and shooting at a marijuana growing facility found four people dead and one injured. Wu Chen has been charged in the murders.

2022-11-18, Richmond, Chesterfield County, VA : A woman and her three children were fatally shot in their home. Jonah Adams, the woman’s ex-boyfriend, was arrested in connection to the homicides. Two of the slain children were his.

2022-11-17, Phoenix , Maricopa County, AZ : Five bodies were found inside a home with gas filling the air. The police suspect it was a murder-suicide.

2022-11-13, Moscow, Latah County, ID : Four University of Idaho students were found fatally stabbed in an off-campus apartment, while two others slept through the attack and were unharmed. A 28-year-old doctoral student at Washington State University was arrested in connection to the crime.

2022-11-04, La Plata, Charles County, MD : Responding to a 911 call about a shooting, the police found five adults dead in a case of murder-suicide.

2022-11-04, Orlando, Orange County, FL : A man shot three women and a 4-year-old girl to death and wounded another before self-inflicting a non-fatal gunshot wound.

2022-10-30, Aurora, Arapahoe County, CO : Three men and one woman were found shot to death inside an Aurora, CO home. The police indicated that the suspected assailant was under a restraining order requiring him to stay away from the residence. The assailant’s ex-girlfriend was not home at the time of the shooting. Joseph Mario Castorena was subsequently arrested in Mexico for extradition back to Colorado to face charges.

2022-10-27, Broken Arrow, Tulsa County, OK : Two adults and six children were found dead inside a burning home. According to the police, the children had been shot, while the adults are suspected of suicide.

2022-10-21, Hartland, Waukesha County, WI : According to the police, six people found dead in an apartment fire had been shot, one by his own hand.

2022-10-17, Woodbridge, Prince William County, VA : Four people were found shot to death inside a home in Prince William County, VA in what the police characterized as a “domestic related” incident. David Nathaniel Maine Has been arrested and charged with murder.

2022-10-17, South Fulton, Fulton County, GA : Fire investigators believe a fatal house fire was intentionally set.Twelve people from two families were inside the home. Eight people escaped the fire, but four of them died. A suspect has not been identified.

2022-10-13, Raleigh, Wake County, NC : Five people were fatally shot (including an off-duty police officer) and three others were injured. A juvenile, 16-year-old Austin Thompson, was arrested in connection to the crime. The prosecutor is planning to try him as an adult.

2022-10-09, Inman, Spartanburg County, SC : Five people living in a South Carolina drug house were found shot to death. James Drayton, who had stayed at the house for a short period of time, was arrested in Georgia in connection to the shooting.

2022-10-09, Henryetta, Okmulgee County, OK : Four friends disappeared and their remains were found days later in a river. According to police, they had been shot at a scrapyard before being dismembered and dumped in the river.

2022-10-07, Ft. Worth, Tarrant County, TX : Four people were shot inside a vehicle. Three were dead on the scene, and the fourth died at the hospital. The police say it appeared to be a robbery associated with drug trade.

2022-10-03, Dos Palos, Merced County, CA : According to the Merced County Sheriff, a family of four was robbed and then kidnapped from their place of business--an incident that was reportedly captured on surveillance video. The three adults were subsequently found dead in a remote open field. According to the authorities, the 8-month-old girl was left for dead and died from exposure.” Jesus Manuel Salgado was arrested in connection to the incident.

2022-09-29, McGregor, McLennan County, TX : Jaimes-Hernandez allegedly shot and killed his wife, her two children plus their two neighbors. He was arrested and is awaiting trial.

2022-09-09, Elk Mills, Cecil County, MD : Responding to a report of gunshots inside a home, the police found a man shot dead in a detached garage with a semiautomatic handgun near him. They then entered the residence where they found a woman and three children shot in various locations inside the house. The incident is considered a murder-suicide.

2022-09-04, Casa Grande, Pinal County, AZ : Responding to a 911 call, the police found four dead inside a Casa Grande, AZ home. Richard Wilson, 21, was arrested at the scene and has been charged with fatally stabbing his parents, sister, and niece.

2022-08-05, Dayton, Montgomery County, OH : After creating a video describing his grievances, Stephen Marlow allegedly shot and killed four victims in two separate homes. He was arrested in Kansas and was extradited back to Ohio. Marlow has been charged and is awaiting trial.

2022-08-04, Laurel, Cedar County, NE : Jason Jones allegedly killed neighbors in two separate homes three blocks apart. The victims were shot and both homes were set on fire with an accelerant. Jones is charged with four counts of first-degree murder, two counts of first-degree arson and four counts of use of a firearm to commit a felony. Authorities allege that Jones was engaged in a burglary attempt. Jones was charged and is awaiting trial.

2022-08-02, Orlando, Orange County, FL : Donovan Ramirez, 45, killed his wife, adult daughter, and two younger daughters, after which he took his own life.

2022-07-16, Houston, Harris County, TX : An argument inside an apartment resulted in four people being fatally shot. Eric Reyes has been arrested in the case.

2022-07-04, Highland Park, Lake County, IL : Dressed in women's clothing for disguise purposes, Robert Crimo, 21, allegedly opened fire from a rooftop down at a July 4th parade, killing seven and injuring dozens more. He then drove to Madison, WI, where reportedly, he contemplated another attack. Instead, he returned to Illinois and was arrested, having been identified by a trace of the weapon discarded at the scene. Crimo was charged and is awaiting trial.

2022-06-07, Portsmouth, Portsmouth city, VA : Two men came to the door of a home and once inside shot four people. Three died at the scene, and a fourth died three days later from his injuries. Raymond Lee Gore, 57, was arrested and awaits trial. Antwann Gore, 40, was arrested bu the charges against him were dropped for lack of evidence.

