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Michigan (U.S. state abbreviation is 'MI') is the midwestern region in the United States, borders Wisconsin to the west, United States, borders Indiana to the south, Toronto to the east, Ontario to the south. Its Area 96,716 sq miles (250,493 sq. km) and area rank is 11th biggest in US. Michigan population in 2024 is estimated to be 10.03 million and its tenth most populous state in the US. Michigan is derived from the Ojibwa Indian word michi-gama, means 'large water', It has the longest freshwater shoreline in the world and has more shoreline than any other state except Alaska, has more than 11,000 inland lakes and more than 36,000 miles of streams. From 1787 to 1800, Michigan was part of the Northwest Territory. In 1800, the Indiana Territory was created, and most of the current state Michigan lay within it. Michigan State University was founded in 1855 and one of the largest universities of United States. Michigan State Police established the first state police radio system in the world in 1929. Detroit is the largest city of Michigan state, followed by Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor, Dearbon, Livonia. By 2022 Muskegon Heights, Benton Township and Harbor, Hart and Kalamazoo are the most dangerous cities in Michigan.

Population of Michigan in 2018 is 9.9 million, the MI population change is very minimal and the state is maintaining the 9.9 million since from year 2012 and in 2019 is projected as 10.01 million people. According to U.S. 2020 Census Results, MI population in 2020 is 10,077,331. Michigan population in 2023 is estimated to be 10.01 million, population in 2022 is estimated to be 10 million, and in 2021 is estimated to be 10 million.
YearPopulation% Change
202010,077,331census updated
July 1, 2020
Source : Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2018, last census by July 1, 2020

Michigan Population by Race

According to 2017 demographics estimates population of Michigan by race are, 78% belong to White American, 13.7% Black or African American, 4.8% belongs to Hispanic or Latino, 2.9% belong to Asians.

White Population

White population in Michigan are 7,813,199, percentage wise 78.72 percent are whites. Whites, also called White Americans or European American, having origins in the original peoples of Europe (numbers include hispanic whites).

Black Population

Black population in Michigan are 1,374,515, percentage wise 13.85 percent are blacks. African American refers to black population in Michigan, They are Black racial groups of Africa, includes Sub-Saharan African people, Kenyan, Nigerian, Caribbean such as Haitian and Jamaican.

Asian Population

Asian population in Michigan are 289,082, percentage wise 2.91 percent are asians, out of these 102,735 are Asian Indians, 57,704 are Chinese, 25,459 are Filipinos, 11,937 are Japanese, 25,795 are Korean, 15,740 are Vietnamese and 49,712 are other Asian nationals.

Hispanic Population

Hispanic population in Michigan are 484,568. Percentage wise 4.88 percent are hispanics, out of these 354,272 are Mexican people, 44,898 are Puerto Ricans, 11,952 are Cubans, and 73,446 are other Hispanic or Latinos. Hispanics may be of any race, included in applicable race categories.

Total Population9,925,568Percent
Black or African American1,374,51513.85%
American Indian and Alaska Native51,8040.522%
Cherokee tribal grouping3,1750.032%
Chippewa tribal grouping21,2300.214%
Navajo tribal grouping2920.003%
Sioux tribal grouping5280.005%
Asian Population289,0822.91%
Asian Indian102,7351.04%
Other Asian Population49,712
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander2,8080.03%
Native Hawaiian1,0370.010%
Guamanian or Chamorro4310.004%
Other Pacific Islander878
Some other race115,258
Hispanic or Latino484,5684.88%
Puerto Rican44,8980.45%
Other Hispanic or Latino73,446

Source: US Census 2017(Table B03002)

Top Cities of Michigan

2Grand Rapids200,217
4Sterling Heights132,964
5Ann Arbor121,890
12Farmington Hills81,093
15Rochester Hills74,696
20Royal Oak59,461

Population Pyramid

Source: 2021 US Census Estimates: Population In Five Year Age-Group

Michigan Population by Age

According to 2019 US population estimates, population of Michigan by age is 9,925,568, out of these 4,880,579 are male, 5,044,989 are female, The sex ratio of Michigan is 967. The Michigan population by age are, under 15 years is 1,808,151, 15 years and over is 8,117,417, 30 years and over is 6,091,236, 65 years and over is 1,575,233 and 85 years and over is 206,383. 49.17 percent are male, 50.83 percent are female, 18.22 percent are under 15 years old, 81.78 percent are 15 years and over, 61.37 percent are 30 years and over, 15.87 percent are 65 years and over, 2.08 percent are 85 years and over.

Languages spoken in MI

English Language is the official language in Michigan state, Regarding the nativity/spoken languages at home are 90.6% speak English, 2.92% are Spanish, 2.81% are European.

152,551 people speak Asian Languages out of these 8,912 speak Gujarati, 14,977 speak Hindi, 13,057 speak Urdu, 6164 speak Punjabi, 18,532 speak Bengali, 12,229 speak Telugu, 8179 speak Tamil, 8,060 speak Malayalam/Kannada.

People from mid and east asia, 49,002 speak Mandarin/Cantonese, 12,252 speak Japanese, 15,732 speak Korean, 13,747 speak Vietnamese, 4,332 speak Thai/Lao/Tai-Kadai language, 15,737 speak Tagalog. People from African region speak, 6,518 speak Yoruba, Twi, Igbo, 4,450 speak Swahili. Arabic is spoken by 135,336.
Speak only English8,476,28990.62
Spanish Language273,1482.92
European Language263,1812.81
Asian Languages152,5511.63
Other Languages188,4002.01
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1601)

Michigan Education

Michigan state education statistics in 2017 on primary and higher education.

