US Cities Population

There are total 795 US cities with the population of fifty thousand and over as per the 2020 US Census, out of these ten US cities are with population of one million and over, twenty-seven cities are with population ranging between five-hundred thousand to one million. 84 US cites are between two-hundred thousand and five-hundred thousand. 200 US cities are between one-hundred thousand to two-hundred thousand.

Largest US cities

Living in a large city will always have many advantages that includes job opportunities, better amenities, easy transportation and ethnic culture. Take a look at the ten largest U.S. Cities by population as per the latest 2020 census. New York City is the largest city in United States of America with 8.8 million, followed by Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas and San Jose. The Largest US cities as per populations of 2020 and 2010 census as per table below, a total of 1.5 million people has been increased with a average change of 6.9% from 2010 to 2020 for the top 10 American Cities.

RankLargest CitiesStatePopulation(2010)Population(2020)Change, 2010-2020Percent
1New York cityNew York8,175,1338,804,190629,0577.7
2Los Angeles cityCalifornia3,792,6213,898,747106,1262.8
3Chicago cityIllinois2,695,5982,746,38850,7901.9
4Houston cityTexas2,099,4512,304,580205,1299.8
5Phoenix cityArizona1,445,6321,608,139162,50711.2
6Philadelphia cityPennsylvania1,526,0061,603,79777,7915.1
7San Antonio cityTexas1,327,4071,434,625107,2188.1
8San Diego cityCalifornia1,307,4021,386,93279,5306.1
9Dallas cityTexas1,197,8161,304,379106,5638.9
10San Jose cityCalifornia945,9421,013,24067,2987.1

Most Expensive US Cities

New York City: New York City makes the top spot for the most expensive US Cities, with the population of 8.2 million and by 2019, Manhattan has the highest price per square foot in the USA with approximate price of $1400 per square foot. The median cost of the homes in New York City is $680,800 and median rent is $1,483. The median monthly owner costs with mortgage is $2,798 and median monthly owner costs with out mortgage is $937.

San Francisco, California: San Francisco is main center for technology jobs, Thousands of tech companies have their headquarters in the silicon valley. Big names like Apple, Facebook, Intel and Tesla are located nearby, bringing billions of economy. San Francisco is the second most expensive city in US cities.

Honolulu, Hawaii: Honolulu city is the third most expensive in the list of US cities, Honolulu residents pay a more money for everything. Groceries run about 70.9% more, while housing costs 232% more, utilities cost 102.2% more Transportation cost 44% more, and healthcare costs 13% higher than national average.

Boston, Massachusetts: Boston enjoys a robust infrastructure for higher education, a booming technological area that rivals Silicon Valley. Boston is the fourth expensive city in the United States, Groceries cost 69% more, Transportation 10% more and Health care 25% higher than the US average.

Washington, D.C.: Washington, D.C. is the largest employer in the nation's capitol, federal government accounts for one quarter of jobs in the city. Washington, D.C. has become a vibrant city with many full time residents and is the fifth most expensive city in the US,

Oakland, California: Oakland city is cheaper alternative to San Francisco, But in the recent times, the city became expensive place to live than most of the cities.

San Jose, California: San Jose is comparatively little bit cheaper than SF, located commuting distance of San Francisco and Oakland. The median household income hovers at over 1 million.

San Diego, California: San Diego is the ideal place for sunny skies and sandy beaches, and cool enough to enjoy through out the year.

Los Angeles, California: Los Angeles has the most popular areas of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, while median home prices and rents are approximately 2.6 and 2.8 times higher.

Miami, Florida: Miami is the tenth most expensive city in United States, It is the coastal metropolis with numerous financial institutions and largest ship port in US.

US Fast Growing Cities

US cities considering the population of greater than two-hundred thousand people, Frisco city is the most fast growing city with change of 71.4% from 2010 to 2020 in the United States with the total 83,520 people moved to this city in Texas followed by McKinney is the second fast growing with 49% increase of 64,191 people, Irvine is the third fast growing city with 44.9% increase of 95,295, Murfreesboro in Tennessee State with 40.5% increase of 44,015, Santa Clarita of California with 29.7% increase of 52,353 people.

