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Illinois State (U.S. state abbreviation is 'IL') is the midwestern state of United States bordering Iowa, Missouri in the west, Indiana in the east, Wisconsin to the north. Illinois population in 2024 is estimated to be 12.47 million, It is the sixth largest as per US States by population, and largest population city is Chicago located in the northeast. Illinois is losing population and is decreased by 78,513 people since from the last census of 2020. Its area is 57,914 sq miles (149,997 sq km) and the Illinois State is named after one tribe, the Illiniwek. Millenium Park, Willis Tower, Navy Pier and Cloud Gate are the popular visiting places in Illinois state. Chicago, Aurora, Joliet, Naperville, Elgin, Springfield, Peoria, Waukegan, Champaign, Rockford, Hinsdale are the biggest cities and Rockford is listed in most dangerous cities in Illinois.

Illinois Population is declining, while the residents in 2018 is 12.74 million compares to 2010 is 12.84 million, decreased by 100K population in ten years, the population started decreasing gradually from the year 2014 at a change of -0.07 to -0.35. Illinois state is the second highest state with 45,116 lost population after New York 48,510 from july 2017 to july 2018. As per the Chicagotribune Article, Sep 2019, In 2018, the state had an estimated net migration loss of 6.5 people for every 1,000 residents, as per census data. Illinois population is fleeing, Five years earlier, the net loss was about 3 people per 1,000 residents. 14 counties are registered with greater than -1.0 change compared to 2017, while 68 counties registered loss between -0.1 to -0.9. Cook County registered a population loss of 24,009 between 2018 and 2017 with change of -0.5. According to U.S. 2020 Census Results, IL population in 2020 is 12,812,508. Illinois population in 2023 is estimated to be 12.47 million, population in 2022 is estimated to be 12.58 million, and in 2021 is estimated to be 12.67 million.
YearPopulation% Change
202012,812,508census updated
July 1, 2020
Source : Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2018, last census by July 1, 2020

Illinois Population by Race

According to 2017 demographics estimates population of Illinois by race are, Illinois State has 66.3% are White Americans, 13.2% are Black or African Americans, 15.5% are Hispanic or Latino and 4.8% are Asian people.

White Population

White population in Illinois are 9,236,701, percentage wise 71.86 percent are whites. Whites, also called White Americans or European American, having origins in the original peoples of Europe (numbers include hispanic whites).

Black Population

Black population in Illinois are 1,833,501, percentage wise 14.26 percent are blacks. African American refers to black population in Illinois, They are Black racial groups of Africa, includes Sub-Saharan African people, Kenyan, Nigerian, Caribbean such as Haitian and Jamaican.

Asian Population

Asian population in Illinois are 671,811, percentage wise 5.23 percent are asians, out of these 231,720 are Asian Indians, 128,793 are Chinese, 122,010 are Filipinos, 17,994 are Japanese, 59,372 are Korean, 27,506 are Vietnamese and 84,416 are other Asian nationals.

Hispanic Population

Hispanic population in Illinois are 2,162,070. Percentage wise 16.82 percent are hispanics, out of these 1,711,843 are Mexican people, 201,841 are Puerto Ricans, 26,078 are Cubans, and 222,308 are other Hispanic or Latinos. Hispanics may be of any race, included in applicable race categories.

Total Population12,854,526Percent
Black or African American1,833,50114.26%
American Indian and Alaska Native29,6960.231%
Cherokee tribal grouping3,2090.025%
Chippewa tribal grouping1,5160.012%
Navajo tribal grouping2890.002%
Sioux tribal grouping7660.006%
Asian Population671,8115.23%
Asian Indian231,7201.80%
Other Asian Population84,416
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander4,2750.03%
Native Hawaiian1,4880.012%
Guamanian or Chamorro1,2250.010%
Other Pacific Islander964
Some other race767,145
Hispanic or Latino2,162,07016.82%
Puerto Rican201,8411.57%
Other Hispanic or Latino222,308

