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Maryland (U.S. state abbreviation is 'MD') is a state in the mid-atlantic region of United States, borders Pennsylvania to the north, New Jersey and Delaware to the east, Virginia to the west and south. Maryland population in 2024 is estimated to be 6.12 million, ranks 19th populous state in the United States. Maryland population decreased by 12,553 people since from the last census of 2020. Its area is 12,407 sq miles (32,133 sq km), ranks 42nd largest in US. Annapolis is the capital city and top cities of Maryland are Baltimore, Frederick, Rockville, Gaithersburg and Bowie. The state of Maryland was formed on 1788, was named after Queen Henrietta Maria, wife of England King Charles I. Popular singers from the state are Toni Braxton, Julienne Irwin and Scott Weinrich. The Maryland State House in Annapolis is the oldest state capitol, once served administrative capital of United States. Bovada is not legal in Maryland and other online betting lines. Ocean City, Cambridge , Elkton, Baltimore and Salisbury are the most dangerous cities in Maryland.

The projected population of Maryland 6 million in 2019 with the change of 0.33%, compared to 0.30% in 2018. According to U.S. 2020 Census Results, MD population in 2020 is 6,177,224. Maryland population in 2023 is estimated to be 6.16 million, population in 2022 is estimated to be 6.16 million, and in 2021 is estimated to be 6.2 million.
YearPopulation% Change
20206,177,224census updated
July 1, 2020
Source : Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2018, last census by July 1, 2020

Maryland Population by Race

According to 2017 demographics estimates population of Maryland by race are, In terms of Maryland inhabitants by race and groups are, 56.62% belong to White Americans, 29.72% are Black/African Americans, 9.5% are Hispanic/Latino and 6.2% are Asians.

White Population

White population in Maryland are 3,395,212, percentage wise 56.62 percent are whites. Whites, also called White Americans or European American, having origins in the original peoples of Europe (numbers include hispanic whites).

Black Population

Black population in Maryland are 1,782,256, percentage wise 29.72 percent are blacks. African American refers to black population in Maryland, They are Black racial groups of Africa, includes Sub-Saharan African people, Kenyan, Nigerian, Caribbean such as Haitian and Jamaican.

Asian Population

Asian population in Maryland are 373,065, percentage wise 6.22 percent are asians, out of these 94,054 are Asian Indians, 83,801 are Chinese, 49,379 are Filipinos, 7,572 are Japanese, 50,218 are Korean, 25,926 are Vietnamese and 62,115 are other Asian nationals.

Hispanic Population

Hispanic population in Maryland are 573,303. Percentage wise 9.56 percent are hispanics, out of these 95,933 are Mexican people, 50,964 are Puerto Ricans, 13,662 are Cubans, and 412,744 are other Hispanic or Latinos. Hispanics may be of any race, included in applicable race categories.

Natives or American Indians are 16,281, Sioux tribals are 239, Navajo 308, Chippewa tribals are 260 and Cherokee tribals are 1,843. People from Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders are 2,830, out of these 733 are Native Hawaiians, 349 are Samoans, 782 are Guamanian/Chamorros.

Total Population5,996,079Percent
Black or African American1,782,25629.72%
American Indian and Alaska Native16,2810.272%
Cherokee tribal grouping1,8430.031%
Chippewa tribal grouping2600.004%
Navajo tribal grouping3080.005%
Sioux tribal grouping2390.004%
Asian Population373,0656.22%
Asian Indian94,0541.57%
Other Asian Population62,115
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander2,8300.05%
Native Hawaiian7330.012%
Guamanian or Chamorro7820.013%
Other Pacific Islander966
Some other race236,834
Hispanic or Latino573,3039.56%
Puerto Rican50,9640.85%
Other Hispanic or Latino412,744

Source: US Census 2017(Table B03002)

Top Cities of Maryland


Population Pyramid

Source: 2021 US Census Estimates: Population In Five Year Age-Group

Maryland Population by Age

According to 2019 US population estimates, The sex ratio of Maryland is 941, Population of Maryland by age is 5,996,079, out of these 2,906,277 are male, 3,089,802 are female. The Maryland population by age are, under 15 years is 1,116,850, 15 years and over is 4,879,229, 30 years and over is 3,678,266, 65 years and over is 849,185 and 85 years and over is 108,490. 48.47 percent are male, 51.53 percent are female, 18.63 percent are under 15 years old, 81.37 percent are 15 years and over, 61.34 percent are 30 years and over, 14.16 percent are 65 years and over, 1.81 percent are 85 years and over.