Populations below one-hundred thousand are, Herriman city of Utah State with 153.1% increase of 33,359 people, Queen Creek town of Arizona with 125.8% increase of 33,158, Leander city of Texas with 123.2% increase of 32,681, Kirkland city of Washington with 88.9 increase of 43,388, Buckeye city of Arizona with 79.9 increase of 40,626 people according to 2020 Census. The 30 fastest-growing cities from April 2010 to April 2020 are

RankUS Growing CitiesStatePopulation(2010)Population(2020)Change, 2010-2020Percent
1Frisco cityTexas116,989200,50983,52071.4
2McKinney cityTexas131,117195,30864,19149.0
3Irvine cityCalifornia212,375307,67095,29544.9
4Murfreesboro cityTennessee108,755152,76944,01440.5
5Santa Clarita cityCalifornia176,320228,67352,35329.7
6Cary townNorth Carolina135,234174,72139,48729.2
7Orlando cityFlorida238,300307,57369,27329.1
8Gilbert townArizona208,453267,91859,46528.5
9Cape Coral cityFlorida154,305194,01639,71125.7
10Sioux Falls citySouth Dakota153,888192,51738,62925.1
11Charleston citySouth Carolina120,083150,22730,14425.1
12Port St. Lucie cityFlorida164,603204,85140,24824.5
13Durham cityNorth Carolina228,330283,50655,17624.2
14Bellevue cityWashington122,363151,85429,49124.1
15Fort Worth cityTexas741,206918,915177,70924.0
16Peoria cityArizona154,065190,98536,92024.0
17Henderson cityNevada257,729317,61059,88123.2
18Austin cityTexas790,390961,855171,46521.7
19Seattle cityWashington608,660737,015128,35521.1
20Seattle cityWashington608,660737,015128,35521.1
21North Las Vegas cityNevada216,961262,52745,56621.0
22Charlotte cityNorth Carolina731,424874,579143,15519.6
23Huntsville cityAlabama180,105215,00634,90119.4
24Denver cityColorado600,158715,522115,36419.2
25Omaha cityNebraska408,958486,05177,09318.9
26Aurora cityColorado325,078386,26161,18318.8
27Atlanta cityGeorgia420,003498,71578,71218.7
28Irving cityTexas216,290256,68440,39418.7
29Jersey City cityNew Jersey247,597292,44944,85218.1
30Vancouver cityWashington161,791190,91529,12418.0

US cities most dangerous

The most dangerous cities of United States are, Detroit overtook St. Louis as the new most dangerous city., Other cities of violent crime rates are Memphis, Baltimore, Springfield, Little Rock, Cleveland and Stockton. The US cities with highest crime rates and dangerous destinations are as below.

Detroit, Michigan: Detroit's crime rate is 1,965 incidents per 100,000 residents.

St. Louis, Missouri: St. Louis has a crime rate of 1,927 per 100,000 people.

Memphis, Tennessee: The crime rate in Memphis is 1,901 per 100,000 residents.

Baltimore, Maryland: The crime rate in Baltimore is 1,859 per 100,000 people.

Springfield, Missouri: The violent crime rate in Springfield is 1,519 per 100,000 residents.

Little Rock, Arkansas: The crime rate in Little Rock is 1,517 per 100,000 residents.

Cleveland, Ohio: The crime rate in Cleveland is 1,517 per 100,000 residents.

Stockton, California: The crime rate in Stockton is 1,397 per 100,000 residents.

Albuquerque, New Mexico: The crime rate in Albuquerque is 1,352 per 100,000 residents.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: The violent crime rate in Milwaukee is 1,332 incidents per 100,000 residents.

Best US Cities to live

The Woodlands, Texas: The Woodlands of Texas State is the most scenic city with nature preserves, It is the best US city with low crime rate and low cost of living, This city has huge malls and good restaurants to dine and listed as one of the US Safest Cities.

Arlington, Virginia: Arlington of Virginia State is close to Washington D.C., is the second best city to live in the United States, It is popular for friendly city and nightlife.

Naperville, Illinois: Naperville of Illinois State is the suburb of Chicago, The city is third best in the United States, It is ranked for best in low crime rate in the United States.

Overland Park, Kansas: Oakland Park of Kansas State is suburb with high employment rate, public schools and outdoor activities.

Cambridge, Massachusetts: Cambridge of Massachusetts is the city adjacent to Boston having world popular institutions like Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Ann Arbor, Michigan: Ann Arbor of Michigan State has the most affordable housing with high employment rate.

Plano, Texas: Plano city of Texas State is popular for housing with affordable rates.

Columbia, Maryland: Columbia of Maryland is popular for young professionals with good employment rate and business opportunities.

Berkeley, California: Berkeley is the northern California city with good education institution and universities.

Bellevue, Washington: Bellevue of Washington State is close to Seattle about 20 minutes drive is a beautiful location in Washington.

US cities by population

According to 2020 US Census, Below is the list of US Cities by population.

