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Safest Countries in South America to Visit 2024


Safest Countries in South America
The Safest South American Countries to Visit in 2024 are Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Ecuador and these are Global peace index score of below 2. Travel in South America has so much appeal. It is popular for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Before planning to travel there much to see the reputation in the sense of Safety, we have referenced Global peace index of 2022 edition to rate them. South America has attracted quite a worrying reputation over the years due to political, crime, drugs, law and order problems. Before arriving one should check the most common scams, you should be aware of local problems and issues before you arrive.

Uruguay is the most peaceful country in South America. By 2024, it had the third largest deterioration in peacefulness in the region. Its overall score deteriorated by 1.8 per cent in 2022, driven by increasing violent demonstrations. This country marked least peaceful year in terms of violent demonstrations since 2020, with security forces firing rubber bullets and detaining many participants who were demanding better pay and working conditions. Venezuela continues to record the highest possible scores in violent crime and homicide rate. Peru is currently deteriorating it condition with political instability and political terror.

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Uruguay remains the top of the list in South America. Uruguay ranks 47th out of the 163 nations by 2024. Uruguay is fast becoming an ideal getaway for holidaymakers. Pick pocketing, muggings and car break-ins are key concerns in some of the major cities. Night travelling or walking is not recommended if you are alone.


Chile ranks 55th on peaceful index, slipped from 49th in 2021. Car Jackings, Pick pocketing, some of the taxis whose drivers may attempt to steal from tourists.


Argentina is ranked 69th in the 2022 Global Peace index and is considered the third South American country to travel. Mugging, pickpocketing are the common crime in Argentina.


Paraguay at fourth South American country and ranks at 77th globally for 2022. Petty street crimes like theft and mugging are most common in the major cities and tourist spots.


Ecuador is the fifth South American country and ranks at 79th in 2022. Strangers can offer food, drink, perfume samples, cigarettes which may lead to disastrous situation as these can contain drugs for robbing, female travellers should be aware of date rape drugs used for sexual assaults. Petty crimes like pickpocketing and muggings are common at tourist places, avoid walking at night at desert areas if you are alone.


Bolivia is the sixth South American country and ranks at 80th in 2022. Petty crime robbing the hand bags, cash are common in cities.


The City of Machu Picchu is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the most popular Peruvian destinations. Peru is the seventh South American country and ranks at 101st in 2022. Safety concerns in the major cities and tourist areas like cash and valuables robbing, passport theft and muggings.


Guyana is the eighth South American country and ranks at 107th in 2022. It's a english speaking country. Avoid wearing expensive jewellery in old towns. Guyana is a low violent crime country with high rate of larceny cases due to poverty.

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