Languages spoken in MD

The Official language of MD state is English. By native 82% speak English, 7.8% Spanish, 4.4% European language, 3.8% speak Asian languages.
European language speakers, 50331 French, 8650 Italian, 11325 Portuguese, 16126 German, 3988 Yiddish/Pennsylvania Dutch, 9792 Greek, 21676 Russian, 4326 Polish, 2077 Serbo-Croatian, 4568 Ukranian, 1709 Armenian.
Over the Asian language speakers, 19405 Hindi, 10810 Gujarati, 20664 Urdu, 6642 Punjabi, 7867 Bengali, 12,850 Nepali/Marathi, 8251 Telugu, 7150 Tamil, 5200 Malayalam/Kannada.
People from Mid and East Asia speak, 68633 Chinese Manadarin/Cantonese, 39347 Korean, 6198 Japanese, 21276 Vietnamese, 99 Hmong, 2234 Khmer, 4887 Thai/Lao/Tai-Kadai, 33226 Tagalog.
4563 Ilocano/Samoan/Hawaiian, Middle east region, 18125 are Arabic, 6667 are Hebrew.
In terms of African language speakers, 26598 Amharic/Somali, 47120 Yoruba/Twi/Igbo, 9742 Swahili.
Speak only English4,613,25281.95
Spanish Language436,9107.76
European Language248,7514.42
Asian Languages211,1323.75
Other Languages119,2842.12
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1601)

Maryland Education

Maryland state high school and degree education statistics are as per table below:

Population 18 to 24 years553,039282,217270,822
Less than high school graduate62,57936,54226,037
High school graduate (includes equivalency)163,51993,28270,237
Some college or associates degree253,123121,747131,376
Bachelors degree or higher73,81830,64643,172
Population 25 years and over4,095,4271,936,6202,158,807
Less than 9th grade166,51585,68480,831
9th to 12th grade, no diploma251,201129,603121,598
High school graduate (includes equivalency)1,027,608506,737520,871
Some college, no degree786,290363,333422,957
Associates degree266,816107,039159,777
Bachelors degree860,298397,918462,380
Graduate or professional degree736,699346,306390,393
High school graduate or higher2,114,3781,012,8411,101,537
Bachelors degree or higher995,591482,643512,948
Black or African1,174,252524,648649,604
High school graduate or higher1,053,266463,651589,615
Bachelors degree or higher335,126134,750200,376
American Indian or Alaska Native alone11,2465,3405,906
High school graduate or higher8,9343,9664,968
Bachelors degree or higher2,2788401,438
High school graduate or higher239,427112,288127,139
Bachelors degree or higher167,67981,09786,582
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander1,9829481,034
High school graduate or higher1,824874950
Bachelors degree or higher611348263
Hispanic or Latino Origin323,259169,167154,092
High school graduate or higher208,764104,618104,146
Bachelors degree or higher69,78732,91036,877
Source: US Census 2017(Table S1501)


Disable population stastistics of Maryland state:

Total civilian non-institutionalized population638,104
Black or African American197,087
American Indian and Alaska Native alone2,575
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander386
Some other race10,575
With a hearing difficulty159,258
With a vision difficulty110,802
With a cognitive difficulty237,930
With an ambulatory difficulty332,940
With a self-care difficulty122,428
With an independent living difficulty223,060

Counties of Maryland

Maryland state is subdivided into 23 counties. Montgomery is the largest County having 1 million population in 2017, followed by Prince George's County with 909,308, Baltimore County population with 828,431 and Baltimore City with 602,495 people.

CountyPopulation 2017Population 2018% ChangeRank 2017Rank 2018
Allegany County71,38670,975-0.61616
Anne Arundel County571,592576,0310.855
Baltimore County828,603828,431033
Calvert County91,36592,0030.71515
Caroline County33,10833,3040.62020
Carroll County167,620168,4290.599
Cecil County102,573102,8260.21314
Charles County159,451161,5031.31010
Dorchester County32,14531,998-0.52121
Frederick County250,959255,6481.987
Garrett County29,26129,163-0.32222
Harford County251,890253,9560.878
Howard County319,374323,1961.266
Kent County19,43719,383-0.32424
Montgomery County1,048,2441,052,5670.411
Prince George's County908,801909,3080.122
Queen Anne's County49,66750,2511.21818
St. Mary's County112,413112,6640.21212
Somerset County25,91325,675-0.92323
Talbot County37,02036,968-0.11919
Washington County150,288150,9260.41111
Wicomico County102,363103,1950.81413
Worcester County51,57751,8230.51717
Baltimore city609,841602,495-1.244


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