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Georgia is a country located at the eastern end of the Black Sea on the southern flanks of the main crest of the Greater Caucasus Mountain, bounded to the north and east by Russia, to the west by the Black Sea, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan. Georgia population in 2024 is estimated to be 3.683 million, covers country area of 69,700 sq km (26,911 sq mi), ranks one-hundred-thirty-first populous country in the world. It is located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, and generally considered part of Europe continent. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi (Tiflis), and one third of the population lives in the metro region of Tbilisi. Georgia Population is in the process of decline from 1993, over the last 25 years population declined by 1.1 million. Around 89% of the population consists of ethnic Georgians, with significant populations of other ethnic groups such as Armenians, Russians, and Azerbaijanis. Georgia country code is GEO.

Below table is the population of Georgia from 1960 to 2020:

Georgia Population Growth

Georgia Population in 1960 is 3,645,600, by 1970 the population increased by 474,300 people total to 4,119,900, by 1980 the population increased to 4,467,700, and by 1990 the population increased by 1.15 million in 30 years resulting to 4,802,000, from 1990 to 2000, population declined by 724,869 resulting of 4,077,131 in 2000, From 2000 to 2010 the population decrease by 290,436 people, with change of -7.12 percent, from 2010 to 2020 the population decline of -72,695, with change of -1.92 percent. Georgia population in 2023 is estimated to be 3.688 million, population in 2022 is estimated to be 3.72 million, and in 2021 is 3.7078

Source : worldbank

Georgia Regions

According to geostat, Population by Georgia Regions as per 2021:

Georgia RegionsTotal Population 2021 (Thousands)Urban 2021Rural 2021
C. Tbilisi1,202.71,172.030.7
Abkhazia A.R.--
Adjara A.R.354.9203.5151.4
Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti28.56.721.8
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti308.4122.8185.6
Kvemo kartli437.3192.3245.0
Shida kartli254.1100.6153.4

Georgia Municipalities

According to geostat, Population of Georgia as of 1 January by cities and boroughs