2022-06-02, Centerville, Leon County, TX : Escaped felon Gonzalo Lopez allegedly killed a man and his grandchildren at his ranch near Centerville, Texas. Lopez was pursued and killed by law enforcement officers.

2022-06-01, Tulsa, Tulsa County, OK : Blaming his doctor for his post-operative back pain, Michael Louis allegedly killed the doctor as well as three others that were in his path. He then took his own life.

2022-05-27, Stanwood, Mecosta County, MI : Charles Gillard allegedly shot and killed his wife and three children. He then shot himself but survived the injury. Gillard was charged and is awaiting trial.

2022-05-24, Uvalde, Uvalde County, TX : Firing off hundreds of rounds, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos fatally shot 19 children and two teachers at the Robb Elementary School. Right before the attack at the school, Ramos shot and injured his grandmother. He was killed in a shootout with responding police.

2022-05-14, Buffalo , Erie County, NY : Dressed in camouflage, Payton Gendron, 18, allegedly started shooting at customers at a supermarket in a predominantly Black neighborhood, killing 10 and wounding three others. He reportedly was shouting racial epithets and live streaming the attack. Gendron pleaded guilty to charges carrying a mandatory sentence of life without parole.

2022-05-14, Worcester, Worcester County, MA : Yvonne Ngoiri, 36, allegedly set fire to an apartment building, killing four occupants inside. In addition to the four counts of second-degree murder, Ngoiri was charged with two counts of arson of a dwelling, two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and one count of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury.

2022-04-27, Gulfport, Harrison County, MS : Jeremy Raynolds fatally shot three victims at a Biloxi hotel, then carjacked a vehicle in Guilford and shot the driver (who died in surgery). The gunman committed suicide during a stand-off with the police.

2022-04-21, Mountain View, Stone County, AR : A pair of double homicides occurred in homes one-quarter mile apart. Donnie Trammell was arrested for the crime and is awaiting trial.

2022-04-20, Duluth, St. Louis County, MN : Conducting a welfare check because of a reported mental health crisis, the police found five people and a dog dead inside a Duluth home. Brandon Taylor Cole-Skogstad, 29, had shot his aunt, uncle, two young cousins and their dog while the family slept Tuesday night, police said. He later killed himself with the murder weapon when the police arrived at the house the next afternoon.

2022-04-03, Sacramento, Sacramento County, CA : In a confrontation between rival gangs, six people (three male gang members and three female bystanders) were killed and 10 others wounded in a shooting in Downtown Sacramento, CA. Three men have been arrested in connection to the shooting.

2022-02-28, Sacramento, Sacramento County, CA : David Mora-Rojas, who was under a restraining order obtained by the mother of his children, killed his three daughters plus a chaperone during a supervised visit held inside a church and then took his own life.

2022-02-05, Corsicana, Navarro County, TX : Kevin Milazzo killed four family members, including a child, and wounded three others in two residences in Navarro County, near Dallas. He then took his own life inside his vehicle.

2022-01-23, Inglewood, Los Angeles County, CA : Four people were killed and one injured at a shooting that occurred at a birthday party. It is believed to be gang related. In August 2023, three men were charged in connection with the homicides.

2022-01-23, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, WI : Five people were found dead plus another who died soon thereafter at a Milwaukee residence. According to the police, the homicides stemmed from a robbery associated with illicit drug trade. It is believed that the attack occurred three days before the bodies were found. Travis Birkley was subsequently arrested in connection to the crime and is awaiting trial.

2021-12-31, Gulfport, Bolivar County, MS : Gunfire erupted at a New Year’s Eve party. Three victims perished that night, and another died at the hospital days later. Two other shooting victims survived their injuries. There is evidence of gang connection, according to the police. Xavier Preston, Mario Clark, Vincent Armstrong, and Khalid Williams were charged and are awaiting trial.

2021-12-27, Denver, Denver County, CO : Lyndon McLeod, 47, went on a shooting spree that started at a Denver tattoo parlor and ended in Lakewood. The assailant killed five victims and wounded two others. The wounded included a police officer. The gunman was killed in a shootout with the police.

2021-12-03, Townsend, New Castle County, DE : Donald Grier allegedly stabbed his father and three others. The three died from their injuries, and the man’s father died two weeks later. Grier was charged and is awaiting trial.

2021-11-30, Oxford, Oakland County, MI : After meeting with school counselors and his parents concerning a disturbing drawing a teacher found on his desk, sophomore Ethan Crumbley killed four and wounded seven others at his high school in Oxford, Mich. using a semiautomatic handgun that was hidden inside his backpack. Crumbley pleaded guilty to murder.

2021-11-28, Lancaster, Los Angeles County, CA : Germarcus David, 29, allegedly killed his four children and their grandmother. David was charged and is awaiting trial.

2021-11-21, Waukesha, Waukesha County, WI : Fleeing from the police after a domestic disturbance report, Darrell Brooks, 39, allegedly drove his SUV into the city's annual Christmas parade, killing six and injuring dozens of others. Brooks was convicted by a jury of six counts of first-degree intentional homicide and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

2021-11-14, Tucson, Pima County, AZ : Police responded to a trailer park and found three people dead. A fourth person died later at the hospital. The authorities did not believe the shooting to be a random act, but a confrontation between two groups. The case remains unsolved.

2021-10-21, Tacoma, Pierce County, WA : Two women and one man were killed in a shooting at a Tacoma residence. At fourth victim died shortly thereafter at the hospital. Maleke Pate, 22, was charged and is awaiting trial.

