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Most Dangerous Cities in the World

The article lists some of the deadliest places on earth, the top 10 most dangerous cities in the world that have the highest homicide rates per 100,000 inhabitants. Mexico tops the list with nine cities in the top 10 most dangerous cities in the world in 2023 and other dangerous cities beyond top ten are in Venezuela, Columbia, South Africa, Honduras, Jamaica, Brazil, Guatemala and United States. In the era of twenty-first century, Violence and peace cannot coexist together in any area, and such criminal acts are considered potential threats to humankind. Various forms of violent criminal activities make a place dangerous for both the residents, traders and the tourists that visit the place.

By 2023, Mexico continues to be most cities almost forty-percent amongst the countries with the highest homicide rates, with the most violent cities in the world, According to Mexico stats in 2021, Zamora had a homicide case rate of 193 per 100,000 people, followed by Fresnillo with 182 per 100,000 people, and Obregón with 126 per 100,000 people, By the end of the year, 96.8 percent of Zamora and Fresnillo residents reported feeling unsafe, the highest percentage of any major city in Mexico. According to Mexico daily post, Best to avoid Mexico top dangerous cities of Fresnillo, Tijuana, Ciudad Obregón, Uruapan Del Progreso, Celaya and Ciudad Juárez, avoid as much as possible since even the people who live there are not so thrilled about their situation. These are the not good places to visit or to live in Mexico due to its terrible reputation. The highly populous mexican metro cities Tijuana and Chihuahua witnessed a homicide rate of 95 for every 100,000 inhabitants in 2021 down from 134 in 2019.

Crime in Venezuela is widespread, with violent crimes such as murder and kidnapping are most common, the country recorded 3,112 murders in 2021, Caracas remained the epicenter of violence in the country had a homicide case rate saw a decrease from 92 to 80 per 100,000 people from from 2016 to 2021, Ciudad Guayana, Ciudad Bolívar, Barquisimeto are the other top Venezuela crime cities.

Caribbean island nation of Jamaica had the highest murder rate in the region. Kingston, Montego Bay and Spanish Town experience high levels of crime and violence, especially Capital Kingston which is Kingston & St. Andrew Parish had the highest homicide rate.

The Most Dangerous Cities in the World by 2023 are as below:

RankCityCountryHomicides(2019)Homicides (2021)Population
Homicides Per 100,000
1Zamora Mexico294391273,641193
2Fresnilla Mexico392429240,532182
3Obregón Mexico281604329404126
4Zacatecas Mexico151390405,285107
5Chihuahua Mexico3911,455988,06595.8
6Tijuana Mexico2,3671,7701,922,52395
7Ciudad Victoria Mexico139301349,68886
8Juárez Mexico1,5221,2351,512,45082
9Irapuato Mexico723483592,95381.44
10Caracas Venezuela2,1342,3202,901,22280
11Celaya Mexico262413767,10479
12Ciudad Guayana Venezuela462645824,10478.3
13Ensenada Mexico275343443,80776.9
14Cape Town South Africa3,0653,5324,710,00074.98
15Uruapan Mexico301263356,78673.4
16Fortaleza Brazil1,3651,8692,703,39169.15
17Mossoró Brazil189303,79262.1
18Feira de Santana Brazil349341556,64261.21
19Distrito Central (Tegucigalpa) Honduras5167431,276,73858.15
20Ciudad Bolívar Venezuela18920337345554.54
21Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth) South Africa5536141,152,91553.25
22Detroit United States27334765961652.60
23Vitória da Conquista Brazil205161306,86652.47
24Acapulco Mexico600445779,56651
25Kingston Jamaica6805931,202,32249.32
26Cuernavaca Mexico4704971,028,58948.33
27Manaus Brazil8781,0722,255,90347.52
28Cancún Mexico376443934,18947.44
29Salvador, Bahia Brazil1,6571,8093,922,21146.12
30Guatemala City Guatemala1,4201,3993,180,11544
31León Mexico6977111,924,77144
32Barquisimeto Venezuela4895031,165,44343.22
33Caruaru Brazil160160369,34343.21
34San Pedro Sula Honduras4366241,445,59843.16
35Durban South Africa1,5771,9233,901,21142.29
36Natal Brazil645376896,70841.9
37Rio Branco Brazil183173413,41841.85
38Morelia Mexico325408988,70441.22
39Cali Colombia1,1768852,252,61639.23
40Johannesburg South Africa2,0782,2325,783,50238.59
41Recife Brazil1,4226271,661,01737.72
42New Orleans United States139376,97136.8
43Maturin Venezuela184179533,23235.02
44Culiacan Mexico4723501,003,53035
45Valencia Venezuela4864851,412,76634.33
46Maceió Brazil3473431,031,59733.22
47Reynosa Mexico248278837,25133.21
48Minatitlán Mexico132119359,22833.11
49Cúcuta Colombia30325686234229.68
50Baltimore United States348168576,49829.1
51Birmingham United States57197,57529.1
52St. Louis United States19482293,31027.8
53Guadalajara Mexico1,9324125,268,64227.57
54Palmira Colombia12487315,22127.32

South Africa is the crime capital in Africa, In 2022, around 68 people were murdered in South Africa every day steadily increased from 32 per day in 2011. There have been numerous press reports on the manipulation of crime statistics that not to record violent crime due to its highly corrupted departments. Rape, Car hijackings, House breakings, ATM cash robberies, Cash-in-transit heists and kidnappings are a common in the cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Port Elizabeth. These were not very big gangs but most of them are organised in small teams by their own due unemployment and not for drugs.



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