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South Carolina (U.S. state abbreviation is 'SC') is the south eastern state of the United States, borders North Carolina to the north, Atlantic Ocean to the southeast, Georgia to the southwest. South Carolina population in 2020 is estimated to be 5.2 million, ranks 23rd populous state in US, area is 32,030 sq miles (82,931 sq km), ranks 40th largest by area. Its Capital city is Columbia and other top cities are Charleston, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant and Rock Hill. The Carolina colony was established by British and was split in 1729 into North and South Carolina, and it was named after King Charles Carolus. At the end of Pre-Columbian era there were many Native tribes, Cherokee and Catawba being the largest tribal groups. The Hunting Island was named 'Isle of Palms' and then Long Island, believed to be more than 25,000 years old, and was first inhabitants by the indigenous Seewee Indians.
South Carolina Population, gathering at Pecan Festival
Image Source: People gathering at Pecan Festival, The City of Florence, South Carolina, Nov 2018

Population of South Carolina is projected 5.1 million in 2019 with change of 1.26%, compared to 1.25% in 2018.
YearPopulation% Change
2020*5,210,2131.22 *
Source : Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2018

South Carolina Population by Race & Groups

In terms of South Carolina Population by Race, 66.1% belongs to White Americans, 26.7% are African Americans, 5.4% are Hispanic/Latino's and 1.4% are Asians, and the Total Asian population is 71,994, out of these 16893 are Asian Indians, 15,527 are Chinese, 11,652 are Filipinos, 2,091 are Japanese, 6,210 are Korean, 7,310 are Vietnamese.
14,992 belongs to Native Indians and Alaska Natives, 3,069 are Cherokee tribals, 324 are Chippewa tribals, 158 are Navajo's, 369 are Sioux tribal groups.
721 are Native Hawaiian's, 845 are Guamanian/Chamorro's, 295 are Somoan's, and 1,154 are other pacific Islanders.
Total Hispanic/Latino are 267,398 in South Carolina state, out of these 150,058 are Mexican's, 36,022 are Puerto Rican's, 7,444 are Cubans.

Total Population4,893,444Percent
Black or African American1,332,11027.22%
American Indian and Alaska Native14,9920.306%
Cherokee tribal grouping3,0690.063%
Chippewa tribal grouping3240.007%
Navajo tribal grouping1580.003%
Sioux tribal grouping3690.008%
Asian Population71,9941.47%
Asian Indian16,8930.35%
Other Asian Population12,303
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander3,0150.06%
Native Hawaiian7210.015%
Guamanian or Chamorro8450.017%
Other Pacific Islander1,154
Some other race74,328
Hispanic or Latino267,3985.46%
Puerto Rican36,0220.74%
Other Hispanic or Latino73,874

Source: US Census 2017(Table B03002)

Top Cities of South Carolina

3North Charleston113,237
4Mount Pleasant town89,338
5Rock Hill74,309
7Summerville town51,692

Population Pyramid

Source: 2017 US Census Estimates: Population In Five Year Age-Group

Languages spoken in SC

English is the official language in SC state, stats of people speak native language at home are, 93.1% speak English, 4.5% Spanish, 1.3% European languages, 0.9% Asian languges.
Out of 42,471 Asian language speakers, 3451 speak Hindi, 4358 Gujarati, 1312 Urdu, 603 Punjabi, 499 Bengali, 1191 Nepali/Marathi, 1348 speak Telugu, 1163 Tamil, 878 Malayalam/Kannada.
People from mid asia and east asia, 11735 speak Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese, 2216 Japanese, 4769 Korean, 1207 Hmong, 5509 Vietnamese, 1261 Khmer, 2135 Thai/lao, 6957 Tagalog.
1324 speak Ilocano/Samoan/Hawaiian languages, 5326 Arabic. 1862 Hebrew, 892 Persian.
People from African continent speak, 970 Amharic/Somali, 1625 Yoruba/Twi/Igbo, 935 Swahili.
People from the Europe continent speak, 10215 French, 2319 Italian, 4055 Portuguese, 11542 German, 1489 Yiddish/Pennsylvania Dutch, 2016 Greek, 5949 Russian, 1617 Polish, 892 Serbo-Croatian, 3548 Ukranian/Slavic, 28 Armenian.
Speak only English4,283,64693.05
Spanish Language205,4694.46
European Language59,8221.30
Asian Languages42,4710.92
Other Languages12,0720.26
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1601)