2021-10-20, Clare, Clare County, MI : Two people were shot to death and the bodies of two others were found on a property in central Michigan. Judy Boyer, 54, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life without parole eligibility.

2021-09-25, Riceville, McMinn County, TN : A dispute over custody of a 10-month-old led to the shooting death of four people. Curtis Smith and Jazzmine Hall were both charged and are awaiting trial.

2021-09-12, Saint Paul, Ramsey County, MN : Four victims were found shot to death inside an SUV in the middle of a Wisconsin cornfield. However, they were killed in Saint Paul, MN. Antoine Suggs was charged in the murders and is awaiting trial.

2021-09-05, Lakeland, Polk County, FL : According to the police, Bryan Riley, an ex-marine, fatally shot four victims and injured another. After exchanging gunfire with responding officers and the SWAT team (during which an officer was injured), the assailant, who had been injured by the police, surrendered. Riley was charged and is awaiting trial.

2021-09-05, Houston, Harris County, TX : Responding to a house fire, the authorities discovered four people—two adults and two children—fatally shot. There was no forced entry, having the police believing it was a domestic incident. The suspect, 23-year-old William Escaño, took his own life.

2021-07-25, Wasco , Kern County, CA : According to the authorities, Jose Ramirez killed his 42-year-old wife and two sons, ages 17 and 24, inside the family home, as well as a Kern County deputy sheriff who had responded to the scene. Ramirez was killed during a stand-off with the police.

2021-07-20, Cherokee County, Cherokee County, TX : Four victims were found shot to death—one in the driveway and three others inside the residence. The three suspects reportedly met up with one of the victims under the pretense of buying a gun from him but actually planned to steal it. Dylan Welch, Billy Phillips, and Jesse Pawlowski were charged and are awaiting trial.

2021-07-09, Hamilton Township, Mercer County, NJ : In the early morning of July 9, 2021, Michael Sanders allegedly set the house on fire, killing his 9-month-old daughter and her grandmother. A third victim died two days later and a fourth person died weeks after the blaze. Sanders was charged and is awaiting trial.

2021-06-18, North Bend, Coos County, OR : According to the police, Oen Nicholson killed his father and took his truck. The police say that he then ran over several people in an RV park and shot a woman at a marijuana dispensary. He later kidnapped a woman and forced her to drive to Wisconsin. Nicholson was charged and is awaiting trial.

2021-06-15, Chicago, Cook County, IL : An argument during a house party resulted in the shooting death of five victims and injury to three others, The case remains unsolved.

2021-06-06, Portland, Multnomah County, OR : Four people were shot and killed at a Southeast Portland home. A man who was wounded called 911 from inside the home to report the shooting. Three men flew in from Texas after arranging a marijuana deal. The deal went bad, the sources said, and a shootout occurred. Michael Lenoire was arrested and is awaiting trial.

2021-06-02, Fort Wayne, Allen County, IN : Three children and a woman were found killed in a southeast Fort Wayne home. Each was stabbed multiple times. Police arrested 21-year-old Cohen Bennett Hancz-Barron, the ex-boyfriend of one of the victims. Hancz-Barron was convicted and was sentenced to life without parole.

2021-05-26, San Jose, Santa Clara County, CA : Samuel Cassidy, 57, allegedly opened fire at a light rail yard of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, killing nine people and then himself. Cassidy was an employee at the rail yard.

2021-05-24, West Jefferson, Madison County, OH : Four people were killed in a shooting at an apartment in West Jefferson, a suburb near Columbus. Three victims were found inside the apartment and one other person was found outside. John Steckel, 35, was charged and is awaiting trial.

2021-05-09, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, CO : Teodoro Macia, 28, killed his girlfriend and others at a birthday party and then took his own life.

2021-04-28, Boone, Watauga County, NC : Two police officers were fatally shot when conducting a welfare check. After a 13-hour standoff, Isaac Barnes, who had also killed his mother and stepfather, took his own life.

2021-04-15, Indianapolis, Marion County, IN : According to the authorities, Brandon Hole, a former employee of FedEx, entered the facility near the Indianapolis airport and started firing outside and then inside, killing 9 and injuring 4, before taking his own life. FedEx said Hole worked at the facility from August to October 2020. His employment was terminated when he failed to return to work.

2021-04-07, Rock Hill, York County, SC : A doctor, his wife, their two grandchildren, and two HVAC workmen were fatally shot in the doctor’s home. After negotiations with the police failed to get him to surrender, the suspect Philip Adams, a former NFL player, committed suicide.

2021-04-03, Allen, Collin County, TX : Two brothers, Tanvir and Farhan Towhid, formed a suicide pact which included killing the other four family members. The police found the 6 bodies while conducting a welfare check.

2021-03-31, Orange, Orange County, CA : After locking the courtyard gate, Aminadab Galaxio-Gonzales allegedly entered the office of United Homes, a mobile homes real estate business on West Lincoln Avenue, and opened fire, killing the owner, his daughter, a longtime employee, and a 9-year-old boy. The boy’s mother was wounded and later released from the hospital. She also worked at Unified Homes. When police arrived, they found the woman’s arms wrapped around her son. In addition, the assailant’s ex-wife was a former employee of the company. Galaxio-Gonzales was arrested and subsequently rueled incompetent to stand trial.

2021-03-28, Baldwin and Essex, Baltimore County, MD : Joshua Green fatally shot his parents. He then drove to the Essex Royal Farms convenience store where he shot three, two of them fatally. He then committed suicide.

2021-03-22, Boulder, Boulder County, CO : Ten people, including a Boulder police officer, were killed in a shooting at the King Soopers supermarket in Boulder, Colo. Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa was arrested and treated for injuries. Allissa was ruled incompetent to stand trial.

