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Connecticut (U.S. state abbreviation is 'CT') is the eastern region state of United States, borders on the north by Massachusetts, and on the east by Rhode Island, New York on the west, Long Island Sound to the south. The first human inhabitants of Burlington were members of the Tunxis Tribe, who belonged to Algonquian Indians. The word 'Connecticut' is derived from the Algonquian word from 'Quonehtacut', a Mohegan Indian tribe word, meaning 'a long tidal river'. The State of Connecticut is named after the River Connecticut, the largest river in New England. Hartford is the state capital and other top cities are Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, Stamford and Waterbury. Connecticut population in 2024 is estimated to be 3.62 million, ranks 29th populous state, Its area is 5,567 sq miles (14,357 sq km), 48th largest by area rank in the United States. The popular places are Lake Compounce, a amusement park in Bristol, Mystic Aquarium, Mystic Seaport. The first european settlers are arrived in 1636, settling the plantations of Windsor, Hartford and Wethersfield. New Britain, Norwich, Meriden, Groton, Waterbury, Manchester, Derby, Putnam are the most dangerous cities in Connecticut State. The third highest cigarette tax in the US is levied by the Connecticut at $4.35 per pack.

The population of Connecticut in 2019 is projected 3.5 million with change of -0.23%, compared to -0.03 in 2018. In 2014 population census registered as no chnage, from 2014 the declining of population started to -0.20% in 2015. According to U.S. 2020 Census Results, CT population in 2020 is 3,605,944. Connecticut population in 2023 is estimated to be 3.64 million, population in 2022 is estimated to be 3.612 million, and in 2021 is estimated to be 3.6 million.
YearPopulation% Change
20203,605,944census updated
July 1, 2020
Source : Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2018, last census by July 1, 2020

Connecticut Population by Race

According to 2017 demographics estimates population of Connecticut by race are:

White Population

White population in Connecticut are 2,757,064, percentage wise 76.70 percent are whites. Whites, also called White Americans or European American, having origins in the original peoples of Europe (numbers include hispanic whites).

Black Population

Black population in Connecticut are 376,240, percentage wise 10.47 percent are blacks. African American refers to black population in Connecticut, They are Black racial groups of Africa, includes Sub-Saharan African people, Kenyan, Nigerian, Caribbean such as Haitian and Jamaican.

Asian Population

Asian population in Connecticut are 156,450, percentage wise 4.35 percent are asians, out of these 57,571 are Asian Indians, 37,834 are Chinese, 12,930 are Filipinos, 3,820 are Japanese, 10,284 are Korean, 9,523 are Vietnamese and 24,488 are other Asian nationals. 2875 are Bangladeshi, 21 Bhutanese, 846 Burmese, 2712 Cambodians, 94 Hmong, 3063 Laotians, 182 Malaysians, 23 are Mongolians, 1109 Nepalese, 6369 are Pakistani's, 865 Sri Lankans, 1130 Taiwanese and 1075 Thailand people.

Hispanic Population

Hispanic population in Connecticut are 551,916. Percentage wise 15.35 percent are hispanics, out of these 57,969 are Mexican people, 286,751 are Puerto Ricans, 12,271 are Cubans, and 194,925 are other Hispanic or Latinos. Hispanics may be of any race, included in applicable race categories.

Total NHPI are 931 (Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander), out of these 246 are Native Hawaiian, 160 are Guamanian or Chamorro, 180 are Samoan, 345 are Other Pacific Islander. American Indian and Alaska Native are 9,385, 710 are Cherokee tribals, 40 Sioux, 46 are CNavajo tribal groups and 155 are Chippewa tribals. 931 are NHPI, 236 are Native Hawaiians, 160 are Guamanian/Chamorro and 180 are Samoans.

Total Population3,594,478Percent
Black or African American376,24010.47%
American Indian and Alaska Native9,3850.261%
Cherokee tribal grouping7100.020%
Chippewa tribal grouping1550.004%
Navajo tribal grouping460.001%
Sioux tribal grouping400.001%
Asian Population156,4504.35%
Asian Indian57,5711.60%
Other Asian Population24,488
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander9310.03%
Native Hawaiian2460.007%
Guamanian or Chamorro1600.004%
Other Pacific Islander345
Some other race183,754
Hispanic or Latino551,91615.35%
Puerto Rican286,7517.98%
Other Hispanic or Latino194,925

Source: US Census 2017(Table B03002)

Top Cities of Connecticut

2New Haven130,418
8New Britain72,453
11West Haven54,879
12Milford (balance)53,120

Population Pyramid

Source: 2021 US Census Estimates: Population In Five Year Age-Group

Connecticut Population by Age

According to 2019 US population estimates, population of Connecticut by age is 3,594,478, out of these 1,754,046 are male, 1,840,432 are female, The sex ratio of Connecticut is 953. The Connecticut population by age are, under 15 years is 618,555, 15 years and over is 2,975,923, 30 years and over is 2,259,847, 65 years and over is 575,757 and 85 years and over is 90,109. 48.80 percent are male, 51.20 percent are female, 17.21 percent are under 15 years old, 82.79 percent are 15 years and over, 62.87 percent are 30 years and over, 16.02 percent are 65 years and over, 2.51 percent are 85 years and over.