Source: US Census 2017(Table B03002)

Top Cities of Illinois

2Aurora, Illinois199,602
11Cicero town81,597
13Arlington Heights village75,249
14Bolingbrook village75,178
16Schaumburg village73,509
18Palatine village68,053
19Skokie village63,280
20Des Plaines58,959

Population Pyramid

Source: 2021 US Census Estimates: Population In Five Year Age-Group

Illinois Population by Age

According to 2019 US population estimates, population of Illinois by age is 12,854,526, out of these 6,312,600 are male, 6,541,926 are female, The sex ratio of Illinois is 965. The Illinois population by age are, under 15 years is 2,444,102, 15 years and over is 10,410,424, 30 years and over is 7,770,983, 65 years and over is 1,847,932 and 85 years and over is 252,877. 49.11 percent are male, 50.89 percent are female, 19.01 percent are under 15 years old, 80.99 percent are 15 years and over, 60.45 percent are 30 years and over, 14.38 percent are 65 years and over, 1.97 percent are 85 years and over.

Languages spoken in IL

Illinois official language is English, Natively 77.16% speak english at home compared to 13.33% of Spanish, 5.33 of european language and 2.91% of Asian languages.
Speak only English9,312,73577.16
Spanish Language1,608,65413.33
European Language667,3505.53
Asian Languages351,5282.91
Other Languages128,6991.07
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1601)

Illinois Education

Illinois state Education levels table statistics in 2017.

Population 18 to 24 years1,229,450627,160602,290
Less than high school graduate155,83191,62564,206
High school graduate (includes equivalency)347,685193,912153,773
Some college or associates degree565,538271,150294,388
Bachelors degree or higher160,39670,47389,923
Population 25 years and over8,666,0794,175,8574,490,222
Less than 9th grade446,625220,564226,061
9th to 12th grade, no diploma544,799284,694260,105
High school graduate (includes equivalency)2,281,5241,125,4701,156,054
Some college, no degree1,812,247868,860943,387
Associates degree682,300298,093384,207
Bachelors degree1,776,326848,826927,500
Graduate or professional degree1,122,258529,350592,908
High school graduate or higher5,399,1642,599,9572,799,207
Bachelors degree or higher2,154,4691,047,3831,107,086
Black or African1,153,163517,367635,796
High school graduate or higher988,713433,621555,092
Bachelors degree or higher240,18890,220149,968
American Indian or Alaska Native alone20,18310,3489,835
High school graduate or higher15,5707,8177,753
Bachelors degree or higher3,9072,0491,858
High school graduate or higher426,592205,667220,925
Bachelors degree or higher300,448147,028153,420
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander2,8471,5751,272
High school graduate or higher2,4761,3801,096
Bachelors degree or higher746325421
Hispanic or Latino Origin1,186,705610,327576,378
High school graduate or higher771,320388,678382,642
Bachelors degree or higher165,48575,18390,302
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1501)


Physical and Mentally disadvantage people statistics as on 2017.

Total civilian non-institutionalized population1,388,827
Black or African American243,948
American Indian and Alaska Native alone4,391
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander320
Some other race43,442
With a hearing difficulty374,983
With a vision difficulty254,282
With a cognitive difficulty478,952
With an ambulatory difficulty751,865
With a self-care difficulty282,625
With an independent living difficulty516,208

Counties of Illinois

Illinois State has a total of 102 counties. Cook County is the most populous county with more than 5 million population, followed by DuPage County with 928,589, Lake County with 700,832 as on 2018.

