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Montana Population

Montana (abbreviation is 'MO') is the state in the northwest of the United States, borders Wyoming to the south, a href="">North Dakota and a href="">South Dakota to the east, a href="">Idaho to the west, Alberta (Canadian province) and Saskatchewan to the north. Montana population in 2021 is expected to be 1.09 million and 43rd populous state and eighth least populous in the US. Its area is 147,040 square miles (380,800 sq km), fourth largest by area rank. Montana capital is Helena and Billings is the largest and most populous city. Montana is the largest landlocked state in the US. The name Montana has a Spanish origin and often called Big Sky and The Treasure State.

According to U.S. 2020 Census Results,MO population in 2020 is 1,084,225.
YearPopulation% Change
20201,084,225Census Population
by APRIL 1, 2020
Source : Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2018

Montana Population by Race

In terms of Montana population race, 89% are White Americans, followed by 6.5% are American Indian and Alaska Natives, 0.43% are Black Americans. 7,448 people around 0.72% are Asians, of these 319 are Indians from South Asia, 1,611 are Filipinos, 1,775 are Chinese, 872 are Japanese, 1,310 are Korean and 389 are Vietnamese nationals. American Natives are 512 are Navajo tribals, 5066 are Sioux tribals, 3,37 are Chippewa tribals and 567 are Cherokee tribal groups, 268 are Native Hawaiians, 74 are Guamanian/Chamorro and 116 are Samoans. 36,626 are Hispanic/Latino race which constitute 3.56%, of these 26,230 are Mexicans, 2,387 are Puerto Ricans and 827 are Cubans.

Total Population1,029,862Percent
Black or African American4,4380.43%
American Indian and Alaska Native66,8656.493%
Cherokee tribal grouping5670.055%
Chippewa tribal grouping3,0370.295%
Navajo tribal grouping5120.050%
Sioux tribal grouping5,0660.492%
Asian Population7,4480.72%
Asian Indian3190.03%
Other Asian Population1,172
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander5710.06%
Native Hawaiian2680.026%
Guamanian or Chamorro740.007%
Other Pacific Islander113
Some other race5,492
Hispanic or Latino36,6263.56%
Puerto Rican2,3870.23%
Other Hispanic or Latino7,182

Source: US Census 2017(Table B03002)

Top Cities of Montana

The top populated cities of Montana are Billings, Missoula and Great Falls.

3Great Falls58,701

Population Pyramid

Montana population pyramid chart according to 2017 census estimates.

Source: 2017 US Census Estimates: Population In Five Year Age-Group

Languages spoken in MT

Speak only English930,79796.09
Spanish Language13,5511.40
European Language12,0941.25
Asian Languages4,2910.44
Other Languages7,9110.82
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1601)

Montana Education

Below are the Montana Education level stats of High school and University students.

Population 18 to 24 years99,78552,29147,494
Less than high school graduate13,3567,6885,668
High school graduate (includes equivalency)34,31119,51614,795
Some college or associates degree44,69922,24822,451
Bachelors degree or higher7,4192,8394,580
Population 25 years and over703,919349,271354,648
Less than 9th grade14,5268,0916,435
9th to 12th grade, no diploma34,91818,26716,651
High school graduate (includes equivalency)206,323107,28599,038
Some college, no degree170,12683,55486,572
Associates degree61,71828,17833,540
Bachelors degree145,08968,84276,247
Graduate or professional degree71,21935,05436,165
High school graduate or higher593,295293,631299,664
Bachelors degree or higher202,86898,426104,442
Black or African2,6441,803841
High school graduate or higher2,3091,583726
Bachelors degree or higher635405230
American Indian or Alaska Native alone35,93917,47918,460
High school graduate or higher30,32314,52315,800
Bachelors degree or higher4,6931,9112,782
High school graduate or higher4,3321,4092,923
Bachelors degree or higher2,2477801,467
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander382204178
High school graduate or higher291162129
Bachelors degree or higher352015
Hispanic or Latino Origin17,6528,9198,733
High school graduate or higher14,5527,0687,484
Bachelors degree or higher3,3161,3221,994
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1501)


Total civilian non-institutionalized population138,205
Black or African American306
American Indian and Alaska Native alone8,553
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander39
Some other race712
With a hearing difficulty49,510
With a vision difficulty21,844
With a cognitive difficulty47,715
With an ambulatory difficulty66,524
With a self-care difficulty22,363
With an independent living difficulty41,631

Counties of Montana

CountyPopulation 2017Population 2018% ChangeRank 2017Rank 2018
Beaverhead County9,4539,404-0.52223
Big Horn County13,44413,338-0.81414
Blaine County6,7446,8070.93030
Broadwater County5,9336,0852.63332
Carbon County10,69110,7140.22121
Carter County1,2231,2381.25151
Cascade County81,60481,643055
Chouteau County5,7525,745-0.13434
Custer County11,72511,586-1.21617
Daniels County1,7391,7470.54847
Dawson County8,9458,680-32627
Deer Lodge County9,0939,1310.42524
Fallon County3,0082,920-2.94242
Fergus County11,28311,113-1.51818
Flathead County100,092102,106244
Gallatin County108,656111,876333
Garfield County1,2881,268-1.65050
Glacier County13,67513,7470.51313
Golden Valley County8208260.75454
Granite County3,3583,3780.64141
Hill County16,46316,347-0.71112
Jefferson County11,93712,0971.31515
Judith Basin County1,9491,9520.24545
Lake County30,24430,250099
Lewis and Clark County67,84968,7001.366
Liberty County2,4162,4300.64343
Lincoln County19,50819,7941.51010
McCone County1,7051,675-1.84949
Madison County8,3888,7684.52726
Meagher County1,8561,8660.54646
Mineral County4,2454,3161.73737
Missoula County117,863118,7910.822
Musselshell County4,6454,6510.13636
Park County16,43816,7361.81211
Petroleum County5115130.45656
Phillips County4,1184,074-1.13838
Pondera County5,9805,972-0.13233
Powder River County1,7441,716-1.64748
Powell County6,8086,9682.42929
Prairie County1,1121,087-2.25252
Ravalli County42,54843,1721.577
Richland County11,04110,913-1.22020
Roosevelt County11,16011,059-0.91919
Rosebud County9,2599,063-2.12425
Sanders County11,69211,8441.31716
Sheridan County3,5013,424-2.24040
Silver Bow County34,91534,9930.288
Stillwater County9,4529,5340.92322
Sweet Grass County3,6833,7100.73939
Teton County6,1146,1620.83131
Toole County4,8814,853-0.63535
Treasure County6766790.45555
Valley County7,4337,4370.12828
Wheatland County2,1842,2362.44444
Wibaux County1,0171,0341.75353
Yellowstone County159,229160,1370.611


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