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North Korea is a country in East Asia, borders China and Russia to the north, South Korea to the south, Yellow Sea to the west and Sea of Japan to the east. Korean Peninsula was under the Japanese rule till the end of the second world war, Korea was divided into two zones with the north controlled by Soviet Union and south controlled by United States and by 1948 separate governments formed marking independence from Japan, the socialist DPRK in the north, and the capitalist Republic of Korea in the south. North Korea population in 2024 is estimated to be 26.3 million, covers country area of 120,540 sq km (46,540 sq mi), ranks ninety-seventh country by area and the fifty-fifth most populous country in the world. Its capital and largest city is Pyongyang and other popular cities are Hamhung, Chongjin, Nampo, Wonsan, Sinuiju, Tanchon, Kaechon, Kaesong and Sariwon. Country code is PRK, Life expectancy of North Korea is 69.29 years for male and 75.69 years for female.

Below table is the population of North Korea from 1960 to 2020:

Population Growth

North Korea population in 1960 is 11,424,189, by 1970 the population is increased by 2,986,202 totaling to 14,410,391, by 1980 the population is increased to 17,472,144, and by 1990 the total increase of 20,293,057 in 30 years from 1960 to 1990 resulting to 20,293,057. From 1990 to 2000, population increased by 2,636,021 to 22,929,078, and from 2000 to 2010 the population of North Korea increase by 1,619,762 with a change of 7.06 percent and increase of population from 2010 to 2020 by 1,229,975 with a change of 5.01 percent and make up to 25,778,815. North Korea population in 2023 is estimated to be 26.2 million, population in 2022 is estimated to be 26 million, Population of North Korea in 2021 is estimated as 25.8 million.

Source : worldbank

North Korea Population by Province

North Korea is divided into nine provinces, Chagang, North Hamgyong, South Hamgyong, North Hwanghae, South Hwanghae, Kangwon, North Pyongan, South Pyongan, and Ryanggang.

ProvincesChosŏn'gŭlCapitalRegionPopulation (2008)Area (sq km)
North Hamgyong함경북도ChongjinKwanbuk2,327,36215,980
South Hamgyong함경남도HamhungKwannam3,066,01318,534
North Hwanghae황해북도SariwonHaeso2,113,6728,153.7
South Hwanghae황해남도HaejuHaeso2,310,4858,450.3
North Pyongan평안북도SinuijuKwanso2,728,66212,680.3
South Pyongan평안남도PyongsongKwanso4,051,69611,890.6

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