CountyPopulation 2017Population 2018% ChangeRank 2017Rank 2018
Adams County66,09465,691-0.62323
Alexander County6,3026,060-3.89494
Bond County16,63516,63006464
Boone County53,51253,5770.12626
Brown County6,6116,556-0.89292
Bureau County33,16832,993-0.54545
Calhoun County4,8414,802-0.8100100
Carroll County14,48114,312-1.27474
Cass County12,46112,260-1.68284
Champaign County210,104209,983-0.11010
Christian County33,01132,661-1.14646
Clark County15,80915,596-1.37072
Clay County13,27213,253-0.18080
Clinton County37,60737,6390.13837
Coles County51,34850,885-0.92729
Cook County5,204,5025,180,493-0.511
Crawford County18,95518,807-0.85959
Cumberland County10,86410,808-0.58787
DeKalb County104,151104,14302020
De Witt County15,90915,769-0.96867
Douglas County19,63919,479-0.85858
DuPage County930,662928,589-0.222
Edgar County17,41117,360-0.36161
Edwards County6,4716,392-1.29393
Effingham County34,14734,2080.24443
Fayette County21,53521,416-0.65655
Ford County13,31713,264-0.47979
Franklin County39,00438,701-0.83434
Fulton County35,09534,844-0.74040
Gallatin County5,0695,058-0.29898
Greene County13,16813,044-0.98181
Grundy County50,61350,9720.73027
Hamilton County8,1958,163-0.48989
Hancock County17,97317,844-0.76060
Hardin County3,9353,910-0.6102102
Henderson County6,8196,709-1.69191
Henry County49,24649,090-0.33131
Iroquois County27,83027,604-0.85151
Jackson County57,95857,419-0.92424
Jasper County9,5409,6110.78888
Jefferson County38,11137,820-0.83636
Jersey County21,90121,847-0.25353
Jo Daviess County21,54921,366-0.85556
Johnson County12,42512,4560.28382
Kane County533,156534,2160.255
Kankakee County110,544110,024-0.51717
Kendall County126,272127,9151.31616
Knox County50,62850,112-12930
Lake County703,006700,832-0.333
LaSalle County109,681109,430-0.21818
Lawrence County16,00015,765-1.56768
Lee County34,51134,223-0.84142
Livingston County36,11535,761-13939
Logan County29,01528,925-0.34949
McDonough County30,32329,955-1.24848
McHenry County308,013308,5700.266
McLean County172,845172,82801313
Macon County105,533104,712-0.81919
Macoupin County45,51545,313-0.43232
Madison County265,471264,461-0.488
Marion County37,82137,620-0.53738
Marshall County11,68511,534-1.38586
Mason County13,68813,565-0.97878
Massac County14,31214,080-1.67575
Menard County12,28612,28808483
Mercer County15,62315,601-0.17271
Monroe County34,15934,3350.54341
Montgomery County28,75528,601-0.55050
Morgan County34,19933,976-0.74244
Moultrie County14,70314,7170.17373
Ogle County51,03250,923-0.22828
Peoria County182,578180,621-1.11212
Perry County21,29721,174-0.65757
Piatt County16,45616,396-0.46565
Pike County15,67215,611-0.47170
Pope County4,1944,2120.4101101
Pulaski County5,5415,463-1.49696
Putnam County5,7185,7400.49595
Randolph County32,26432,106-0.54747
Richland County15,84815,763-0.56969
Rock Island County144,293143,477-0.61414
St. Clair County262,426261,059-0.599
Saline County24,03523,906-0.55252
Sangamon County196,889195,348-0.81111
Schuyler County6,9766,907-19090
Scott County4,9784,926-19999
Shelby County21,75221,741-0.15454
Stark County5,4575,427-0.59797
Stephenson County44,98144,753-0.53333
Tazewell County133,391132,328-0.81515
Union County16,98516,841-0.86363
Vermilion County77,77676,806-1.22121
Wabash County11,55011,54908685
Warren County17,17017,032-0.86262
Washington County13,95113,9950.37676
Wayne County16,44216,332-0.76666
White County13,92513,665-1.97777
Whiteside County55,94755,626-0.62525
Will County691,017692,3100.244
Williamson County67,10767,056-0.12222
Winnebago County284,740284,081-0.277
Woodford County38,69938,463-0.63535


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