Georgia Regions, MunicipalitiesTotal Population 2021 (Thousands)Urban 2021Rural 2021
C. Tbilisi Municipality1,202.71,172.030.7
Adjara A.R.354.9203.5151.4
C. Batumi Municipality172.1172.1
Keda Municipality16.71.315.4
Borough Keda1.31.3
Kobuleti Municipality71.828.643.3
C. Kobuleti17.317.3
Borough Ochkhamuri 3.73.7
Borough Chakvi7.67.6
Shuakhevi Municipality14.90.714.3
Borough Shuakhevi0.70.7
Khelvachauri Municipality52.752.7
Khulo Municipality26.60.925.7
Borough Khulo0.90.9
C. Ozurgeti*
Lanchkhuti Municipality29.96.323.6
C. Lanchkhuti6.36.3
Ozurgeti Municipality59.423.336.1
C. Ozurgeti14.314.3
Borough Laituri3.43.4
Borough Naruja1.51.5
Borough Nasakirali2.62.6
Borough Ureki1.51.5
Chokhatauri Municipality17.91.616.2
Borough Chokhatauri1.61.6
C. Kutaisi Municipality134.4134.4
Baghdati Municipality18.43.015.3
C. Baghdati3.03.0
Vani Municipality21.23.517.8
C. Vani3.53.5
Zestaponi Municipality55.122.332.9
C. Zestaponi20.620.6
Borough Shorapani1.61.6
Terjola Municipality31.44.826.6
C. Terjola4.84.8
Samtredia Municipality43.424.319.1
C. Samtredia23.123.1
Borough Kulashi1.21.2
Sachkhere Municipality34.85.729.1
C. Sachkhere5.75.7
Tqibuli Municipality17.98.99.0
C. Tqibuli8.98.9
Tsqaltubo Municipality46.89.137.7
C. Tsqaltubo9.19.1
Chiatura Municipality38.212.525.7
C. Chiatura12.512.5
Kharagauli Municipality18.61.916.7
Borough Kharagauli1.91.9
Khoni Municipality21.18.312.8
C. Khoni8.38.3
C. Telavi*
Akhmeta Municipality28.96.422.5
C. Akhmeta6.46.4
Gurjaani Municipality51.87.544.3
C. Gurjaani7.57.5
Dedoplistsqaro Municipality20.75.715.0
C. Dedoplistsqaro5.75.7
Telavi Municipality55.119.835.4
C. Telavi19.819.8
Lagodekhi Municipality41.25.735.4
C. Lagodekhi5.75.7
Sagarejo Municipality52.310.541.8
C. Sagarejo10.510.5
Sighnagi Municipality29.26.322.9
C. Sighnagi1.51.5
C. Tsnori4.84.8
Kvareli Municipality30.59.021.4
c. kvareli9.09.0
C. Mtskheta*
Dusheti Municipality26.310.216.2
C. Dusheti6.96.9
Borough Zhinvali2.22.2
Borough Pasanauri1.21.2
Tianeti Municipality10.33.46.9
Borough Tianeti3.13.1
Borough Sioni0.30.3
Mtskheta Municipality53.07.645.4
C. Mtskheta7.67.6
Kazbegi Municipality3.81.42.3
Borough Stepantsminda1.41.4
Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti28.56.721.8
C. Ambrolauri*
Ambrolauri Municipality10.42.08.4
C. Ambrolauri2.02.0
Borough Kharistvala0.00.0
Lentekhi Municipality4.01.03.0
Borough Lentekhi1.01.0
Oni Municipality5.62.63.0
C. Oni2.62.6
Tsageri Municipality8.51.27.3
C. Tsageri1.21.2
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti308.4122.8185.6
C. Zugdidi*
C. Poti41.541.5
Abasha Municipality19.64.515.0
C. Abasha4.54.5
Zugdidi Municipality99.541.558.1
C. Zugdidi41.541.5
Martvili Municipality31.54.227.3
C. Martvili4.24.2
Mestia Municipality9.41.97.6
Borough Mestia1.91.9
Senaki Municipality34.318.316.0
C. Senaki18.318.3
Chkhorotsku Municipality21.42.818.6
Borough Chkhorotsku2.82.8
Tsalenjikha Municipality23.34.618.7
C. Tsalenjikha3.23.2
C. Jvari1.41.4
Khobi Municipality27.83.624.2
C. Khobi3.63.6
C. Akhaltsikhe*
Adigeni Municipality16.11.714.4
Borough Adigeni1.01.0
Borough Abastumani0.70.7
Aspindza Municipality10.62.67.9
Borough Aspindza2.62.6
Akhalkalaki Municipality41.07.833.2
C. Akhalkalaki7.87.8
Akhaltsikhe Municipality39.522.317.2
C. Akhaltsikhe17.117.1
C. Vale5.25.2
Borjomi Municipality25.015.39.7
C. Borjomi11.111.1
Borough Akhaldaba1.81.8
Borough Bakuriani1.71.7
Borough Bakurianis Andeziti0.00.0
Boriugh Tsaghveri0.70.7
Ninotsminda Municipality18.94.514.5
C. Ninotsminda4.54.5
Kvemo Kartli437.3192.3245.0
C. Rustavi Municipality130.1130.1
Bolnisi Municipality56.014.541.6
C. Bolnisi8.38.3
Borough Tamarisi0.70.7
Borough Kazreti5.55.5
Gardabani Municipality80.311.768.7
C. Gardabani11.711.7
Dmanisi Municipality20.92.918.0
C. Dmanisi2.92.9
Tetritsqaro Municipality22.55.716.8
C. Tetritsqaro4.04.0
Borough Manglisi1.71.7
Marneuli Municipality107.823.684.2
C. Marneuli23.623.6
Tsalka Municipality19.74.015.7
C. Tsalka3.13.1
Borough Bediani0.10.1
Borough Khramhesi0.10.1
Borough Trialeti0.60.6
Shida Kartli254.1100.6153.4
C. Gori*
Gori Municipality120.645.475.2
C. Gori45.445.4
Kaspi Municipality41.812.928.9
C. Kaspi12.912.9
Kareli Municipality40.79.930.8
C. Kareli6.96.9
Borough Agara2.92.9
Khashuri Municipality51.032.518.6
C. Khashuri24.924.9
Borough Surami7.57.5

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