Population 18 to 24 years997,075509,325487,750
Less than high school graduate129,54677,17752,369
High school graduate (includes equivalency)288,593161,044127,549
Some college or associates degree480,248227,349252,899
Bachelors degree or higher98,68843,75554,933
Population 25 years and over6,719,9723,241,5333,478,439
Less than 9th grade204,526103,171101,355
9th to 12th grade, no diploma452,157237,008215,149
High school graduate (includes equivalency)1,966,110971,338994,772
Some college, no degree1,588,068765,797822,271
Associates degree622,070258,247363,823
Bachelors degree1,147,842548,994598,848
Graduate or professional degree739,199356,978382,221
High school graduate or higher4,888,5772,361,9822,526,595
Bachelors degree or higher1,552,548758,112794,436
Black or African855,627388,915466,712
High school graduate or higher727,321321,824405,497
Bachelors degree or higher145,22853,60591,623
American Indian or Alaska Native alone33,76816,57617,192
High school graduate or higher28,80614,04914,757
Bachelors degree or higher4,8012,2882,513
High school graduate or higher166,11281,21384,899
Bachelors degree or higher118,01261,39356,619
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander1,839880959
High school graduate or higher1,543760783
Bachelors degree or higher526309217
Hispanic or Latino Origin242,648122,862119,786
High school graduate or higher173,13085,15587,975
Bachelors degree or higher41,37819,19922,179
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1501)


Disadvantage people statistics of Michigan state as on 2017.

Total civilian non-institutionalized population1,401,476
Black or African American240,705
American Indian and Alaska Native alone10,690
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander387
Some other race11,760
With a hearing difficulty383,687
With a vision difficulty223,056
With a cognitive difficulty552,591
With an ambulatory difficulty727,840
With a self-care difficulty280,276
With an independent living difficulty507,808

Counties of Michigan

Michigan state is divided into 83 counties. Wayne County is the largest with 1.75 million, followed by Oakland County with 1.25 million, Macomb County with 874,759. The largest village in Michigan State is Caro.

CountyPopulation 2017Population 2018% ChangeRank 2017Rank 2018
Alcona County10,32310,3620.47575
Alger County9,1379,097-0.47777
Allegan County116,433117,3270.81818
Alpena County28,43828,360-0.35050
Antrim County23,26923,3650.46060
Arenac County15,03315,0410.16869
Baraga County8,4388,320-1.47878
Barry County60,62961,1570.93332
Bay County104,189103,923-0.32020
Benzie County17,60417,7530.86566
Berrien County154,362154,141-0.11515
Branch County43,42343,6220.53838
Calhoun County134,358134,4870.11717
Cass County51,45351,6530.43535
Charlevoix County26,21926,2440.15252
Cheboygan County25,39825,4130.15453
Chippewa County37,71437,517-0.54242
Clare County30,59730,7570.54848
Clinton County78,54979,33212525
Crawford County13,91713,901-0.17070
Delta County35,89635,857-0.14444
Dickinson County25,42825,383-0.25354
Eaton County109,477109,8260.31919
Emmet County33,12733,3080.54646
Genesee County407,673406,892-0.255
Gladwin County25,23725,3370.45555
Gogebic County15,33815,096-1.66768
Grand Traverse County91,79692,5730.82222
Gratiot County41,01140,599-14141
Hillsdale County45,84345,749-0.23737
Houghton County36,39736,219-0.54343
Huron County31,27131,166-0.34747
Ingham County292,327292,7350.177
Ionia County64,22964,21003030
Iosco County25,12225,081-0.25656
Iron County11,11911,11707373
Isabella County71,12570,562-0.82727
Jackson County158,690158,8230.11414
Kalamazoo County263,001264,8700.799
Kalkaska County17,59517,8241.36665
Kent County649,231653,7860.744
Keweenaw County2,1022,1130.58383
Lake County11,98411,881-0.97272
Lapeer County88,18388,028-0.22323
Leelanau County21,67621,7640.46363
Lenawee County98,48298,266-0.22121
Livingston County189,886191,2240.71110
Luce County6,3586,283-1.28181
Mackinac County10,75610,7870.37474
Macomb County871,976874,7590.333
Manistee County24,42124,5280.45858
Marquette County66,56566,516-0.12929
Mason County29,02329,1000.34949
Mecosta County43,35843,5450.43939
Menominee County23,00722,983-0.16262
Midland County83,24583,20902424
Missaukee County15,03115,1130.56967
Monroe County149,592150,4390.61616
Montcalm County63,54463,9680.73131
Montmorency County9,2299,2650.47676
Muskegon County173,656173,58801212
Newaygo County48,32548,8921.23636
Oakland County1,256,1821,259,2010.222
Oceana County26,45826,6250.65151
Ogemaw County20,94420,95206464
Ontonagon County5,8755,795-1.48282
Osceola County23,25423,3410.46161
Oscoda County8,2638,2760.27979
Otsego County24,56924,6650.45757
Ottawa County286,922290,4941.288
Presque Isle County12,77012,738-0.37171
Roscommon County23,77523,8840.55959
Saginaw County191,996190,800-0.61011
St. Clair County159,213159,3370.11313
St. Joseph County60,81961,0430.43233
Sanilac County41,21941,182-0.14040
Schoolcraft County8,0468,0680.38080
Shiawassee County68,45968,192-0.42828
Tuscola County52,79452,516-0.53434
Van Buren County75,34675,4480.12626
Washtenaw County369,208370,9630.566
Wayne County1,756,2641,753,893-0.111
Wexford County33,25633,4660.64545


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