2021-03-16, Acworth, Cherokee County, GA : A 21-year-old Georgia man was arrested in the killings of eight people at three Atlanta-area massage parlors (one in Acworth some 30 miles from Atlanta and two in the city of Atlanta). Six of those killed were women of Asian descent. According to authorities, the assailant, Robert Aaron Long, had previously visited the two Atlanta spas. Long claimed he was a sex-addict and was trying to eliminate temptation. Long pleaded guilty and received a sentence of life without parole.

2021-03-13, Indianapolis, Marion County, IN : A woman injured by gunfire directed the police to a home where they found four people, including a child, shot dead. The woman was taken to a hospital in stable condition. Police indicated that the incident was the result of a disagreement in the home that escalated to gunfire. Reportedly, the dispute involved the COVID-19 stimulus check. Malik Halfacre reportedly wanted half of the $1,400, but the woman who survived a gunshot refused to share that much. Halfacre was charged and is awaiting trial.

2021-02-02, Muskogee, Muskogee County, OK : Officers responding to a 911 call about a shooting encountered an armed suspect at the house, The suspect Jarron Pridgeon fled on foot after an officer fired but missed. Pridgeon was arrested after a short pursuit. Found dead inside the house were the suspect's brother and four children. Another child died after being taken by air to a hospital in Tulsa. The children's mother suffered life-threatening injuries and was taken to a Tulsa hospital and was reported to be in stable condition. Three other children in the home were not injured. Pridgeon was charged and is awaiting trial.

2021-01-24, Indianapolis, Howard County, IN : Five adults, one of whom was pregnant, were found dead inside a residence. Investigators were led to the crime scene after making contact with a 15-year-old male who was found nearby suffering from gunshot wounds. Raymond Childs, 17, was charged and is awaiting trial.

2021-01-09, Evanston, Cook County, IL : Jason Nightengale shot seven victims, four of them fatally, during a four-hour rampage that started in Chicago and ended in Evanston, where he was shot dead by police.

2020-12-25, Atkins, Fulton County, AR : Five females were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide. The relationship of the victims was not disclosed, although authorities described the killings as "domestic related." There has also been no report of which was the offender.

2020-12-22, Meridian, Lauderdale County, MS : Conducting a welfare check, Lauderdale County deputies found three bodies at a residence and another at a nearby location. The assailant Matthew Tucker killed himself during pursuit by law enforcement.

2020-12-13, Elkview, Kanawha County, WV : Two teenagers, Gavin Smith and Rebecca Walker, reportedly shot four victims to death in their home. The victims were the boy’s family. Smith was convicted and is awaiting sentencing, while Walker pleaded guilty and received a 10-year prison sentence.

2020-12-08, Williamsburg, Greenbrier County, WV : Oreanna Myers shot her five children, set the house on fire, and went outside and killed herself. The investigation subsequently concluded that it was murder-suicide.

2020-11-30, Palmer, Matanuska-Susitna Borough, AK : Malachi Maxon, 18, just out of jail for assault, allegedly killed four members of his family. The shootings occurred at two locations about a 30-minute drive apart. A 6-year-old was apparently spared during the early morning shooting spree north of Anchorage because of defective bullets. Maxon was charged and is awaiting trial.

2020-09-07, Aguanga, Riverside County, CA : Seven people were fatally shot at a residence authorities believe was being used "to manufacture and harvest an illicit marijuana operation." Six of the victims were killed at the scene and a seventh was hospitalized and died later the same day. Sheriff Chad Bianco said that the illegal marijuana growing and processing operation was run by a local Laotian organized crime syndicate believed to be based in the U.S.The case is unsolved.

2020-08-15, Belleville, Wayne County, MI : Four cousins were shot to death allegedly by Raymond Bailey, the former fiancé of one of the victims who had previously been accused of domestic violence. Bailey was arrested, but died prior to trial from injuries he received while fleeing the police.

2020-08-05, Denver, Denver County, CO : Three adults and two children died when fire swept through their two-story home in the Green Valley Ranch neighborhood in Northeast Denver at about 2:55 a.m. on August 5. Three teenagers were arrested months later and charged with murder, burglary, assault, and arson. The sister of one of the accused was also arrested on gun and drug charges. It was later determined that the house was set on fire by mistake as the teenage suspects were allegedly trying to set fire to a different home after a drug deal gone wrong. Charges against the teenagers are pending trial.

2020-07-28, Elyira, Lorain County, OH : Officers were called to 537 Willow Park Road just after 8:00 a.m. on July 29, 2020 for a welfare check. When they arrived, they found five people dead inside the house. All five sustained what appeared to be gunshot wounds. In what appeared to be a murder-suicide, 44-year-old John Nelson fatally shot his wife and three children before turning the gun on himself. It is believed that the deaths occurred on July 28.

2020-07-19, Detroit, Wayne County, MI : According to authorities, 25-year-old Mickey Dane Douglas, while out on parole for robbery conviction, claimed someone made a comment about his gym shoes that made him feel threatened. He then shot four people, three of whom died at the scene and a fourth who died days later from his injuries. Douglas was charged and is awaiting trial.

2020-07-07, Paterson, Passaic County, NJ : Seven people were shot, four of them fatally, in a hail of gunfire in Paterson, NJ after 11 pm in what has been called a gang-related incident. The case is unsolved.

2020-07-04, Chicago, Cook County, IL : Four people were killed and four wounded in a shooting in Englewood on the South Side. They were at a large gathering in the street about 11:35 p.m. in the 6100 block of South Carpenter Street when four males walked up and started shooting, according to Chicago police. This case is unsolved.

