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New York State
New York State (U.S. state abbreviation is 'NY' or 'NYS') is the fourth populous and north-eastern state of United States. New York State population in 2024 is estimated to be 19.5 million and its fourth most populous US state. New York is losing population and is decreased by half million since the last census in 2020 due to migration to other regions in two years, out of these 180,341 people moved in 2021. The state is bordered by New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the south and Connecticut and Massachusetts and Vermont to the east, Quebec, a province of Canada to the north and Ontario (Canadian province) to the northwest. NYC is the most populous city in the New York state occupying more than 40% of the states population. The colony of New Netherland was established by the Dutch West India Company in 1624, following its capture the name was changed to New York, in honor of the Duke of York. The New York metropolitan area is one of the most populous in the world. New York State has an area of 54,555 square miles and population density of 421 people per square mile and home to Statue of Liberty. The NYS has 1,300 museums and art galleries, and around 200 theatres and many arts centres. New York cost of living is generally considered the most expensive compared to other US states of cost of living. New York state is the Agriculture land covers nearly one-third of the state's area. Dairy industry is the main source of farm income, providing more than one-half of the total. The NYS has a total of 62 counties, which are divided into 1,500 towns and villages. Many of the urban areas are incorporated to cities. Villages remain subdivision part of the town in which they are located. New York state remained one of the most populous states in the country till Texas overtook New York as the second most populous state in 2000. Until the year 1960, New York was the leading state in nearly all population, cultural, and economic activities till the California started to grow in the middle of the decade with enormous growth rate. New York's economic advantage is of transportation routes that connect urban centres within the state. New York state's economy ranks among the largest in the world and accounts for important portion of the country's GDP. This is due to the early economic policies in the 21st century, and has improved business climate, and encouraging the building of corporate facilities which lead to increasing the number of new jobs. Bovada is not legal in New York and online betting lines. Watertown, Auburn, Jamestown, Niagara Falls, Oswego City, Schenectady are the most dangerous cities in New York State.

The New York state population is around 19 million from 2010 onwards with the slitest change of -0.25% to 0.51%. As on 2018 the estimated population is 19.5 million. According to U.S. 2020 Census Results, NY State population in 2020 is 20,201,249. New York State population in 2023 is estimated to be 19.46 million, population in 2022 is estimated to be 19.67 million and in 2021 is estimated to be 19.8 million.
YearPopulation% Change
202020,201,249census updated
July 1, 2020
Source : Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2018, last census by July 1, 2020

New York Population by Race

According to 2017 estimates population of New York by race are:

White Population

White population in New York are 12,638,791, percentage wise 63.84 percent are whites. Whites, also called White Americans or European American, having origins in the original peoples of Europe (numbers include hispanic whites).

Black Population

Black population in New York are 3,100,685, percentage wise 15.66 percent are blacks. African American refers to black population in New York, They are Black racial groups of Africa, includes Sub-Saharan African people, Kenyan, Nigerian, Caribbean such as Haitian and Jamaican.

Asian Population

Asian population in New York are 1,652,846, percentage wise 8.35 percent are asians, out of these 372,309 are Asian Indians, 706,831 are Chinese, 115,857 are Filipinos, 37,834 are Japanese, 129,987 are Korean, 30,544 are Vietnamese and 259,484 are other Asian nationals.

Hispanic Population

Hispanic population in New York are 3,726,238. Percentage wise 18.82 percent are hispanics, out of these 478,850 are Mexican people, 1,112,962 are Puerto Ricans, 76,337 are Cubans, and 2,058,089 are other Hispanic or Latinos. Hispanics may be of any race, included in applicable race categories. Total NHPI are 7,937, out of these Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander are 7,937 people which includes 2303 are Native Hawaiian, 1047 are Guamanian or Chamorro, 925 are Samoan people.

