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Andhra Pradesh Population 2024

Andhra Pradesh Capital Amaravathi
Andhra Pradesh is a state in the south-east region of India, bordering Telangana in the north, Tamil nadu in the south, Karnataka in the west and Odissa to the north-east. The people of Andhra Pradesh are called "Andhra's" or "Andrulu" and often referred as "AP" or "A.P". Hyderabad is used to be the capital of Andhra Pradesh till state bifurcation of Telangana in 2014. Amaravati is the new formed capital of Andhra Pradesh with the regions in Guntur and Krishna district. Andhra Pradesh population in 2024 is estimated to be 53.3 million (5.33 Crores), By Aug 2023, Andhra Pradesh population is projected to be 5.31 Crores as per Unique Identification Aadhar India, updated 31, Jan 2024. As per NFHS 2019-2021 report, Total Fertility Rate of Andhra Pradesh State is 1.7 children per women compared to 1.8 in 2016. Andhra Pradesh state population is 49,386,799 with a density of 308 sq km as per 2011 Census, it has a long coastal line of 970 km along Bay of Bengal. Tirupati is the major pilgrimage center in south India located in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.
Andhra Pradesh Population, telugu people gathering at Meeting, Tirupati in 2019
Image Source: Andhra people gathering at Tirupati meeting in 2019
The census statistics shown below is for both Andhra and Telangana regions, In the year 2014, Telangana region is carved out from Andhra Pradesh to become 28th state in India. As per 2011 census Telangana region has a population of 35 million and Andhra region has 49 million.

Census yearPersonsAbsolutePercentageMalesFemales
Source: A-2 Decadal Variation In Population Since 1901

Population Pyramid

Andhra Pradesh population pyramid and bifurcation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh estimates as on 2011 census, illustrates the below graph, with the wide base suggests growing population, with a narrow base indicates declining birth rates.

Source: 2011 Census: Population In Five Year Age-Group

Andhra Pradesh Population by Religion

As per 2011 census Andhra Pradesh religion wise befor bifurcation, 44.5 million are Hindus, 3.5 millions are Muslims, 676 thousand are Christians and 210 thousand belongs to Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists. Source: Details of Religion In Main Table C-1- 2011 (India & States/UTs)

Ethnic groups of Andhra Pradesh

The Scheduled Tribes Orders Act, 1976 have notified 33 ST's in the Andhra Pradesh state. Out of the 33 STs, five namely, Goudu, Malis, Nayaks, Thoti and Valmiki have been notified with an area restriction. Goudu, Nayaks and Valmiki have been notified in the Agency tracts area, which comprises districts of Srikakulum, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, East and West Godavari.
1. Koya Konda Reddi Region - Tribal areas of East and West Godavari districts. The Konda Reddis are inhabiting on either side of Godavari banks from Bhadrachalam area to Devipatnam and polavaram areas of East Godavari and West Godavari respectively.
2. Khond-Savara Region - Tribal areas of Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam districts. This region spreads from forest and hill tracts of Srikakulam and Visakhapatnam districts and these hill ranges form part of Eastern ghats.
3. Chenchu Region - The traditional habitat of Chenchus is found in contiguous forest tracts of Nallamalai hills in the districts of Kurnool, Prakasam and Guntur.
As per 2011 census, The tribes of Andra Pradesh and their population.

TribesPopulation as per Census 2011
All Scheduled Tribes2,631,145
Andh, Sadhu Andh315
Gadabas, Bodo Gadaba, Gutob Gadaba, Kallayi Gadaba, Parangi Gadaba, Kathera Gadaba, Kapu Gadaba37,798
Gond, Naikpod, Rajgond, Koitur6,691
Goudu (in the Agency tracts)7,061
Hill Reddis157
Kolam, Kolawar107
Konda Dhoras, Kubi210,509
Konda Kapus10,054
Kondhs, Kodi, Kodhu, Desaya Kondhs, Dongria Kondhs, Kuttiya Kondhs, Tikiria Kondhs, Yenity Kondhs, Kuvinga102,378
Kotia, Bentho Oriya, Bartika, Dulia, Holva, Sanrona, Sidhopaiko45,291
Koya, Doli Koya, Gutta Koya, Kammara Koya, Musara Koya, Oddi Koya, Pattidi Koya, Rajah, Rasha Koya, Lingadhari Koya (ordinary), Kottu Koya, Bhine Koya, Rajkoya104,348
Malis (excluding Adilabad, Hyderabad, Karimnagar, Khammam, Mahbubnagar, Medak, Nalgonda, Nizamabad and Warangal districts)5,244
Manna Dhora13,636
Mukha Dhora, Nooka Dhora42,357
Nayaks (in the Agency tracts)a1,870
Porja, Parangiperja36,145
Reddi Dhoras930
Rona, Rena1,012
Savaras, Kapu Savaras, Maliya Savaras, Khutto Savaras137,613
Sugalis, Lambadis, Banjara361,520
Valmiki (in the Scheduled Areas of Vishakhapatnam, Srikakulam, Vijayanagaram, East Godavari and West Godavari districts)70,513
Yenadis, Chella Yenadi, Kappala Yenadi, Manchi Yenadi, Reddi Yenadi533,746
Yerukulas, Koracha, Dabba Yerukula, Kunchapuri Yerukula, Uppu Yerukula375,209
Nakkala, Kurvikaran4,584
Dhulia, Paiko, Putiya (in the districts of Vishakhapatnam and Vijayanagaram)665
Generic Tribes etc.74,498