2020-06-22, Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC : A crowd initially gathered on the street for an unrelated Juneteenth celebration. Crowds gathered again nightly through Sunday, and police said there were about 400 people on the scene when shots rang out at about 12:30 am early in the morning. Three victims were initially reported dead and a fourth died a day later at the hospital. A total of 181 shell casings were found at the scene. The case remains unsolved.

2020-06-11, Monroe, Ouachita Parish, LA : Brittany Tucker fatally shot her neighbor and then went back to her apartment and shot and killed four of her children. She then committed suicide.

2020-06-04, Valhermoso Springs, Morgan County, AL : Deputies responding to a call about a shooting found seven people dead inside a home that had been set afire. Investigators believe the victims, three women and four men, were shot. The victims and offenders were part of a motorcycle club called "Seven Deadly Sins." It is believed the shooting involved a dispute among members of this motorcycle club. It is reported that the two suspects--John Legg and Frederic Rogers--went to the house to "wipe the slate clean" because several personal firearms were missing and there had been "perceived disobedience" toward a local membership club. Neighbors said the house was known for heavy drug activity. Two of the victims were reportedly killed only because the shooters didn’t want to leave behind any witnesses. The other victims were killed because of their association with the Seven Deadly Sins club or its members, according to investigators. Legg and Rogers were both charged and are awaiting trial.

2020-06-04, San Antonio, Bexar County, TX : Six members of a military family, including four young children, were found dead in their car in the family’s garage in San Antonio, apparently after suffering from intentional carbon monoxide poisoning. Investigators believe it to be murder-suicide. The presumed assailant Jared Harless and his wife plus their four children, ranging in age from 11 months to 4 years, were discovered along with two cats found dead in a basket in the front seat.

2020-04-27, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, WI : The police received a 911 call from the person believed to be the assailant. Upon arriving at the home, officers found five victims fatally shot. In addition, a young child was found alive in the house, and investigators believe the shooter decided to spare the infant's life. Christopher Stokes, the suspected shooter who had a criminal record, was arrested. Stokes pleaded guilty and was sentenced to prison for 205 years.

2020-04-16, Laredo, Webb County, TX : Responding to an “unknown traffic call,” the police discovered blood inside the residence and noticed that the family was missing. A search of the area yielded three bodies in the rear empty lot of the residence. Samuel Lopez, 20, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life without parole.

2020-03-15, Springfield, Greene County, MO : Police received reports of a gunman firing shots from a car at several locations in Springfield. The vehicle crashed into the Kum & Go gas station and convenience store and the gunman ran inside and began shooting. The first two officers who arrived were shot. The fatalities included three customers, one police officer, and the assailant. The assailant, Joaquin Roman, was mentally ill, according to his mother. According to one of the surviving victims, Roman gave a half-gibberish speech about being disrespected throughout his life and wanting to inflict pain on others. There was evidence that Roman had searched online for "mental illness" and "tactical shooting" a few days before the attack. Roman committed suicide.

2020-03-15, Moncure, Chatham County, NC : Seven family members found dead in an apparent murder-suicide with Larry Ray believed to be the shooter. The shootings took place in neighboring homes.

2020-02-29, Alexandria, Rapides Parish, LA : Tamielya Brevelle set fire to a house, killing a woman and her three grandchildren. Brevelle was pregnant by the father of one of the children who died. She and her niece Dorothy Bosby were subsequently charged with second-degree murder. Brevelle pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 40 years in prison, while Bosby is awaiting trial.

2020-02-26, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, WI : Following a long-standing dispute with a co-worker, Anthony Ferrill shot and killed 5 fellow employees at the Milwaukee facility of the Molson Coors Beverage Company before turning the gun on himself. Reportedly, he felt that he was being harassed by others on the job.

2020-02-05, Indianapolis, Marion County, IN : The Indianapolis Police were called to an apartment in the 4100 block of Shady Oak Drive just before 10:30 p.m. after a neighbor noticed a back patio door was shattered and saw someone fleeing from the residence. Officers found four victims—three men and a woman—dead inside the apartment. Cameron Banks, Lesean Watkins, Rodreice Anderson, and Desmond Banks were arrested for murder. Anderson pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of robbery in exchange for testifying against his accomplices. The other three were tried and convicted of murder. According to authorities, the murders were connected to robbery.

2020-01-24, Vanceboro, Craven County, NC : Police went to check on a family after getting a call from a relative concerned after being unable to reach their loved ones for days. In the living room of the home, deputies found the bodies of four victims, all with fatal gunshot wounds. In the master bedroom deputies found the family's dog shot dead next to Michael Ray Ireland, 39, who they suspect had killed his wife and children before taking his own life.

2020-01-17, Grantsville, Tooele County, UT : According to his confession, 16-year-old Colin Haynie, killed his mother first at about 1 pm. He then killed his siblings as they returned home. Haynie pleaded guilty to the murders and is awaiting sentencing.

2019-12-27, Celebration, Osceola County, FL : Deputies went to the home on Reserve Place about 9 a.m. Monday, January 13, 2020, to assist federal agents in arresting Anthony Todt on a warrant, which is when they found the four bodies inside. Todd’s wife and her children are believed to have been killed sometime toward the end of December. They were given an overdose of Benadryl and then stabbed to death. The last time anyone spoke to Todt’s wife was 12/26/2019. Todt., a physical therapist whose license to practice had expired was under pressure from creditors, landlords, Medicaid investigators and federal agents. Todt was convicted and sentenced to life without parole.