RankPlace nameState namePopulation(2010)Population(2020)Change, 2010-2020Percent
1New York cityNew York8,175,1338,804,190629,0577.7
2Los Angeles cityCalifornia3,792,6213,898,747106,1262.8
3Chicago cityIllinois2,695,5982,746,38850,7901.9
4Houston cityTexas2,099,4512,304,580205,1299.8
5Phoenix cityArizona1,445,6321,608,139162,50711.2
6Philadelphia cityPennsylvania1,526,0061,603,79777,7915.1
7San Antonio cityTexas1,327,4071,434,625107,2188.1
8San Diego cityCalifornia1,307,4021,386,93279,5306.1
9Dallas cityTexas1,197,8161,304,379106,5638.9
10San Jose cityCalifornia945,9421,013,24067,2987.1
11Austin cityTexas790,390961,855171,46521.7
12Jacksonville cityFlorida821,784949,611127,82715.6
13Fort Worth cityTexas741,206918,915177,70924.0
14Columbus cityOhio787,033905,748118,71515.1
15Indianapolis cityIndiana829,718897,04167,3238.1
16Charlotte cityNorth Carolina731,424874,579143,15519.6
17San Francisco cityCalifornia805,235873,96568,7308.5
19Seattle cityWashington608,660737,015128,35521.1
21Denver cityColorado600,158715,522115,36419.2
22Washington cityDistrict of Columbia601,723689,54587,82214.6
23Oklahoma City cityOklahoma579,999681,054101,05517.4
24El Paso cityTexas649,121678,81529,6944.6
25Boston cityMassachusetts617,594675,64758,0539.4
26Portland cityOregon583,776652,50368,72711.8
27Las Vegas cityNevada583,756641,90358,14710.0
28Detroit cityMichigan713,777639,111-74,666-10.5
29Memphis cityTennessee646,889633,104-13,785-2.1
30Baltimore cityMaryland620,961585,708-35,253-5.7
31Milwaukee cityWisconsin594,833577,222-17,611-3.0
32Albuquerque cityNew Mexico545,852564,55918,7073.4
33Tucson cityArizona520,116542,62922,5134.3
34Fresno cityCalifornia494,665542,10747,4429.6
35Sacramento cityCalifornia466,488524,94358,45512.5
36Kansas City cityMissouri459,787508,09048,30310.5
37Mesa cityArizona439,041504,25865,21714.9
38Atlanta cityGeorgia420,003498,71578,71218.7
39Omaha cityNebraska408,958486,05177,09318.9
40Colorado Springs cityColorado416,427478,96162,53415.0
41Raleigh cityNorth Carolina403,892467,66563,77315.8
42Long Beach cityCalifornia462,257466,7424,4851.0
43Virginia Beach cityVirginia437,994459,47021,4764.9
44Miami cityFlorida399,457442,24142,78410.7
45Oakland cityCalifornia390,724440,64649,92212.8
46Minneapolis cityMinnesota382,578429,95447,37612.4
47Tulsa cityOklahoma391,906413,06621,1605.4
48Bakersfield cityCalifornia347,483403,45555,97216.1
49Wichita cityKansas382,368397,53215,1644.0
50Arlington cityTexas365,438394,26628,8287.9
51Aurora cityColorado325,078386,26161,18318.8
52Tampa cityFlorida335,709384,95949,25014.7
53New Orleans cityLouisiana343,829383,99740,16811.7
54Cleveland cityOhio396,815372,624-24,191-6.1
55Urban Honolulu CDPHawaii337,256350,96413,7084.1
56Anaheim cityCalifornia336,265346,82410,5593.1
57Lexington-Fayette urban countyKentucky295,803322,57026,7679.0
58Stockton cityCalifornia291,707320,80429,09710.0
59Corpus Christi cityTexas305,215317,86312,6484.1
60Henderson cityNevada257,729317,61059,88123.2
61Riverside cityCalifornia303,871314,99811,1273.7
62Newark cityNew Jersey277,140311,54934,40912.4
63St. Paul cityMinnesota285,068311,52726,4599.3
64Santa Ana cityCalifornia324,528310,227-14,301-4.4
65Cincinnati cityOhio296,943309,31712,3744.2
66Irvine cityCalifornia212,375307,67095,29544.9
67Orlando cityFlorida238,300307,57369,27329.1
68Pittsburgh cityPennsylvania305,704302,971-2,733-0.9
69St. Louis cityMissouri319,294301,578-17,716-5.5
70Greensboro cityNorth Carolina269,666299,03529,36910.9
71Jersey City cityNew Jersey247,597292,44944,85218.1
72Anchorage municipalityAlaska291,826291,247-579-0.2
73Lincoln cityNebraska258,379291,08232,70312.7
74Plano cityTexas259,841285,49425,6539.9
75Durham cityNorth Carolina228,330283,50655,17624.2
76Buffalo cityNew York261,310278,34917,0396.5