Total Population19,798,228Percent
Black or African American3,100,68515.66%
American Indian and Alaska Native77,1300.390%
Cherokee tribal grouping3,7000.019%
Chippewa tribal grouping6670.003%
Navajo tribal grouping3610.002%
Sioux tribal grouping3360.002%
Asian Population1,652,8468.35%
Asian Indian372,3091.88%
Other Asian Population259,484
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander7,9370.04%
Native Hawaiian2,3030.012%
Guamanian or Chamorro1,0470.005%
Other Pacific Islander3,662
Some other race1,730,813
Hispanic or Latino3,726,23818.82%
Puerto Rican1,112,9625.62%
Other Hispanic or Latino2,058,089

Source: US Census 2017(Table B03002)

Top Cities of New York

According to latest US Census there are 795 US Cities, the popular cities of New York State are, New York city is the populous and largest urban city in the US, As per the estimates Urban Agglomeration of UN World Population Prospects, New York-Newark is the UA, with population of 19 million ranks eleventh city in the world, and top five most populous cities in the world are Tokyo, Delhi, Shanghai, São Paulo and Mexico City. Buffalo is the second populous city in New york with 256,304, followed by Rochester with 206,284 and Yonkers with 199,663. New York Zip code starts with one.

The minimum age for learner's permit 16 years old, to get full licenses minimum age is 17 w/classes or 18 years, and 20 years for rent a car in New York. The highest cigarette tax in the US is levied by the New York State at $5.35 per pack.

1New York City8,398,748
7New Rochelle78,742
8Mount Vernon67,593
11White Plains58,111
12Hempstead village55,255
14Niagara Falls48,144

Population Pyramid

The New York state population pyramid is a graphical representation of the age and sex of a population, pyramid with the wide base suggests growing population, with a narrow base indicates declining birth rates.

Source: 2021 US Census Estimates: Population In Five Year Age-Group

New York Population by Age

According to 2019 US population estimates, population of New York by age is 19,798,228, out of these 9,604,111 are male, 10,194,117 are female, The sex ratio of New York is 942. The New York population by age are, under 15 years is 3,477,367, 15 years and over is 16,320,861, 30 years and over is 12,163,641, 65 years and over is 3,008,351 and 85 years and over is 437,814. 48.51 percent are male, 51.49 percent are female, 17.56 percent are under 15 years old, 82.44 percent are 15 years and over, 61.44 percent are 30 years and over, 15.20 percent are 65 years and over, 2.21 percent are 85 years and over.

Languages spoken in NY

The New York State population has 69.41% of population speak English natively at home, followed by Spanish with 15.1%, European Language with 8.69 and 5.11% of Asian Languages. The most common non-english languages other than Spanish are Chinese(2.61%), Russian(1.2%), Italian(1.18%), French(0.75%), Korean(0.63%), Polish(0.53%) and Bengali(0.43%).
Speak only English12,924,63569.41
Spanish Language2,810,96215.10
European Language1,617,5538.69
Asian Languages951,6835.11
Other Languages316,5181.70
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1601)

New York Education

Education statistics of New York State as on 2017.

Population 18 to 24 years1,934,115974,975959,140
Less than high school graduate234,097135,83598,262
High school graduate (includes equivalency)501,982277,732224,250
Some college or associates degree894,633434,498460,135
Bachelors degree or higher303,403126,910176,493
Population 25 years and over13,660,8096,480,7537,180,056
Less than 9th grade884,080412,842471,238
9th to 12th grade, no diploma1,011,359506,670504,689
High school graduate (includes equivalency)3,591,2871,753,0961,838,191
Some college, no degree2,169,1521,065,4491,103,703
Associates degree1,184,118508,178675,940
Bachelors degree2,718,9871,303,2641,415,723
Graduate or professional degree2,101,826931,2541,170,572
High school graduate or higher7,492,1593,588,3233,903,836
Bachelors degree or higher3,344,4401,595,5041,748,936
Black or African2,040,941903,9791,136,962
High school graduate or higher1,694,562742,627951,935
Bachelors degree or higher473,464182,584290,880
American Indian or Alaska Native alone49,60324,01525,588
High school graduate or higher36,33616,93719,399
Bachelors degree or higher8,5363,6714,865
High school graduate or higher916,464436,115480,349
Bachelors degree or higher536,703254,463282,240
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander5,4742,5592,915
High school graduate or higher4,3612,0152,346
Bachelors degree or higher1,299759540
Hispanic or Latino Origin2,281,3351,100,3441,180,991
High school graduate or higher1,560,611742,479818,132
Bachelors degree or higher413,946176,286237,660
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1501)


New York State disable people stats as on 2017.