2019-12-10, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ : Officials believe the shooting spree began when a detective approached David Anderson and Francine Graham at a cemetery in connection with a homicide investigation and was shot dead. The assailants then fled in a stolen rental truck and eventually ended up at a nearby kosher market, where they opened fire on police officers and civilians. Three of the civilians were killed. Anderson and Graham were both killed by the police. Subsequent reports suggest the incident may have been inspired by antisemitism.

2019-11-17, Fresno, Fresno County, CA : Four men were killed and six others were wounded in southeast Fresno when gunmen broke into a backyard party and opened fire on dozens of people watching football. On December 31, 2019, the police arrested seven suspected gang members who, according to the authorities, had mistakenly believed it was a rival gang’s party and attacked to avenge a murder from earlier that day. Pao Vang, Ger Lee, Jhovanny Delgado, Porge Kue, Anthony Montes, Billy Xiong, Johnny Xiong were charged and are awaiting trial.

2019-11-16, San Diego, San Diego County, CA : Involved in a bitter divorce, Jose Valdivia allegedly shot his wife and four children before turning the gun on himself. All but one of the children died. About two weeks before the shooting rampage, the assailant reportedly sent his estranged wife a photo of a handgun with the message "It’s sure happening."

2019-10-31, Orinda, Contra Costa County, CA : Five people were killed and several more injured in a shooting during a packed Halloween party (with over 100 in attendance) at a rented Airbnb home in Orinda, CA. The sheriff said "there were rival gangs involved in the altercation inside the home. There was also an attempt to steal property which may have precipitated the initial round of shooting. " The case remains unsolved.

2019-10-30, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA : Maurice Lewis, 28, was arrested and faces murder charges after confessing to killing his mother, stepfather and two younger half-brothers inside their home.

2019-10-12, Chicago, Cook County, IL : Krysztof Marek, a 66-year-old truck driver who had lived in the building for about 15 years, walked into a neighbor's apartment where, according to the police, he fatally shot three men and a woman as they ate dinner. He then went upstairs to the third floor, entered another apartment, and allegedly shot a woman there. That woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition where she died. The assailant was facing eviction for non-payment of condo fees as well as foreclosure on his mortgage. He had filed for bankruptcy in September 2017 in which he reported owing $24,000 to the Internal Revenue Service and more than $60,000 to creditors. The assailant left two notes written in Polish behind in his apartment reflecting his determination to carry out the murders. Marek was charged and is awaiting trial.

2019-10-07, Abington, Plymouth County, MA : The bodies of a man, a woman and three children were found by a relative inside their townhouse. All five appeared to have been shot. It has been determined that the man, 43-year-old Joseph Zaccardi, killed his wife and children before killing himself. According to Joseph’s Facebook page, he was out of work, with his employment listed as "Unemployed and Going Crazy." Posts on his Facebook profile showed that he had written and illustrated four self-published children’s books, with the most recent, "Day is Done No More Fun," published in June 2018.

2019-10-06, Kansas City, Wyandotte County, KS : Nine people were shot, four fatally, at a private bar (the Tequila KC Bar) in Kansas City. The incident appears to have been precipitated by the bartender's refusal to serve one of the two assailants. Police said that the shooting may have been motivated by an earlier dispute at the bar and that Hugo Villanueva-Morales and Javier Alatorre allegedly returned to carry out the shooting. While authorities have not determined the motive, information is coming to light about the two suspects' ties to vast criminal networks. Both men were charged and are awaiting trial.

2019-10-05, New York, New York County, NY : Randy Santos, a 24-year-old homeless man, allegedly bludgeoned five other homeless men, 4 fatally, with a metal bar in the Chinatown section of Manhattan. Santos was charged and is awaiting trial.

2019-09-29, Beaumont, Jefferson County, TX : Lively James Stratton, 22, was arrested and charged with four counts of murder for the fatal shooting of his four roommates inside a duplex in the 4100 block of Highland Avenue. Initially, no motive has been identified other than reports that Stratton may have shot and killed the four men over an altercation that occurred earlier that day. Stratton was convicted and sentenced to life without parole.

2019-09-21, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, OH : Responding to complaints of an odor coming from an abandoned home, the police discovered the bodies of four gunshot victims. Because of the extent of decomposition, the date of death could not be determined. The location was known as a drug house.

2019-09-12, Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, NM : Officers responded shortly after 9 p.m. to a call of shots fired at 1028 Lura Place SW. Three people were found dead, a fourth died at the hospital. Two others suffered injuries that were not life-threatening. The victims were all related. Although unsolved, initial interviews revealed that an unknown vehicle drove down Lura Place and fired multiple shots at one of the victims (Daniel Alexis Baca). That individual may have been the primary target in a shooting that also claimed his mother, grandmother, and cousin.

2019-09-02, Elkmont, Whitfield County, AL : Mason Sisk, 14, called 911 about hearing gunshots. Deputies responding to the home in Elkmont, Ala. found one adult and two minors dead at the scene. Another adult and minor were hospitalized with critical injuries and later died. The teenager then reportedly admitted to killing five members of his family: his father, stepmother, and siblings. Sisk was convicted in a jury trial annd sentenced to life without parole eligibility.

2019-08-31, Odessa, Ector County, TX : After being stopped by Texas state troopers for making a left turn without signaling, Seth Ator shot at the officers and then drove toward Midland. He subsequently abandoned his car and hijacked a postal van. The gunman continued shooting indiscriminately as he went. He was eventually killed in a shootout with police at an Odessa theater parking lot.

2019-08-07, Garden Grove, Orange County, CA : According to the authorities, Zachary Castaneda, 33, fatally stabbed four people (including two at his apartment complex) and injured two others in series of attacks over three hours that involved robbery. He was arrested at a 7/11 where he had allegedly killed a security guard. Castanaeda was charged and is awaiting trial.