Below is the education stats of high scool and college:

Population 18 to 24 years476888246044230844
Less than high school graduate663653847727888
High school graduate (includes equivalency)1526018746165140
Some college or associates degree215921103022112899
Bachelors degree or higher420011708424917
Population 25 years and over332560115753121750289
Less than 9th grade1483537775170602
9th to 12th grade, no diploma299123156170142953
High school graduate (includes equivalency)978521478722499799
Some college, no degree692360316251376109
Associates degree309163126759182404
Bachelors degree571099274254296845
Graduate or professional degree326982145405181577
High school graduate or higher20269439640221062921
Bachelors degree or higher715160349086366074
Black or African846563378606467957
High school graduate or higher685503296419389084
Bachelors degree or higher1293034486684437
American Indian or Alaska Native alone1007948115268
High school graduate or higher784636724174
Bachelors degree or higher1419754665
High school graduate or higher417751892622849
Bachelors degree or higher232941149311801
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander1673819854
High school graduate or higher1512732780
Bachelors degree or higher329157172
Hispanic or Latino Origin1406257723363392
High school graduate or higher891594602443135
Bachelors degree or higher20860960411256
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1501)


Disable population of South Carolina state as per table below.

Total civilian non-institutionalized population706323
Black or African American205469
American Indian and Alaska Native alone3438
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander225
Some other race4547
With a hearing difficulty189541
With a vision difficulty142385
With a cognitive difficulty263773
With an ambulatory difficulty388007
With a self-care difficulty144215
With an independent living difficulty251491

Counties of South Carolina

South Carolina was formed with 46 states, As on 2017, Greenville is the largest County with 514,213 inhabitants, followed by Richland County with 414,576, Charleston County wuth 405,905, Horry County with 344,147 and Spartanburg is the fifth largest with County 313,888.

CountyPopulation 2017Population 2018% ChangeRank 2017Rank 2018
Abbeville County24,56024,541-0.13737
Aiken County168,256169,4010.71111
Allendale County9,0018,903-1.14646
Anderson County198,268200,4821.199
Bamberg County14,39714,275-0.84444
Barnwell County21,35621,112-1.13939
Beaufort County186,492188,7151.21010
Berkeley County214,470221,0913.188
Calhoun County14,69314,520-1.24343
Charleston County401,738405,905133
Cherokee County56,92557,0780.32424
Chester County32,28532,251-0.12929
Chesterfield County45,92045,754-0.42525
Clarendon County34,00033,700-0.92828
Colleton County37,59437,6600.22727
Darlington County67,03366,802-0.32021
Dillon County30,55130,5990.23232
Dorchester County158,881160,6471.11212
Edgefield County26,77227,05213535
Fairfield County22,61222,402-0.93838
Florence County138,513138,159-0.31313
Georgetown County61,84162,2490.72323
Greenville County506,552514,2131.511
Greenwood County70,58770,7410.21919
Hampton County19,50119,351-0.84141
Horry County332,651344,1473.544
Jasper County28,39828,97123333
Kershaw County65,09265,5920.82222
Lancaster County92,62495,38031616
Laurens County66,91566,9940.12120
Lee County17,26717,142-0.74242
Lexington County290,818295,0321.466
McCormick County9,5679,410-1.64545
Marion County31,29231,039-0.83030
Marlboro County26,70226,398-1.13636
Newberry County38,42838,5200.22626
Oconee County77,43778,3741.21818
Orangeburg County87,67386,934-0.81717
Pickens County123,687124,93711414
Richland County411,471414,5760.822
Saluda County20,42420,5440.64040
Spartanburg County306,632313,8882.455
Sumter County106,514106,51201515
Union County27,49827,410-0.33434
Williamsburg County31,18530,606-1.93131
York County266,146274,118377


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