Total civilian non-institutionalized population2,232,221
Black or African American378,352
American Indian and Alaska Native alone12,692
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander808
Some other race172,994
With a hearing difficulty553,646
With a vision difficulty408,345
With a cognitive difficulty814,794
With an ambulatory difficulty1,227,598
With a self-care difficulty491,131
With an independent living difficulty845,810

Counties of New York

New York State has 62 counties, As on 2018, New York population by county, Kings County is most populated county in New York State with 2.58 million, followed by Queens County and Newyork County with 2.2 million and 1.6 million people. Suffolk County and Bronx County stands on 4th and 5th place with 1.4 million population each. New York City which occupies more than 40% of states population, With an estimated 2018 population of 8,398,748, distributed over a land area of about 302.6 square miles (784 sq km), which comprises five counties of Bronx, New York County, Queens, Kings County, and Richmond County. New York is also the most densely populated major city in the United States.

CountyPopulation 2017Population 2018% ChangeRank 2017Rank 2018
Albany County307,717307,117-0.21414
Allegany County46,68846,430-0.65252
Bronx County1,439,7251,432,132-0.555
Broome County192,959191,659-0.71919
Cattaraugus County77,24576,840-0.53535
Cayuga County77,46377,145-0.43434
Chautauqua County128,609127,939-0.52323
Chemung County84,87484,254-0.73232
Chenango County47,79047,536-0.55050
Clinton County80,56780,6950.23333
Columbia County60,40859,916-0.84242
Cortland County47,83647,82304949
Delaware County45,02044,527-1.15353
Dutchess County293,450293,7180.11515
Erie County918,794919,7190.188
Essex County37,51137,300-0.65656
Franklin County50,44450,293-0.34646
Fulton County53,77753,591-0.34545
Genesee County57,81657,511-0.54444
Greene County47,47447,49105151
Hamilton County4,4814,434-16262
Herkimer County62,20961,833-0.64040
Jefferson County113,063111,755-1.22525
Kings County2,596,3852,582,830-0.511
Lewis County26,57626,447-0.55959
Livingston County63,46163,227-0.43939
Madison County70,83170,795-0.13737
Monroe County742,436742,474099
Montgomery County49,21649,4550.54747
Nassau County1,357,6641,358,3430.166
New York County1,629,7801,628,701-0.133
Niagara County210,866210,433-0.21818
Oneida County230,127229,577-0.21617
Onondaga County461,791461,80901111
Ontario County109,609109,8640.22626
Orange County379,803381,9510.61212
Orleans County40,75940,612-0.45454
Oswego County118,426117,898-0.42424
Otsego County59,90359,749-0.34343
Putnam County98,96698,892-0.12929
Queens County2,296,8652,278,906-0.822
Rensselaer County159,261159,4420.12121
Richmond County475,516476,1790.11010
Rockland County324,839325,6950.31313
St. Lawrence County108,562108,047-0.52727
Saratoga County229,102230,1630.51716
Schenectady County154,814155,3500.32222
Schoharie County31,23631,097-0.45858
Schuyler County17,92517,912-0.16161
Seneca County34,32734,300-0.15757
Steuben County96,24995,796-0.53030
Suffolk County1,483,5711,481,093-0.244
Sullivan County75,07975,4980.63636
Tioga County48,65048,560-0.24848
Tompkins County102,678102,7930.12828
Ulster County178,723178,599-0.12020
Warren County64,42864,265-0.33838
Washington County61,48961,197-0.54141
Wayne County90,37290,064-0.33131
Westchester County969,279967,612-0.277
Wyoming County40,28340,085-0.55555
Yates County24,95224,841-0.46060

New York History

As per 1790-1900 US Historical Population of New York, 340,120 residents are recorded in the year 1790, by the span of thirty years it rose to 1.3 million 1820. By 1850 New York State population crossed 3 million and by 1900 it is 7.2 million. It doubled in 50 years and recorded residents in 1950 are 14.8 million. by the year 1970 New york state registered 18 million and then started dropping from 1970, by 1980 down by 3.7% and the population is 17.5 million with a change of half million, then the population gained slowly by the year 1990 to 17.9 and 18.9 million in 2000. New York State population is estimated 19.5 million in 2019.


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