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States by Area


States by Area
The United States spans over 3.7 million square miles, is known for its immense geographical diversity, with states varying greatly in size. The fifty-one states are home to more than 330 million of people. US States by area, Alaska is the largest state by area covering 665,384 sq miles, followed by Texas and California. Texas is the second largest are covering 268,596 sq miles and California third largest are covering 163,695 sq miles. Texas is the second populous state and California is the most populous state unlike Alaska is least populous. Rhode Island was the smallest state with 1,545 square miles. Rhode Island borders Connecticut to its west, Massachusetts to north and east and the Atlantic Ocean to its south. Rhode Island is nicknamed the Ocean State and the RI has a number of oceanfront beaches.

States by Size

Here is the 51 largest states in order. Below is the US states area list, Ranked largest to smallest in Square miles:

Area RankStateTotal AreaFederal LandLand AreaWater Area
1Alaska665,384 mi²60.9%570,641 mi²94,743 mi²
2Texas268,596 mi²1.9%261,232 mi²7,365 mi²
3California163,695 mi²45.4%155,779 mi²7,916 mi²
4Montana147,040 mi²29%145,546 mi²1,494 mi²
5New Mexico121,590 mi²31.7%121,298 mi²292 mi²
6Arizona113,990 mi²38.6%113,594 mi²396 mi²
7Nevada110,572 mi²80.1%109,781 mi²791 mi²
8Colorado104,094 mi²36.2%103,642 mi²452 mi²
9Oregon98,379 mi²52.3%95,988 mi²2,391 mi²
10Wyoming97,813 mi²46.7%97,093 mi²720 mi²
11Michigan96,714 mi²10%56,539 mi²40,175 mi²
12Minnesota86,936 mi²6.8%79,627 mi²7,309 mi²
13Utah84,897 mi²63.1%82,170 mi²2,727 mi²
14Idaho83,569 mi²61.9%82,643 mi²926 mi²
15Kansas82,278 mi²0.5%81,759 mi²520 mi²
16Nebraska77,348 mi²1.1%76,824 mi²524 mi²
17South Dakota77,116 mi²5.4%75,811 mi²1,305 mi²
18Washington71,298 mi²28.6%66,456 mi²4,842 mi²
19North Dakota70,698 mi²3.9%69,001 mi²1,698 mi²
20Oklahoma69,899 mi²1.5%68,595 mi²1,304 mi²
21Missouri69,707 mi²3.8%68,742 mi²965 mi²
22Florida65,758 mi²12.9%53,625 mi²12,133 mi²
23Wisconsin65,496 mi²5.3%54,158 mi²11,339 mi²
24Georgia59,425 mi²12.9%57,513 mi²1,912 mi²
25Illinois57,914 mi²1.2%55,519 mi²2,395 mi²
26Iowa56,273 mi²0.3%55,857 mi²416 mi²
27New York54,555 mi²0.8%47,126 mi²7,429 mi²
28North Carolina53,819 mi²7.8%48,618 mi²5,201 mi²
29Arkansas53,179 mi²9.4%52,035 mi²1,143 mi²
30Alabama52,420 mi²2.7%50,645 mi²1,775 mi²
31Louisiana52,378 mi²4.7%43,204 mi²9,174 mi²
32Mississippi48,432 mi²5.1%46,923 mi²1,509 mi²
33Pennsylvania46,054 mi²2.2%44,743 mi²1,312 mi²
34Ohio44,826 mi²1.2%40,861 mi²3,965 mi²
35Virginia42,775 mi²9.3%39,490 mi²3,285 mi²
36Tennessee42,144 mi²4.8%41,235 mi²909 mi²
37Kentucky40,408 mi²4.3%39,486 mi²921 mi²
38Indiana36,420 mi²1.7%35,826 mi²593 mi²
39Maine35,380 mi²1.5%30,843 mi²4,537 mi²
40South Carolina32,020 mi²4.5%30,061 mi²1,960 mi²
41West Virginia24,230 mi²7.4%24,038 mi²192 mi²
42Maryland12,406 mi²3.2%9,707 mi²2,699 mi²
43Hawaii10,932 mi²20.2%6,423 mi²4,509 mi²
44Massachusetts10,554 mi²1.2%7,800 mi²2,754 mi²
45Vermont9,616 mi²7.8%9,217 mi²400 mi²
46New Hampshire9,349 mi²14%8,953 mi²397 mi²
47New Jersey8,723 mi²3.6%7,354 mi²1,368 mi²
48Connecticut5,543 mi²0.3%4,842 mi²701 mi²
49Delaware2,489 mi²2.4%1,949 mi²540 mi²
50Rhode Island1,545 mi²0.7%1,034 mi²511 mi²
51District of Columbia68 mi²24.7%61 mi²7 mi²