Languages spoken in Andhra Pradesh

Telugu is popular and widely spoken language in Andhra Pradesh, with 98% of population speak Telugu with different regional dialects or yasa. The different regional telugu dialects are Konaseema yasa, Rayalaseema yasa, Srikakulam yasa, Nellore yasa and Telangana yasa. Telugu is based on Central-Dravidian language and is heavily influenced by Sanskrit. Telugu is the fourth most spoken language in India after Hindi, Bengali and Marathi. Sri Krishan Deva Raya, a popular telugu emperor in 15th century stated "దేశ భాషలందు తెలుగు లెస్స - desa bhashalandu telugu lessa", which means Telugu is the beautiful and greatest of all the languages in the country. Many of the Telugu words usually end in vowels which makes the language very mellifluous. Source: 2011 Census: Language and Mother Tongue

Andhra Pradesh Population projection

Andhra Pradesh population in 2022 is estimated to be 53 Million, population in 2021 is estimated to be 54.6 Million (5.46 Crores), According to UID, in 2020 is estimated to be 54 Million (5.4 Crores), and population in 2023 is estimated to be 53.2 million.

AP Population by Caste

Below is the list of Andhra Pradesh population by Castes in 2017:

Backward Classes37%
SettiBalija(Goud, Ediga, Srisayana, Yata)3.3%
Forward Classes33.2%
Scheduled Tribes6.2%
Christians1.5% *

*The majority of SC's in Coastal Andhra are Converted Christians but are officially listed as Hindus to be eligible for reservation benefits. So the real christian population will be between 15 to 16%. As per the President’s Order 1950, Scheduled Castes who convert from Hindu to Christianity are being accorded BC C status and they lose SC reservation benefits.

ST population 6% and made up of bunch of different tribes like yerukala, Yanadi, Banjara, Konda dhora, Bagata, Koya etc. Of these the yanadi are the largest and makeup around 1.25 percentage of State population.

Income Distribution

Agriculture has been the major income source and main occupation for the state with 60% of population engaged in agriculture and related activities. Rice is the major food crop, Other important crops are Coconuts, Sugarcane, Cotton, Mango, Cooca, Maize, Tobacco, Pulses etc. Aqua-culture like Fish and Shrimp are also the major occupations in the coastals regions of Andhra Pradesh. The state had a medium sized industrial sector in Vishakapatnam, small sized secor in Guntur and Ananthpur. The major rivers are Godavari, Krishna, Penna, and Thungabhadra flow through the state and provide irrigation.

District wise population in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh state is divided into 13 districts. Anantapur is the largest district with 19,130 sq km., Chittoor being the second largest with 15,152 sq km., Srikakulam is the smallest district area in Andhra Pradesh with 5,837 sq km. There are 9 coastal districts sharing the coastline of Bay of Bengal, 4 districts being non-coastal districts called as Rayalaseema(Cuddapah, Anantapur, Chittoor and Kurnool). East Godavari is the most populus district in Andhra Pradesh with a population of around 5 million. Below is the Andhra Pradesh district wise population as per Census 2011 and 2020 projection.

DistrictPopulation(2020 est.)Population(2011)Percentage
East Godavari5,875,8975,154,29610,518,971.43
West Godavari4,488,1413,936,9668,034,624.49
Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore3,378,4552,963,5576,048,075.51
Source: 2011 Census: Population Data on District/Sub-Dist Level

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