77Chandler cityArizona236,123275,98739,86416.9
78Chula Vista cityCalifornia243,916275,48731,57112.9
79Toledo cityOhio287,208270,871-16,337-5.7
80Madison cityWisconsin233,209269,84036,63115.7
81Gilbert townArizona208,453267,91859,46528.5
82Reno cityNevada225,221264,16538,94417.3
83Fort Wayne cityIndiana253,691263,88610,1954.0
84North Las Vegas cityNevada216,961262,52745,56621.0
85St. Petersburg cityFlorida244,769258,30813,5395.5
86Lubbock cityTexas229,573257,14127,56812.0
87Irving cityTexas216,290256,68440,39418.7
88Laredo cityTexas236,091255,20519,1148.1
89Winston-Salem cityNorth Carolina229,617249,54519,9288.7
90Chesapeake cityVirginia222,209249,42227,21312.2
91Glendale cityArizona226,721248,32521,6049.5
92Garland cityTexas226,876246,01819,1428.4
93Scottsdale cityArizona217,385241,36123,97611.0
94Norfolk cityVirginia242,803238,005-4,798-2.0
95Boise City cityIdaho205,671235,68430,01314.6
96Fremont cityCalifornia214,089230,50416,4157.7
97Spokane cityWashington208,916228,98920,0739.6
98Santa Clarita cityCalifornia176,320228,67352,35329.7
99Baton Rouge cityLouisiana229,493227,470-2,023-0.9
100Richmond cityVirginia204,214226,61022,39611.0
101Hialeah cityFlorida224,669223,109-1,560-0.7
102San Bernardino cityCalifornia209,924222,10112,1775.8
103Tacoma cityWashington198,397219,34620,94910.6
104Modesto cityCalifornia201,165218,46417,2998.6
105Huntsville cityAlabama180,105215,00634,90119.4
106Des Moines cityIowa203,433214,13310,7005.3
107Yonkers cityNew York195,976211,56915,5938.0
108Rochester cityNew York210,565211,3287630.4
109Moreno Valley cityCalifornia193,365208,63415,2697.9
110Fayetteville cityNorth Carolina200,564208,5017,9374.0
111Fontana cityCalifornia196,069208,39312,3246.3
112Columbus cityGeorgia189,885206,92217,0379.0
113Augusta-Richmond CountyGeorgia200,549206,6076,0583.0
114Worcester cityMassachusetts181,045206,51825,47314.1
115Port St. Lucie cityFlorida164,603204,85140,24824.5
116Little Rock cityArkansas193,524202,5919,0674.7
117Oxnard cityCalifornia197,899202,0634,1642.1
118Birmingham cityAlabama212,237200,733-11,504-5.4
119Montgomery cityAlabama205,764200,603-5,161-2.5
120Frisco cityTexas116,989200,50983,52071.4
121Amarillo cityTexas190,695200,3939,6985.1
122Salt Lake City cityUtah186,440199,72313,2837.1
123Grand Rapids cityMichigan188,040198,91710,8775.8
124Huntington Beach cityCalifornia189,992198,7118,7194.6
125Overland Park cityKansas173,372197,23823,86613.8
126Glendale cityCalifornia191,719196,5434,8242.5
127Tallahassee cityFlorida181,376196,16914,7938.2
128Grand Prairie cityTexas175,396196,10020,70411.8
129McKinney cityTexas131,117195,30864,19149.0
130Cape Coral cityFlorida154,305194,01639,71125.7
131Sioux Falls citySouth Dakota153,888192,51738,62925.1
132Peoria cityArizona154,065190,98536,92024.0
133Providence cityRhode Island178,042190,93412,8927.2
134Vancouver cityWashington161,791190,91529,12418.0
135Knoxville cityTennessee178,874190,74011,8666.6
136Akron cityOhio199,110190,469-8,641-4.3
137Shreveport cityLouisiana199,311187,593-11,718-5.9
138Mobile cityAlabama195,111187,041-8,070-4.1
139Brownsville cityTexas175,023186,73811,7156.7
140Newport News cityVirginia180,719186,2475,5283.1
141Fort Lauderdale cityFlorida165,521182,76017,23910.4
142Chattanooga cityTennessee167,674181,09913,4258.0
143Tempe cityArizona161,719180,58718,86811.7
144Aurora cityIllinois197,899180,542-17,357-8.8
145Santa Rosa cityCalifornia167,815178,12710,3126.1
146Eugene cityOregon156,185176,65420,46913.1
147Elk Grove cityCalifornia153,015176,12423,10915.1
148Salem cityOregon154,637175,53520,89813.5
149Ontario cityCalifornia163,924175,26511,3416.9
150Cary townNorth Carolina135,234174,72139,48729.2

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