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Most Dangerous Cities in Texas

Violent crime in the United States is most likely to be committed in urban areas, Violent crime field is made up of rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and murder. There are many of the safest cities in Texas and there are cities with violent crime rates that exceed the national average, To determine the most dangerous cities in Texas in 2022, we have reviewed the number of violent crimes reported in 2022 and 2021 per 1,000 residents, with data from the Uniform Crime Reporting Program. 2022 data.

According FBI crime statistics, The below list is the most dangerous cities in the Texas State in 2023 by Rank, crime data based on the violent crimes in 2022(Murder, Rape, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Mass shootings). The latest dangerous list of Texas State by 2023, The top 10 most dangerous cities in the Texas State are Houston, Lubbock, Beaumont, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Waco, Arlington, Killeen and Tyler.

Violent Crime RankCityPopulation (2022)Violent Crime 2021Violent Crime (till Sep 2022)Property Crime (2021)Property Crime
(till Sep 2022)
Violent Crime per 1000Property Crime per 1000 peopleTotal Crime per 1000
4San Antonio1,469,3722,3719,34913,28953,6136.3636.4942.85
5Corpus Christi321,6146861,9742,6357,5246.1423.3929.53
13Wichita Falls103,1011374007842,2583.8821.9025.78
15Fort Worth957,8031,1353,6465,78719,6183.8120.4824.29
19San Angelo100,1931052546361,9782.5419.7422.28
21El Paso681,0694061,5442,3086,8932.2710.1212.39
25Grand Prairie200,200993308612,7811.6513.8915.54
27College Station120,780451825281,7901.5114.8216.33
28New Braunfels99,812511422999601.429.6211.04
30Round Rock128,706601725152,1431.3416.6517.99
33League City115,845291013471,1340.879.7910.66
36Sugar Land109,81315783451,3860.7112.6213.33
As per FBI Crime data, Most dangerous cities in Texas State, List Updated in Jan, 2023.

Top 10 most dangerous cities in Texas by 2023

The top ten in most dangerous cities in Texas are Houston, San Antonio, Lubbock, Beaumont, Dallas, Mesquite, Austin, Corpus Christi, Waco and Pasadena. In any city Crime will not be everywhere, Crime is often concentrated in some of the neighbourhoods, we listed few cities to take extra care when choosing the city and the area.


It should come as no surprise that Houston made our list. Houston population is 2.33 million 2021, There are 6,868 violent cases in 2021 and 6,241 in 2022. It is among the most dangerous cities in Texas, In 2022, violent crimes occur at a rate of about 2.67 per 1,000 residents, and property crimes much higher at 10.71 per 1,000 residents. The five most dangerous neighbourhoods of houston are Sunnyside, MacGregor, Sharpstown, Greenspoint and Far North.

San Antonio

Violent crime in San Antonio is 2,371 cases in 2021 and 2,918 in 2022. San Antonio population 1.59 million in 2021, In 2022, Violent crime at 1.83 per 1000 persons and property crime at 10.83 per 1000 people. The five bad neighbourhoods in San Antonio are Pecan Valley, East Terrell Hills, Arena District, Villa De San Antonio and Westwood Village.


Violent crime in Lubbock is 578 cases in 2021 and 594 in 2022. Violent crime at 2.23 per 1000 persons and property crime at 9.87 per 1000 people.


Crime in Beaumont is 286 cases in 2021 and 288 in 2022. Violent crime at 2.5 per 1000 persons and property crime at 9.21 per 1000 people.


Crime in Dallas is 2,729 cases in 2021 and 2,349 in 2022. Violent crime at 1.74 per 1000 persons and property crime at 8.38 per 1000 people.


Crime in Mesquite is 157 cases in 2021 and 169 in 2022. Violent crime at 1.23 per 1000 persons and property crime at 8.59 per 1000 people.


Crime in Austin is 1,137 cases in 2021 and 1,262 in 2022. Violent crime at 1.24 per 1000 persons and property crime at 8.36 per 1000 people.

Corpus Christi

Crime in Corpus Christi is 686 cases in 2021 and 619 in 2022. Violent crime at 1.88 per 1000 persons and property crime at 7.52 per 1000 people.


Crime in Waco is 210 cases in 2021 and 206 in 2022. Violent crime at 1.44 per 1000 persons and property crime at 7.18 per 1000 people.


Crime in Pasadena is 232 cases in 2021 and 199 in 2022. Violent crime at 1.33 per 1000 persons and property crime at 7.02 per 1000 people.

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