2019-08-04, Dayton, Montgomery County, OH : Dressed in body armor, Connor Betts allegedly opened fire in Dayton’s Oregon District amid a busy nightlife scene of bars and restaurants killing nine (including his sister) and injuring 27 others. With police already patrolling the area, the shooter was killed fairly quickly, preventing many more casualties.

2019-08-03, El Paso, El Paso County, TX : In an apparently hate-inspired, anti-immigrant attack, Patrick Crusius traveled over 600 miles from suburban Dallas to an El Paso Walmart where he killed 23 people and wounded 23 others with a semiautomatic rifle. In February 2023, Crusius pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 90 consecutive life terms.

2019-07-28, Lake Hallie & Lafayette, Dunn County, WI : Policed responded to a 911 call in Lafayette, WI, finding two dead (including the suspected assailant Ritchie German, Jr.) and two others injured. The police subsequently went to the home of the suspected assailant, finding three dead victims (the suspected assailant’s mother, brother, and nephew).

2019-07-25, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, CA : According to the police, Gerry Dean Zaragoza, 26, went on a shooting rampage in the San Fernando Valley killing four (including his father and brother) and injuring two others (including his mother). The other two slain victims were a mother of four with whom Zaragoza had been obsessed for some time and a man who was shot on a bus. The shooting spree started in Canoga Park, then to North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, and Van Nuys where Zaragoza was arrested and is awaiting trial.

2019-07-17, Columbus, Muscogee County, GA : Travane Jackson and his girlfriend had a years-long violent relationship, according to the police. On the day she was planning to leave with their three young children, Jackson allegedly stabbed her and the kids to death in their apartment. Jackson committed suicide while awaiting trial.

2019-07-10, Summerfield, Marion County, FL : Michael Jones killed his wife (during an argument) and their four children on what is believed to have been July 10, 2019. Then on September 15, 2019, after crashing his van in Brantley County, GA, he told responding officers that his dead wife was in the back of the vehicle. He then told police about their children whose bodies were left in a wooded area in Charlton County, Ga., off Hwy. 301. All five victims (wife, two stepsons, and two daughters) were apparently killed weeks earlier in the family residence. Jones's wife was beaten to death, his two stepsons were strangled, and his two daughters were drowned. Jones pleaded guilty and was sentenced to death.

2019-07-09, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, OH : On July 8, 2019, Armond Johnson allegedly shot and killed his former girlfriend inside her residence before setting the house on fire (killing their 6-year-old son and her 2-year-old daughter) and then fleeing the scene. According to the police, Johnson returned to the crime scene early the following morning and shot and killed a neighbor in a vacant field adjacent to his residence. Johnson was convicted and sentenced to four consecutive life terms.

2019-07-06, North St. Louis County, St. Louis County, MO : Five victims were shot to death in what the police say was connected with drug activity. Terrance Wesley pleaded guilty while Anthony Watkins is awaiting trial.

2019-07-06, Port Angeles, Clallam County, WA : Matthew Timothy Wetherington, a 34-year-old registered sex offender, was arrested for allegedly setting fire to his mobile home in the early morning of July 6, 2019, killing his wife and three children inside. Wetherington and his wife were married two months prior to the incident. Wetherington pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life without parole.

2019-06-23, San Jose, Santa Clara County, CA : Using a stolen handgun, Chi Dinh Ta allegedly killed his wife's relatives who she had recently arranged to have immigrate from Vietnam. He then committed suicide.

2019-06-21, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara County, CA : Stemming from an ongoing dispute and apparently precipitated by his recent eviction from his mobile home, Claude Adams, 64, fatally shot two men at the park’s clubhouse area, police said. Adams then killed his wife and son and set fire to the mobile home before taking his own life.

2019-06-08, White Swan, Yakima County, WA : James and Donovan Cloud (with the possible assistance of two others) fatally shot four victims at a residence in the Yakima Indian Reservation. They then stole a car from there and shot additional victims, killing one, inside a nearby vehicle. The murders appear to be drug related. James Cloud was convicted and Donovan Cloud pleaded guilty. James receive a life sentence and Donovan received a 327-month sentence.

2019-05-31, Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach city, VA : DeWayne Craddock, a 15-year employee with no criminal history, submitted his two weeks’ notice to the Virginia Beach Municipal Government citing "personal reasons." According to the authorities, he then went on a rampage at work a few hours later, killing 12 and injuring five. Craddock was killed by the responding police.

2019-05-13, St. Louis, St. Louis city, MO : Four related men were shot and killed inside an injured victim's home. The police believe the incident was related to drugs, as drugs and weapons were found in the home. The case remains unsolved.

2019-04-28, West Chester, Butler County, OH : Gurpreet Singh called 911 to report that four members of his well-respected Sikh family were found shot dead in their home. Two months later he was arrested for the murder of his wife and three other relatives. The couple's three children were not at home at the time. The jury in Singh's trial could not reach a unanimous verdict, resulting in a mistrial. However, the prosecutor has vowed to retry the case.

2019-04-25, Westmoreland, Sumner County, TN : Michael Cummins reportedly had a history of violence and drug problems. He was jailed for a year for attempting to burn down his neighbor’s house and assaulting her. However, after his release Cummins violated his parole and was about to be arrested again. According to the police, he theb killed three family members, his uncle’s girlfriend, and relatives before attacking another woman, presumably to steal her car. The police found Cummins at a nearby creek bed where he was shot and arrested. Cummins was charged in connection with the murders and is awaiting trial.