Languages spoken in CT

English is the Official language in Connecticut state, As on 2017 estimated census, Language spoken at home are 77.93% speak English, followed by 11.69 are Spanish, 7% are European languages, 2.39 are Asian languages.
Total Asian language speakers are 81,587, out of these Asian Indian languages include 13012 speak Hindi, 7518 Gujarati, 6513 Urdu, 1454 Punjabi, 5201 Bengali, 4899 Nepali/Marathi, 6099 Telugu, 5723 Tamil and 2671 Malayalam/Kannada, or other Dravidian languages.
People from Mid and East Asian languages include 29471 speak Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese, 6709 Korean, 3680 Japanese, 84 Hmong, 7630 Vietnamese, 2425 Khmer, 3237 Thai/Lao/Tai-Kadai languages and 8724 Tagalog.
Austronesian people include, 849 speak Ilocano, Samoan, Hawaiian, or other Austronesian language, 11374 Arabic, 2543 Hebrew and 1869 speak Persian includes Farsi, Dari.
People from Africa region, 1303 speak Amharic, Somali, or other Afro-Asiatic languages, 6858 Yoruba, Twi, Igbo, or other languages of Western Africa, 1795 Swahili or other languages of Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa.
European language speakers at home include 29979 speak Italian, 24115 French includes Cajun, 9649 German, 35769 Portuguese, 2058 speak Yiddish, Pennsylvania Dutch or other West Germanic languages. 8475 German, 9623 Russian, 33862 Polish, 4920 Serbo-Croatian, 5706 Ukranian/Slavic language and 635 Armenian.
Speak only English2,656,08177.93
Spanish Language398,29711.69
European Language239,0287.01
Asian Languages81,5872.39
Other Languages33,2970.98
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1601)

Connecticut Education

CT state education levels of High school and College stats as per table below:

Population 18 to 24 years351,449181,389170,060
Less than high school graduate38,82924,33914,490
High school graduate (includes equivalency)99,88358,10841,775
Some college or associates degree160,43675,34085,096
Bachelors degree or higher52,30123,60228,699
Population 25 years and over2,480,2971,182,1291,298,168
Less than 9th grade104,62352,01652,607
9th to 12th grade, no diploma137,87769,86568,012
High school graduate (includes equivalency)673,582335,452338,130
Some college, no degree422,535197,899224,636
Associates degree188,48175,160113,321
Bachelors degree532,055254,201277,854
Graduate or professional degree421,144197,536223,608
High school graduate or higher1,691,422805,005886,417
Bachelors degree or higher772,904369,403403,501
Black or African237,734108,775128,959
High school graduate or higher204,43691,975112,461
Bachelors degree or higher49,91120,61529,296
American Indian or Alaska Native alone5,9713,1582,813
High school graduate or higher4,7162,3452,371
Bachelors degree or higher909479430
High school graduate or higher95,42645,76449,662
Bachelors degree or higher68,97534,57734,398
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander589219370
High school graduate or higher539202337
Bachelors degree or higher1577582
Hispanic or Latino Origin310,064151,380158,684
High school graduate or higher220,840104,996115,844
Bachelors degree or higher51,32722,38928,938
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1501)


Connecticut state disability population as per table below:

Total civilian non-institutionalized population389,368
Black or African American40,146
American Indian and Alaska Native alone1,737
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander146
Some other race18,982
With a hearing difficulty107,942
With a vision difficulty62,666
With a cognitive difficulty148,035
With an ambulatory difficulty192,996
With a self-care difficulty78,060
With an independent living difficulty140,582

Counties of Connecticut

There are eight counties in the U.S. state of Connecticut state, Fairfield is the populous County with 943,823 inhabitants, followed by Hartford County with 892,697, New Haven County with 857,620 and New London County with 266,784.

CountyPopulation 2017Population 2018% ChangeRank 2017Rank 2018
Fairfield County943,457943,823011
Hartford County892,931892,697022
Litchfield County181,710181,111-0.355
Middlesex County162,855162,682-0.166
New Haven County857,794857,620033
New London County267,826266,784-0.444
Tolland County150,933150,921077
Windham County116,374117,0270.688


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