Largest States

The ten largest states in the United States, by area are Alaska, Texas, California, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, and Wyoming. Alaska is the largest state in USA covers total area of 665,384 square miles. Texas state at second place covers 268,596 square miles. California state ranked third largest state covers 163,695 square miles. Montana state is the fourth largest state encompasses 147,040 square miles. New Mexico state in fifth place for largest states in US, 121,590 square miles. Arizona state ranking at sixth largest covers 113,990 square miles. Nevada state is the seventh largest state spans 110,572 square miles which is mostly desert landscapes. Colorado state in eighth place in area encompasses 104,094 square miles. Oregon state ranking ninth largest state by area covers 98,379 square miles. Wyoming state the tenth largest state, covering total area of 97,813 square miles.

The ten largest states by area are :

  1. Alaska - 665,384 mi²
  2. Texas - 268,596 mi²
  3. California - 163,695 mi²
  4. Montana - 147,040 mi²
  5. New Mexico - 121,590 mi²v
  6. Arizona - 113,990 mi²
  7. Nevada - 110,572 mi²
  8. Colorado - 104,094 mi²
  9. Oregon - 98,379 mi²
  10. Wyoming - 97,813 mi²

Largest State in USA

Alaska is the largest state in the United States, with a total area of 665,384 square miles. Alaska is popular for its breathtaking and untouched wilderness, home to abundant wildlife, including bears, moose, and whales, located close to north pole, northwest of North America. Alaska's population is sparse, has a relatively small population of 731 thousand by 2023. With 24-hour daylight during the summer months and 24-hour darkness during the winter. Alaska has 3 million lakes and 12000 rivers. Alaska is popular tourist destination for abundant outdoor experiences, and Alaskan Native culture, one of the best places in the world to view the Northern Lights, and has an estimated 100,000 glaciers.

Smallest States

The ten smallest states in the United States by area are Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Rhode Island is the smallest state in the country, covers an area of 1,545 square miles. Massachusetts ranks second among the smallest states, covering area of 10,554 square miles. Hawaii is the third smallest state with an area of 10,932 square miles. Maryland as the fourth smallest state, encompassing an area of 12,406 square miles. Delaware claims the fifth spot among the smallest states, covering an area of 2,489 square miles. West Virginia is the sixth smallest state, spans 24,230 square miles. Connecticut occupies the seventh rank, with a total area of 5,543 square miles. New Jersey ranks eighth among the smallest states, covers an area of 8,723 square miles. New Hampshire covers an area of 9,349 square miles, making it the ninth smallest state. Vermont is the tenth smallest state with 9,616 sq miles.

The ten smallest states by area are :

  • Rhode Island - 1,545 mi²
  • Delaware - 2,489 mi²
  • Connecticut - 5,543 mi²
  • New Jersey - 8,723 mi²
  • New Hampshire - 9,349 mi²
  • Vermont - 9,616 mi²
  • Massachusetts - 10,554 mi²
  • Hawaii - 10,932 mi²
  • Maryland - 12,406 mi²
  • Vermont - 9,616 mi²
  • Smallest State in USA

    Rhode Island is the smallest state with 1,545 square miles, The distances from North to South of the Rhode Island state are 48 miles and from East to West are 37 miles. Its one of the safest states in the US. Rhode Island is popular for beaches, seafood, sailing and beautiful coastal towns. Washington, DC., is the capital city and the federal district in the United States covers a compact area of 68 square miles. Washington, D.C. was named for George Washington, a Founding Father of United States. DC., is located on the east bank of the Potomac River, southwestern border with Virginia and borders Maryland to its north and east. The White House is located in Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States.

    Is California or Texas bigger?

    Texas is bigger than California, Texas covers area of 268,596 square miles while California covers area of 163,695 square miles. Population wise California is largest in the country stands at 38.9 million, while Texas total population is 29.9 million people.

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