2019-04-11, Phoenix, Maricopa County, AZ : Believing that he had permission from God, Austin Smith killed his wife (whom he suspected of infidelity), and two of his daughters. He then drove to his brother's home seeking out the man he suspected was involved with his wife. There he killed one person and injured two others who were trying to intervene.

2019-04-06, Goodfield, Woodford County, IL : Kyle Alwood, age 9, was arrested for intentionally setting fire to a mobile home, killing five members of his family, including three children. The boy's mother says her son suffers from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and ADHD, and takes medication daily. Charged with first-degree murder and arson, Atwood was ruled incompetent to stand trial in 2022.

2019-04-01, Mandan, Morton County, ND : Chad Isaak, a veteran and chiropractor, went to the company that managed his mobile home park and shot and stabbed four employees there. It remains unclear if he had any relationship with the victims or what the precise motive was. Isaak was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

2019-03-13, Sheffield, Berkshire County, MA : Luke Karpinski appeared to be a loving family man, but he killed his wife and 3 kids before killing himself and lighting their house on fire. Their two dogs also died.

2019-03-06, Gretna, Iberia Parish, LA : Terrance Leonard, 36, killed four children and injured another with a hammer as they were asleep, and then killed the victims’ mother/aunt when she came home in the morning. Leonard pleaded guilty and was given four consecutive life sentences.

2019-02-23, Morrisville, Bucks County, PA : Shana and Dominique Decree killed five family members in what was suspected to be some type of religious ritual. According to an affidavit of probable cause, social services representatives came to the apartment for an unannounced visit. After there was no answer, they contacted a maintenance worker at the complex for assistance. After gaining access to the apartment, the social service investigators found the two women (mother and daughter, in bed) seemingly disoriented. The Morrisville police were called to the scene and both women were taken to the hospital. The two assailants both pleaded guilty and were sentenced to life without parole.

2019-02-16, Clinton, Hinds County, MS : Nam Le owned a nail salon with his wife, and several family members worked there. He shot and killed his wife, sister-in-law, sister-in-law's fiancé, and a family friend/babysitter in his home during a 12-hour standoff with police. Several hours into the standoff, he released his two children (ages 4 and 5) unharmed to the police. He was shot by a sniper and later died at the hospital.

2019-02-15, Aurora, Kane County, IL : Gary Martin had a long history of domestic violence, and had been in prison for stabbing an ex-girlfriend in 1995. He was able to apply successfully for an Illinois FOID (Firearm Owners Identification) card due to the lack of fingerprinting, but failed to secure a concealed carry permit. He was then sent a letter indicating that he had to give up his guns and FOID card. It remains unclear if the authorities ever followed up on his illegal gun ownership. After working at Henry Pratt company for 15 years, Martin went to a meeting where he was told he was being fired. During the meeting, he shot his boss and co-workers, and hid in the 29,000 sq. ft. factory until police found him and killed him in an exchange of gunfire.

2019-02-11, Livingston, Polk County, TX : Randy Horn, an amateur boxer and poker enthusiast, allegedly killed his wife (27 years his junior), their child, and her two grandparents after posting an ominous message on Facebook. Horn took his own life.

2019-02-03, Palm Springs, Riverside County, CA : Three teenagers and a 25-year-old man were found shot along the same block, with the three teens inside a crashed car. Some evidence suggests that two of the teens may have been involved in an aborted robbery plot, but details remain unclear. According to the police, the suspect Jose Larin-Garcia was found hiding under a pickup truck a few blocks away. He was taken for medical attention and left without the police/staff knowing. Larin-Garcia visited a friend, telling him that he had been involved in a traffic accident, and the friend loaned him money and clothing. Larin-Garcia was then arrested at a Greyhound bus station where he appeared to be inebriated. A February 2022 trial ended in a hung jury, after which the prosecution retried the case and got a conviction on four counts of first degree murder with a sentence of death.

2019-01-26, Gonzales, Ascension Parish, LA : Dakota Theriot had a "violent streak" and a known problem with drugs. Two weeks prior to the incident, he was kicked out of his parents' trailer because of his drug problem. He then went to live with his girlfriend of a few weeks and her family. It appears that there was some sort of dispute, and he killed his girlfriend and her family (but let her two young siblings live) before stealing their car, driving to his parents’ house, and killing them. He then drove to his grandmother's home, where police apprehended him during a wellness check (she had called the police fearful that she would be the next victim of her grandson). Theriot was charged and is awaiting trial.

2019-01-24, Rockmart, Polk County, GA : While on parole, Daylon Gamble went to his estranged cousin's home. According to the police, he allegedly shot and killed his aunt and a cousin and wounded another cousin, after which he drove to his best friend's apartment where he killed his friend and his friend's girlfriend. He then fled to Indiana where he was apprehended. Gamble was charged and is awaiting trial.

2019-01-23, Sebring, Highlands County, FL : Zephen Xaver had a history of being fascinated with violence, and had previously been kicked out of high school for discussing the idea of committing a school shooting, taking hostages, and dying by suicide by cop. He moved from Indiana to Florida and was living there with his mother. Xaver had dropped out of online college a month prior to the shooting and resigned his job as a correctional officer trainee two weeks prior. After allegedly killing four employees and a customer at a SunTrust Bank, Xaver called the police to let them know that he had killed five people and then barricaded himself inside the bank. Xavier was charged and is awaiting trial.

2019-01-19, Clackamas County, Clackamas County, OR : Mark Leo Gregory Gago, 42, used an axe to kill his parents, his girlfriend and their infant daughter before deputies shot him as he was attempting to kill his girlfriend's daughter. Some of the victims were beheaded. The one girl and a 40-year-old roommate were injured but survived the attack.

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